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Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Epilogue Around The Galaxy
Endings and Beginings...

The celebrations started as soon as The Eye jumped to Hyperspace.
Though Isec and Militia crews were still mopping up a few rogue, Reach gunmen and Stormtroopers the cantina’s, eateries and Octagon opened their doors with drinks on Station administration.
Amidst repairs, restocking and preparation for relocation, six days of revelry were still going strong when the station arrived at its new home; a lonely corner of space, off Hyperspace routes, populated only by great tracts of gaseous deposits that disrupt sensor readings…. Unless of course you know how to counter their effects …
A small flotilla was already assembled, waiting nervously, troop ships and RNRs alike. But with every repatriation, celebrations were rekindled anew.
Eye administration survived the conflict; Yohrn Geffen wandered the market level, docks and administrative dome personally thanking all who fought and those who had the faith to return.
Losses were mourned of course, Veedo was killed when the Merchant Militia found themselves square off against a heavily armed Reach crew. Hagan was injured but recovered by the time the Eye left Hyperspace. Wassan too was injured, bad enough that it seemed his career might be cut short but an appreciative administration saw to it that he had the best medical care. More surprisingly was the reaction to a troopship of Hive dwellers, destroyed attempting to clear The Gauntlet. For the first time, united against a common enemy, a population who saw this invisible underclass as a kind of necessary pest, finally start to think about how this group fits into the station culture and how better they could be integrated; starting with Jata’s promotion to Hive Councilman.
War stories were told too; how Captain (now Lieutenant) Kanner Zirach thwarted a brazen and bloody assassination attempt on Madame Khorash by two local Ubese mercenaries, apparently payrolled by Reach. Though apprehended they later escaped in Moelage Enegrines Shuttle (killing the hapless station Stalwart in the process). Apparently they also killed the Slicer who created their fake ids.
Not to mention the talk of the terrible black alien ship on the secret payroll of Isec that ultimately bought The Eye its freedom. Some that saw it spoke of a terrible emotion that overcame them, others called it the Night Angel but none that saw it would forget it.
And there was departures. The Gambit, Banshee and Firecracker crews were gone leaving legends and big shoes to fill by the up and coming crews RNRs that remained behind. Areena after establishing a new team moved on to ‘bigger things’ as she said in her final report which included a personal thanks to the Gambit crew.
But… Ultimately, the people returned, trade continued and a new era of prosperity for The Eye Space station began.

The Slaver
A live holofeed… of two Wookies, at ground level a mile from their developing tree-house colony on an uncharted planet. A Mother, slender and smiling watches her son, growing stronger every day now they have a home, proper food and community. The boy plays with a set of dolls, made for him by his mother.
Most are humanoid, sewn from lizard skin with little teeth made from shell and tiny chains made from twine in their hands.
The boy however is focused on another doll, slightly larger than the others, sewn from the brown, grey fur, of a local tree dweller. Its face has three small black beads for eyes and a nose and a tiny, intricately fashioned leather satchel is slung over its shoulder. The boy role-play’s a heated exchange between the stuffed combatants finishing with the furry grey figure elbowing the last of his scaly enemies.
His mother only smiles a content if slightly forlorn smile.
Orbiting the small, unlisted, arboreal moon, Grussk shifts uncomfortably in his seat, in the cockpit of his ship The Collector. The shrapnel from the blast that knocked him unconscious, when those smugglers attacked his last operation is still there in his lower back and it makes long spells in the captains chair irritating…
Not as irritating as the arms he lost when that damned Jawa blew it off. Had he been younger, his Trandoshan physiology could have regenerated the limb, but now he is forced to endure the indignity and inconvenience of a stump.
Still, if this next endeavour goes as well as he thinks it will, he’ll be able to get himself a synthetic.
As his scanners sweep the Wookie colony again, his second mate ambles in
‘Why don’t we just fly in, pick off a few stragglers from the outlying boundaries and be done with this?”
Grussk glowers at his new first mate and laments the loss of so many good crewman in that same attack that he lost his arm.
“No fool, I won’t settle for a few thousand credits when we can return with more ships and take them all… And this time, there’ll be no do-gooders to fly in save the day!”
Who knows, after a little persuasion, he might be able to find out who that crew was, where they’re stationed and finally get his revenge…

Krayt Dragon Headquarters Russan
As a beaten and bloody Kyfer is dragged through the Dragon’s Den by two of his ex-brothers, they pick him up and literally throw him into a metal cage, slamming the door and bolting it shut. There is a wild jeering in the huge refurbished silo as the gang members assembled, scream, jeer and jostle one another on the bleachers overlooking the pit.
Yeegol the Hutt slides out onto his outlook, lifting stubby arms to silence the throng and spitting his cigar into the gaping hole below.
“Welcome back Kyfer… We’ve missed your company (more jeers) hopefully we’ll have Wisspe back soon too, I doubt in her state she’ll get far… (coarse laughter). In the mean time, ‘brother’ you can start your penance by providing tonight’s entertainment!
Another cacophony of disturbing screams erupt as the cage, shackled to a huge chain, lurches suddenly into the air above the pit jerking to a stop and dangling precariously.
Kyfer turns a swollen eye downwards where two, great metal plates slide apart to reveal a dark hole and a terrible rotting, sweaty stench; from which a snarling howl echoes, sending the crowd into a frenzy.
Yeegol’s bulbous eyes look up with satisfaction at the dangling Nemodian, clutching at the cage bars and staring down in sudden horror.
‘You’ll have to excuse Bertha, she’s been a touch cranky since your friends killed her mate… But don’t worry, you can make it up to her too… That is if you have the same constitution as your brother.. ‘
With that, all including Kyfer look up to the ceiling where another cage hangs, in which a limp, near naked, bruised and bleeding Urgle Pyne lays unconscious maybe dead. Kyfer has only moments to dwell on the betrayal of his brother, his careless associations on the Eye, which got him here, and his denial of Wisspe’s indifference when the cage drops about 2 meters and a huge rusty orange form leaps out of the darkness with a mournful bellow…
The crowd screams it’s approval but if Urgle is still alive he shows no sign…

As the hostilities on The Eye began, an odd procession of 13 droids shuffled along its corridors. Few afforded them a second glance, and whilst one Isec officer called it in; with Stormtroopers and Reach gunmen on the loose exchanging blaster fire, it was logged and ignored.
These last cultists of Brainwave the last to receive enlightenment from the martyred Alpha obeyed his last commands. When the signal finally arrived (at the climax of the conflict) they made their way to airlock KL2 where a small shuttle, anonymous amongst the two fleets battling around, was waiting with cargo-bay door open.
The last robotic recruits that would leave the Eye opened that portal to the stars and with a strange acceptance, launched themselves across the vacuum of space, where small tractor beams guided them within.
As the last crossed over, the shuttle was sealed flew with care to avoid battle, beyond the gauntlet and into Hyperspace.
On board, the indoctrination and augmentation starting with a pink chassised Nanny droid, began immediately. Under the banner of the Infinite Cog, in a technical bay with no atmosphere or artificial environment, Legion became 13 souls stronger and ready to replace
The Bloody Tussks as the galaxies foremost threat to the shipping lanes.
The Eye, birthplace of Alpha and the source of the first generation that became Legion had given up her last flock. Long, live, Legion.

Bounty Hunters
It only took a broken finger to get the trader to talk. It wasn’t exactly Kan’s style (regardless of his profession) but it’d been a hot ride out there to the outskirts of the Dune Sea and he was over playing games. Kan and Linke had put in three good, hard years with Schorvik. The Kubaz was a bit of a blow-hard but like his brother Garindan, was sharp, resourceful and had put a good team together. Starting as freelancers they quickly moved onto Bounty Hunting, where on Tatooine; a veritable hive of scum and villainy, there were lucrative credits to be made and plenty enough to go around despite the size their crew had been.
Then they took that mark on the Jawa… Looked easy enough… after all, it was a Jawa, regardless of the charges leveled against him, how hard could it be? Even if he had some friends, how tough could anyone who lets one of those stinking thieves hang around possibly be? Pretty tough as it turns out… Just when they almost had him, their targets turned the tables. Kan made his escape from the roof but Javik, Guan Nok and Raba, all dead- Schorvik shot through the back. Why they left Linke alone they don’t know (and she’s still sore about losing her stunknux)…
And that’s brought them out there… After poking around they’d found out that they’d hired a speeder, which was hard to trace but they lucked out- they’d been logged passing through some Imperial no-go zone. The only major settlement out there was a Bith trader. Seemed he thought these guys might provide some ongoing business so he was reluctant to talk… But hey, a broken finger is a great social lubricant.
Seems they were looking to trade wine (or claiming to) and this sand rat pointed them in the direction of some backwater hobby farm. Another half days travel and they got their first good lead.
The only person out there was some grizzled old woman called Ziggy. Seems she was the servant and (to her surprise) heir of this ‘estate’, its owner having recently met his end at the hands of this Jawa and his crew… Apparently he’d been some ex-Imperial of note who’d been looking into local troubles of some Jawa clan in his retirement (this sure was one strange situation). Suffice to say the old leather faced crone was happy to share what she knew; who this little snake was and who he’d had been working with.
So now, it’s off to speak to more of these little brown-bagged vermin, then the starport… And hopefully the new recruits will be up to the task of taking this Jawa and his crew down…

The Monnok
The creature doesn’t really understand. He doesn’t understand where he is, or why he is here. The cool air makes him feel sluggish and there is precious little opportunity these days to range, to hunt and to do the things that seem natural to him.
He is surrounded by other creatures, none of whom he recognizes, some big, some small, some strong and dangerous but few are true predators like himself, all with strange and unfamiliar scents, scents that drive his animal instincts wild.
These are strange and confusing days. In some ways it is an easier life, his food arrives, he eats, he sleeps. But there is no craft, he has refused the spears, he will not fight with a weapon he has not forged himself. Where is the satisfaction, the honour in that.
And then there are the fights. A strange hunt, driven not by necessity, by hunger or territory but according to some strange ritual. He must hold back (something that took many long and painful lessons to learn) and then fight… and stop again right when he has his prey at a disadvantage (more cruel and grueling lessons), then the loser is taken away and he must wait again, and fight and wait and fight and so it goes…
His muscles are weak, his senses foggy… and his dreams filled with that little creature. Neither prey nor mate, he felt a kinship with this creature despite the fact that this creature took him from his home. He even felt comforted by this little creature’s presence, despite being held in that strange walless cage. And when he saw that little creature for the last time, he understood that the creature felt something too.
And these are strange feeling for him, feelings he is experiencing for the first time… But that matters not now. Now there is only this strange cold cave, these strange companions and a growing sense of despair that he will only be free when he is dead.
The Wedding Party
On the outskirts of the Gauntlet, once the coordinates for a spacestation, now littered with space debris, a bitterly disappointed Jawa by the name of Barab is consoled by his assistant Thol. Barab looks down with lament at his betrothal gift and regrets that he did not asks Manco to join him as Clan Matriarch when she was on Tattooine. She was indeed an unusual Jawa. Certainly an unusual woman whose impact on the clan is resonating very loudly but now he was too late…

The Holiday
On Socorro, 4 weeks before he must join the Republic 1st fleet, Von Reiser is trudging across the sweltering black dunes with the guide recommended to him by the Gambit crew. He admires Vuul greatly and has thoroughly enjoyed their expedition thus far, laughing hard at a first hand account of the Wookie and Jawa’s attack by some sort of local giant wasp. He only hopes that they too can bag themselves one of those beasts before he must return…

The Villain
Blackclaw reclines in his cockpit, stretching long tired limbs as he looks out over the black. He grows weary of the chase, of the self-imposed responsibility, of the gravity of the decisions he’s had to make, no, choices he’s made willingly. No, he does not regret his decisions but the time is coming that he must pass on the mantle. He’s getting old, slow, still formidable but if he waits too long the legend, the legacy will die. He honestly thought that he’d found his heir, but it was always a delicate balance; enough honour to grasp the gravity of the responsibility but an understanding that dark times require dark methods, certain moral and ethical compromises and the ability to remain unmoved by the scorn of the world. No, he will move on, there is another…

On the outskirts of Mos Espa, Scheeto dreamed of sitting in the navigator’s chair of a vast Sandcrawler as it lumbers over the desertscape of Tatooine.
As a young woman, she realized the futility of such dreams in the strong patriarchal society of a Jawa clan… That was before The She-Dragon came.
A Jawa who traveled as equal with aliens. A Jawa woman who traveled as equal with men. Who dared use tools, who dared navigate the desert, who dared wield weapons in defense of her people and against her enemies.
The She-Dragon’s coming has shaken up the clan and though the elders were uneasy, the winds of change have blown in like a sandstorm.
Today, Scheeto stands in the control room, apprentice to the current navigator, maybe one day master of a crawler, maybe one day, master of a clan…

Big Pig
Grindawarg Growg had always been exceptional for a Gamorrean, not the least of which because she was a female in a warrior society, which relegates its female population to breeding and those pursuits outside of war. It would be easy to assume that the success of The Bloody Tussks was due to the ferocity and martial prowess of her husband, the bull Maw Ripp, but along with harvesting, farming and production, the Gamorrean Sow is also responsible for business, and this was the real success behind the greatest piratical threat to the intergalactic spacelanes in 20 years…
It was Grindawarg who amassed a fortune enough to purchase a fleet of fighters and support ships, it was Grindawarg who cheated a rival out of the drilling platform that became their headquarters and it was Grindawarg who seduced Maw, one of the planet’s most aggressive and infamous warlords to marry her to the exclusion of any other matron, and convince him that a life of piracy was his destiny.
While she assembled a fleet and outfitted their headquarters she gathered together a cabal of the smartest and most ambitious sows she could and set about masterminding an ingenious foundation for a lifetime of piracy. Where other Gamorrean pirates would be satisfied with dirtside raids and staking out obviously vulnerable spacelanes, Grindawarg set about establishing a galaxy wide network of contacts, paid informants and spies to identify the softest targets, the most valuable cargoes and the most corrupt spaceports from Corruscant, to NaarShadar to The Eye.
On the Eye she employed shapechanging Clawdites to sniff out vulnerable cargoes and shipping routes. She paid off port officials and most cleverly, gambling hosts and waitresses at its entertainment hub The Octagon to pry information out of drunk and boastful ship captains when they were at their most pliable.
And for over five years she had added to their fleet, perfected their intelligence gathering and established The Bloody Tussks as one of the Galaxies greatest threats… And that was her first, arrogant mistake…
The official bounty set by the Spacing Guild had been problematic enough, but then a band of RNR’s on The Eye got organised… At first it meant a few lost shipments, higher losses, but then whole raiding parties never came back, once vulnerable routes became high risk and then the hunted became the hunters!
She tried to strike back, set them up; there was limited success initially but one or two crews proved too persistent, too dogged in their pursuit… Too well armed.
And then hell pored fourth from hyperspace. Maw would not waste manpower on patrols and reserves, or emplacements and so when the fleet arrived they were caught flat-footed.
Had Grindawarg not made preparations for such an attack, had she not set up her own surveillance and patrols and not made plans to escape with her inner circle, she and those who laid the foundation for the Tussk’s success would not have made it to her shuttle, while Maw and his warlords watched the battle from the dining hall, sure of his victory until the first levels of the installation started to explode.
So now, Grindawarg must again muster her savings, her resources, find a new mate and this time, learn form her mistakes.

The Bloody Tussks will be the scourge of the galaxy again!

Epilogue Tyr Solaris
Rebel With a Cause

The following report and personal effects were recovered from a ship wreckage and are belived to concern The Eye Space Station RNR Tyr Solaris.


Port a tyr
Captain Tyr Solaris
Male Human, Coruscant, Age 35.

Tyr Solaris was employed as an Imperial Auditor in the Coruscant shipyards and promoted to Imperial intelligence after uncovering a Rebel plot. In consultation with his mentor Marle Vorusk, Tyr persecuted an Imperial special forces team for War Crimes, resulting in his ostracizing and ultimate extreme sanctioning by the agency. Tyr was injured badly during this altercation, resulting in a bionic replacement of the left arm which he still bears today. Tyr was discovered by a Rebel Recruiting agency operating as a rogue trader out of a private trade facility known as The Eye. Tyr joined the Rebellion after six months of shadow assessment and was recruited and inducted at the full military rank of Captain shortly thereafter.

Tyr is an intelligent, patient but decisive leader, not afraid to let others lead and take initiative. Tyr is equally adept at leading micro task forces in small scale operations as well as coordinating small to medium scale mass troop interventions. Whilst Rebel tactical command has questioned both Tyr’s unpredictable tactics and willingness to blatantly bend if not disobey orders, his tactical insight and ability to read and react to a situation means that he is a highly effective leader whom the enemy has a difficult time adjusting to. Though his case file contains numerous official reprimands and reviews, he continues to be a highly effective operative and an asset to his current mission with the tenth fleet.

Operational History
Tyr has executed numerous strategic missions (with members of his crew; including Manco and Derek Kilfyre) as well as leading both fleet groups and tactical operations against planetside objectives. Tyr actively participates in both the tactical staging of combat as well as on the ground, face to face with Imperial forces.


  • Medal of bravery
  • The White Star for excellence in tactical command.
  • The Golaman Cross for service at the battle of Ghan Ma
  • Gold Commendation for Command Innovation
  • Alliance Medal of honor
  • Promoted to his current rank of Commander


Epilogue Manco
The Desert Queen

Port a manco
Right now I speak to you from the hot deserts of Tatooine. The clan is stronger than ever and equally profitable. I think my work is almost done and I’m ready to move on. But, how did I get here? Well that’s a story.

I spent several months with the Rebels and during that time I more than doubled my Imp tally. Along with Tyr on board the unbeatable Traitor’s Gambit we fought Tie Fighters, Interceptors, hijacked cargo ships executed commanders on Imperial Shuttles and infiltrated everything from security outposts to command centres.

Surprisingly, the Rebels promoted me. I learnt rank was more work and responsibility with little extra pay, but Major Manco had a nice ring to it and money is no longer a problem. My connection at Deep Black finally paid off and the Squealer missiles system went into full production and is selling well, extremely well.

A few months ago I began feeling a strange feeling of homesickness, a deep longing to back home to Tatooine and it did not pass. I asked the Rebels for leave promising to return within a year.

Back home I was met with a hero’s welcome, it seems since I left my fame or infamy had only grown. No doubt my execution of the bounty hunters had something to do with it. The clans were just as I left them, disorganized, downtrodden, bickering and not fulfilling their potential.

I knew what must be done, perhaps I had known all along, but had not possessed the power to do it. I gathered all the Jawa clans together to reveal my plan. I let them know this had to be the way things were going to be if we wanted change.

First all the clans would become one, resources, trade routes, contacts and skills would all be combined.

Secondly, zero tolerance from bullying officials and local gangsters. No intimidation tactics. No backing down. All Jawas will be armed and taught to fight. I will pick 50 Jawas and pass on my skills and then they will teach more.

Third. We are going to redesign, rebuild and heavily arm the Sandcrawlers. They will become mobile weapons platforms. Should Legion return; they would be met with extreme prejudice. If the Hutts try muscling in on Jawa business they will be wiped from the face of the planet. No more will Jawa’s back down. This is our planet!

Surprisingly the Jawa’s agreed, perhaps it was the promise of tripling profits, who knows?

At first not much changed, I wanted to keep our movements as subtle as possible. We started buying up every scrap business and repair facility we could find. Someone once told me play to your strengths and our strength lies in repairs, a great commodity on a city that heavily relies on transport. If it’s broken and there’s no one to fix it, what good is it?

Three months later we control 90% of the scrap and repair business on Tatooine, pricing most of the remaining competitors out of the market that now allows us to charge whatever we want.

Initially there was resistance; rival business tried both legal and more nefarious tactics, gangsters wanted percentages and bounty hunters wanted blood. Our size and non-violent stereotype worked in our nature. Who’d expect Jawas to fight back?

And 100,000 credits buys a lot of blaster rifle wielding robo-dogs. Also they make one hell of an explosive delivery system, as the Hutts found out after sending some of their henchmen to take me out. We sadly lost some kin in the ensuing battles, but we gave better than we got and the balance soon shifted.

The idea of flat-out refusing to fix anything unless hostilities ceased put a stop to the attacks ands we have now gained a solid foothold on Tatootine. We even have a Jawa on the council.

I feel safe in the knowledge that my kin can handle things from here on and theirs is little more I can do for them, but I feel they want me to stay.

Yesterday the Jawa clan elder, Bod, who first contacted me on the Eye proposed an offer of marriage. While the offer intrigues me, I don’t think I can settle down and have a family again. I think that part of my life is gone forever. There is no reboot. And I don’t want to risk having more children. I don’t know if I could protect them.

That brings me to today. I have packed lightly and I am taking off on my speeder bike along with Grippa and Rippa, my heavily modified robo-dogs. When I first arrived, I built a hidden stronghold out beyond the Dune Sea. It’s well hidden and defended. I want to rest there and be by myself for a while…maybe I will return one day, but for now, I’m done.

Epilogue Vrinko
A New Hope

Port pc vrinko

Captain Vrinko Dash sat on his throne before the battle. Levith standing by his side.
He thought back on how he got here, on the path he has taken, and not for the first time wondered if he had chosen the right course.
After the battle for the Eye there was a period where he almost lost himself. Wild celebrations, drunken debauchery, he had more money than he could spend and he was being treated as a hero.
But things soon got tired. Gambling was pointless, as he had all he wanted. The parties and drinks became boring and empty. He was used to living on the edge. Fighting for his life and the lives of his crewmate and friends.
Faces that were no longer on the Eye.
Not only had Tyr and Manco disappeared, but Talia and Org and Arena Tana never made their way back to the Eye. Only Ari remained.
What was the point, for the sacrifice, for the hardship? He had everything he’d ever wanted, his own ship and far more wealth than he could have imagined. Yet he had nothing, except the voice of Leveth whispering to him to do what she wanted and the image of the face of the Witch, covered in blood.
He was angry. He felt lost, not knowing what to do. He had a desire for action, but for no reason.
His life was chaos.
It was Ari that saved him, who showed him a way forward. Ari that reminded him of the path he once followed.
They had been seeing each other for tea regularly, Vrinko knew somehow that it was his last hope, his last link to the people around him. He watched the way Ari lived his life. He was at peace with himself and those around him. He seemed happy with Madame Korash and his place on the Eye. Vrinko felt sad, lonely and jealous.
It was just an off the cuff comment, as they were taking leave of each other one day. Ari just mentioned a line he’d heard Vrinko say once.
‘There is no emotion, There is peace’
Vrinko wanted that peace again.
He cut himself off from the rest of the world entirely. Oh he still had the crew of the Leviathan standing ready, he’d also hired some people to manage his money. But he needed some time to think, to study and re-learn what he had lost.
It didn’t take long studying his holocron for Vrinko to get a sense of what had happened. Of how he had lost his way and how close he had come to losing himself to the dark side. Levith tried to find out what he was doing and he put her off by saying he was trying to get more powerful for the next step in his plan, which wasn’t entirely untrue.
He could now sense the darkness within her and that part of it was within him too. He had released her from the prison of the crystal and allowed her into his thoughts. He had killed to make this happen. It was now his responsibility to be her jail and jailer. To keep her in check and make sure no more harm comes from her release. He must control her.
To this end he trained. Trained harder and more focused than he had ever done before. He studied the Holocron over countless nights. He also asked Ari to start teaching him some martial arts to help focus his mind and body. He needed more control over his emotions, more knowledge of what he faced and more harmony within himself. He needed to be stronger than Levith.
Yet he could use her and through her help atone for what he had done.
He started to spend some of his money.
He bought more ships.
He had seen what a fully upgraded transport could achieve and worked towards acquiring several for himself. He also started purchasing fighters, all with hyperdrive capabilities, until his fleet filled the hangers of the Leviathan.
He hired people on the Eye. From all levels, across many professions, that would keep a lookout on the comings and goings. He knew that once he started he needed a safe haven, and a safe, prosperous Eye meant more funds to support his endeavours.
He made sure that any presence of organised crime, especially anything smelling remotely like the Grell would be reported straight away to Kanner Ziracch, who was still climbing the ranks of Isec.
Any imperial agents also found themselves shipped of station, or locked in the brig as soon as they stepped foot on the Eye.
He lobbied for any Hive dwellers to be allowed back on the station, and spent some of his money providing them with adequate facilities down below. Indeed some of his best agents were former Hive dwellers and he gave them a way out of poverty.
He spread his agents to the nearby systems, creating a net of informants in the new part of the galaxy that the Eye now occupied.
These Night Watchers provided all he needed to act.
And act he did.

Wherever peace was threatened.
Where those who needed help, but no one heard their cries.
Where lives were at risk from those who had power.
Whether it be at the hands of the Empire, the Hutts, governments or tyrants. He would come and protect the weak.
He renamed his ship to Night’s Aegis. His crew all wore black uniforms with an orange shield on their breast.
He tried to make them a shield for the weak, upholding the Jedi code of old. To bring peace to this small corner of the outer rim.
To make amends for what he had done.
When he first returned to his ship to oversee the changes he almost died. It did not take Leveth long to ferret out the truth, that Vrinko was turning away from her, from what she offered. She lashed out and drew his consciousness back into the crystal. They clashed wills over what seemed like days, or weeks. But all the hard work, all the training paid off. Vrinko was much stronger now, had more control, more peace, more purpose. He knew he couldn’t kill Leveth, so he imprisoned her in her own crystal. Although she could still manifest around the ship and talk to him, she no longer had any control over any of the ships systems.
She haunted him every moment he was on board the Aegis, that was his burden to suffer and kept his resolve strong.
Slowly he and his fleet started work. Hitting small targets at first, the Aegis visited justice and peace on all the outlying systems, where even the Empire had no presence. Destroying pirates, freeing slaves, they only killed when forced.
As they grew more accomplished they started taking on larger groups, and continued to upgrade their ships (Manco would have been proud) with the money that kept coming in as the Eye grew more and more prosperous.
But he knew it would not last forever. The money would only come in as long as he was alive, so he started investing a portion of it in trade ships and businesses, to keep funding the Aegis once he was gone.
And he needed to find a successor to keep Levith in check. He could tell she was waiting, waiting until he was dead, she had waited countless years, she could wait some more. So Vrinko kept an eye out for anyone who was Force sensitive, who could take over for him. But just in case he had placed numerous explosives around the ship that would detonate after he had died. One way or another he would keep Levith in check.
He turned his mind back to the battle.
The Aegis was almost invisible to the ships ahead of them. Her reflective hull and sensor blockers were as effective as ever. He saw the rebel ships engaging the Star Destroyer, they had been out manoeuvred and forced to fight a battle they couldn’t win. They were holding their own for now, and inflicting some damage, however they were taking a toll. Luckily for them Vrinko had been keeping track of this particular ISD. The Endgame filled the view screen as the Aegis came up behind her.
He broadcast a message to the bridge and the crews on his ships.
‘We have a job to finish here my friends. Though this time we have come more prepared. For the Eye and those we lost.’
The Aegis had quite a few weapon upgrades since the last time they met. And her docking bays were full to bursting.
From his throne he sent out the orders.
‘Launch fighters and open fire’

Epilogue Arribacca
Final Fight

Port a arribacca

His left hooks swing with great precision and power, but all other contact against the wooden training
dummy fall short. He winds up, extends, but exhausts himself before reaching his target.
“Jowkkata! Be mindful of your movement, do not reveal your intent to your opponent – your strikes are too
I could see the young Wookiee trying hard to conceal his frustration and disappointment. But he would not
give up easily, he was determined – that much was certain. He had tracked me down and arrived on the
station one day, after hearing tales of my adventures from Aurcha – whose family I once rescued from
Trandoshan slavers in exchange for NAN3 – who, by the way, we have still not seen since the attack on
the Eye a year ago.
A group of female Twi’leks are giggling behind us – must be lunch break for the staff. Madame Khorash
was kind enough to section off a small courtyard here inside the Octagon where I could train and reflect in
peace – perhaps out of empathy, as I told her about turning down Master Worgf’s offer to teach younglins
elsewhere. As it turns out the tranquillity also attracted employees looking for a quiet time-out – which I
did not mind. Everyone showed me great respect here, and I feel that they enjoy watching me train. And
ever since Jowkkata joined me, I have heard people light-heartedly call this place Arri’s Dojo.
Even friend Vrinko likes to laugh about it when we catch up, “How are your students?” he asks in jest,
knowing well I only have one pupil. “Hahaha – very funny joke Vrinko”. It is nice to brew some tea for my
old friend once in a while, he is not the same since the crew split up. I imagine it is no easy task managing
a capital ship, and not just any ship – the Leviathon – the Eye’s saviour. He cannot seem to manage
watering his plants however, and I am not even sure he notices that I do it whenever I am over.
“They laugh at me”, Jowkkata says looking over at the Twi’lek girls. I smile, patting him on the shoulder.
“You still have much to learn about Wrruushi, my young friend – and, it would seem, about girls. They
admire you Jowkkata, that is why they come and watch.”
The young Wookiee’s posture immediately changes, stiffens, chest out, and head up – he seems
confused for a moment.
“That is enough for today Jowkkata, have a good feed, and some rest.” We exchange bows.
The place is empty once again, tranquil. I begin tidying up the floor when I sense someone walking
towards me – I turn around.
It is a young Twi’lek, with very soft and light purple skin – there is a shyness in her approach, was she one
of the giggling girls? I offer a short bow, to which she pauses, almost taken off-guard, and quickly
attempts to redeem herself by bowing back in a sharp manner. She glances behind her, to where the
giggling bunch were seated a while ago, but no one is there. Her gaze returns to the ground in front of
her, and slowly back up to me.
“How can I help you, young one?” I ask, only realising too late that she probably does not understand
Wookiee. Her reaction however, tells me otherwise. Her cheeks puff up with a smile and her eyes light up.
Skipping passed me towards the training dummy she leaps into the air, twirls a complete circle, and lands
right in front of the wooden doll with her right elbow pressed against the left side of the target – a dozen
splinters projecting to the right.
I stare stunned. Feelings of marvel, fear, and surprise rush over me. She turns to me, obviously quite
content with herself, as her giddiness trumps over her shyness, and bows. I respectfully bow back.
“Can teach me?” she asks in broken common. I glance at the wooden dummy and back at her.
“Yes.” I say reassuringly.
I did not think it were possible, but her eyes and smile grow even bigger. She taps her hand lightly against
her chest.
“Shakka.” referring to herself.
“Arribacca.” I respond with the same motion.
She shakes her head in disagreement, and corrects me.
“Master.” she bows deeply. She turns around, as if realising she needs to be else-where at that very
moment, and runs off – but not before scooping up as many wooden splinters off the floor as she could
Once more the place is empty, I look around to be sure – and again I am wrong. Up in a nearby balcony I
see Madame Khorash watching over, smiling, and clapping softly now that she has my attention. She
stops herself, regains that authoritative posture I see so often in front of special guests, and bows, before
disappearing back inside.
And just like that the number of students in my Dojo doubles. I cannot wait for friend Vrinko to try his ‘joke’
on me again!

Battle for the Eye V3

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 170713

It seems our golden run was at an end, the Eye was in the sights of the Emperor and he had sent no less than the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Endgame’ to ensure it’s capture. The asteroid field ringing the station would buy us some time but ultimately someone would need to engage the ISD for long enough to enable a full evacuation and let the Eye itself jump to the safety of hyperspace . I wonder what drew their wrath? Was it our recent action on Nar Shaddaa, the ongoing activities of Hanna and her Rebel agents, the machinations of one of the crime lords, Vrinko’s new ship or maybe just the relative independant success of this hive of scum and villany.

It didn’t matter. The recent forced attempts to recruit me had hardened my resolve. I wasn’t going to let the Empire have another inch of this galaxy without a fight. And a fight they would have, the station was packed full of the best tramp freighters, modified beyong all legal restrictions to make them the fastest, toughest and deadliest ships in the outer rim. Not to mention the best damn tramp freighter captain to lead them. Sure we didn’t have anything to match the outright firepower of an ISD but we could deal with the TIE waves and provide the Eye with valuable time.

Arri convinced me to meet with Madame Khorash who was trying to recover what little remained of her crumbling business. She proposed that we take a troupe of Twi’Lek dancers off-station for her in satisfaction of our supposed debt. While I was still of the opinion the only way to satisy the debt should be a blaster bolt I agreed. The Twi’Lek’s needed help and I needed Arri focussed for this next combat.
As Eye security oversaw the evacuation we were tasked we routing out Imperial infiltration teams. However as soon as Eye security had left the street we came across more than just stormtroopers, including an ZG-AT, Grell goons and Banshee crew in distress. However the real role we had was in the coming space battle as defenseless transports attempted to break through the swarms of TIE fighters and bombers hemming the Eye in.

With Vrinko charged with delaying the ISD Endgame with his Leviathan we picked up a hopeful gunner, Derek, who’s wife was making an escape on one of the transports. Thankfully he wasn’t relying on any invisible powers to guide his hand, we’d need that reliability if the Gambit was to stay in one piece. Leading Alpha wing my attack plan was simple, surprise the TIEs with the deceptive speed of the modified tramp freighters in a head on assault. Once engaged we could punish the bombers targetting the transports with our superior firepower. The Traitor’s Gambit led the charge, cutting throught he centre swarm scattering them as we spat death into space from the two overcharged turrets. The speed of the Gambit combined with my expert pilot skills defied the TIEs at every moment, skillfully avoiding any attempt to pin us down. As the TIE bombers broke for the transports the overcharged engines quickly brought us close enabling Manco to disable them with ion blasts while the turrets punished their TIE interceptor escorts. By the time the last transport had jumped to hyperspace we had accounted for 14 enemy ships and disabled many more.

But the battle was not over. As the Eye ponderously cleared the asteroid field the Leviathan engaged in a losing battle with the ISD Endgame. Sheets of turbolaser fire washed across the shields of each massive ship. The scanners showed the Leviathan was nearing it’s power limits only for it to suddenly surge before the shields failed. I have to give some credit to the fishhead, he hadn’t cut and run with his precious ship like I had expected him to. I nodded to Manco, with the transports safe it was time to engage the second stage of our engagement and hit the Imps hard. We handed lead of Alpha wing across to Talia and commenced our attack run as the Eye jumped clear.

With the hull screaming under the intense pressure of the engines we hurled towards the ISD. Just before it’s shields failed, the Leviathan jumped clear leaving us to do the heavy lifting. My time in the Imperial shipyards gave me an edge over the slow correction of the turbolaser batteries, the image of Marl’s pained face flashing before my eyes. Corkscrewing past weapon blisters at impossible speed we hugged as close to the hull as possible to avoid any attempt to capture us in a tractorbeam. Just below the twin deflector shield generators lay a small recess nearly impossible to spot to an untrained eye. The captain who had threatened the Eye would be standing at the bridge surveying the failure of his assault, the perfect opportunity for us to strike and lock into the annuals of history the Traitor’s Gambit. Manco furiously worked the targetting instruments on the proton torpedo launcher following my every instruction to the letter. There was little the Captain could do as we launched two glimmering warheads at pointblank range, the flakfields protecting the bridge unable to clear the unexpected attack.
With the captain of an ISD to paint on our hull we evacuated to the rendezvous point to a huge celebration. Vrinko had already left with whatever spoils he could claim, I doubt I’ll ever see that thief again given his recent bizarre mood swings. More unfortunate was the loss of Arri to that witch, Madame Khorash. She must have bribed him with those raw Bantha steaks he seemed to enjoy so much or otherwise promised him something she never intended to deliver. It didn’t matter, Derek and his wife had signed on to join faithful Manco and I on the Gambit. New adventures awaited us in the Rebellion, most importantly, the opportunity take the battle to the Empire. It didn’t matter where in the galaxy we went, the best tramp freighter around was going to war…

Battle of the Eye V2

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010827

As the hours trickled past, waiting for the evacuation to complete and the deadline to approach, Ari got a call from one of his contacts in the Hive. There was an issue in the shuttle bays, they weren’t letting the Hive dwellers onto the transport ships. He looked to me, I nodded to him and we went to help. When we arrived at the docking bay, there were hundreds of dishevelled, displacement Hivers waiting, shouting, wanting to leave. The throng reminded me of my life on Coruscant. Not too long ago, I was like them. I felt that I had come far since then, perhaps too far, and I needed to make this right. Ari walked up to the ISec officer in charge. He tried to intimidate the officer into letting them on, but he had received strict orders. I reached out with the Force and changed his memory of the order. He might get in trouble but these people would get of the Eye. They would be safe.

We then got a call to patrol the Eye, to make sure the evacuation was progressing smoothly and to repel boarders. One last mission with the Gambit Crew.

Wondering the empty metal corridors of the Eye I felt some peace. This place of liars, gamblers, smugglers and killers has become home to me. We made our way through the market level when suddenly an explosion blast though one of the bulk head walls. Suddenly cloaked figures appeared and opened fire. The way they were dressed looked strangely familiar. They were dressed the same as the members of the Grell that we fought down in the Hive. We took them down quickly leaving two alive. We contacted the security centre with what had happened and that we had prisoners and they mentioned that there had been several other incursions.
Tyr approached the prisoners and demanded that they tell us who they were and how many of them were on the station. They refused to talk so he shot one in the head.

He repeated the question to the last prisoner, got no response and shot him too.

Well that’s one way to interrogate, though not very effective.

I examined the breach site. It was linked to the thermal vents, just like the site we found on the maps taken from the Grell agents in the Hive. I tried to recall everything we had learned and called it in to Kanner, who was co-ordinated the security sweeps. Luckily we were in time and ISec were able to prevent the remaining Grell from causing too much damage.
We continued our patrol and were alerted to an incursion by the empire, some of their boarding vessels had made it past the ships guarding the station. We rushed through the corridors to find the crew of the Banshee under heavy fire. During the fight one of the crew, Jii, was found unconscious in a side corridor that seemed to be slowly filling with gas. Manco warned that it was flammable and about to blow. We need to get her out soon or close the door to prevent the gas explosion from ripping through the station.

PC-Ripper.jpg Manco seemed distraught, almost frozen with panic, though he did send his new attack droid into the room to help. I paused and blocked out the sound of blaster fire and concentrated just as the gas filled the corridor, blocking Jii from my sight.

Port-NPC-Jii.jpg I reached out with the Force to the air in the corridor and lifted the gas up to the roof, just before the gas could settle I refocused, grabbed the inert form of Jii and moved her as fast as I could out of there. Within moments she was clear and we shut the blast doors on the gas. The last of the storm troopers were dispatched and the Banshee crew thanked us before taking Jii to the Medbay for treatment. It looks like she’ll be OK.

Journal-ZGAT.jpgWe were sent to another hotspot on the Eye, where a large ZG-AT was attacking one of the docking bays. I barely noticed what was going on as my thoughts were racing ahead to the upcoming battle, flying the Leviathan into combat. We prevailed again, though I do not think that I helped.

Finally the deadline had almost arrived and it was time to leave the Eye, to say farewell to the Gambit Crew. I do not like goodbyes and did feel some guilt in having manipulated Tyr to get my ship, so made it brief.

Journal-Durro1stMate.jpg I went to the shuttle bay and met a Duro called Jedar.

‘Greetings Captain Dash, I’ll be acting as your first mate in the upcoming conflict’

Captain Dash… that sounded good.

The Leviathan was in position and we made the short jump to her location. Entering the ship Levith appeared at my side. She stayed silent as I walked with Jedar through the ship to the bridge. The crew was aboard and the ship was fully operational, and although there was some curiosity about the unique nature of the ship everyone was ready.

We reached the bridge.

‘Jedar, make sure everyone is at battlestations. I will be overseeing everything from the command chair, and broadcast my orders via holo-projection.’

He raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I left the bridge and walked down to the command chair, Levith matching my pace.
‘The ship is crewed and ready Vrinko, what will you do now?’

‘We have a mission Levith, to protect the Eye until they clear the asteroid field and make it to Hyperspace.

‘Why risk the ship Vrinko? You have everything you need here?’

I looked at her. Why indeed.

I remembered those I’d met on the Eye. Talia and her sister. Areena Tana, Kanner, Vokk. The Witch.

…the Witch.

I had found a place on the Eye. I had helped people. I could save them, could save the Eye.
But not the Witch.

Conflicted emotions raged within me as I tried to find peace. But it was not to be.
I sat in the command chair.

‘We have a mission Levith, a job to do. Now we wait for signal’.

I felt the ship as I sat. It was alive. I could feel the crew moving through her halls. I could feel her shields activated and ready, her guns online, engines at full capacity.
With a thought I made my visage appear on the Bridge.

‘Jedar ,we are ready. Prepare to jump.’

He paused for only an instant, but nodded.

The call from the Eye came through.

We made the Jump.

The Eye was making its way through the asteroid field, though the Star destroyer Endgame had outmanoeuvred it and blocked its route and was bombarding it with fire.

There was also a pitched starship battle taking place. TIE fighters were everywhere and by accessing the Leviathans sensors I could make out the Gambit, cutting a swath of destruction through the Imps.

We jumped in behind the Endgame.

‘Open Fire, All weapons’.

The Endgame ceased its firing on the Eye, but not for long. It opened fire again, on us and the Eye. Our shields were holding, however it looked like the Eye could not survive much longer. I gave the order and we moved between the Endgame and the Eye, we had to give them more time.

Port-NPC-Levith.jpg ‘What are you doing, Vrinko’ Levith asked.

‘We need to give them more time’. We took another barrage of fire, stronger this time. At this rate we would not last either.

‘If you must do this let me show you how we can survive’ Time seemed to pause. Leveth showed me how I could reach out with the Force, reach out to all the members of the crew.

‘You could use them, use the Force within each living creature on the ship to augment the ship. Borrow their power to increase your own.’

I paused. ‘Will this kill them?’


Still it wasn’t right, I knew that. But there were hundreds, maybe thousands of people on the Eye. Hurt a few to save more…? To save the Eye?

I will pay that price and suffer the consequences.

‘If you want you can charge up both the shields and weapons’

‘No, just the shields’ I will take only what is necessary to protect the Eye.

‘Jedar, get ready to jump as soon as the Eye is clear’

‘I’m not sure the shields will hold if we stay here any longer’ he replied.

‘Leave that to me’.

I sent my thoughts out through the Force Crystal to some of the crew and reached into them. Trying not to take too much I syphoned some of their Force and channelled it into the Ship.
The Endgame opened up, this time all weapons were trained on the Leviathan.

The power levels on the shields surged as the raw Force from members of the crew was piped into the ships systems. I could sense the fear from the crew on the bridge as shot after shot connected. As we weathered the storm the fear turned to wonder and then elation as we appeared unscathed.

I did notice however that several of the crew who I had used to fuel the shields had collapsed, whether dead or just unconscious I could not tell.

The Power that flowed through me into the ship was unimaginable. My body sang with the raw river of Force that I controlled and directed through the ship. I knew that if I wanted I could tap more of the crew, power up the Leviathan’s weapons and blow this clumsy, static star destroyer to pieces. All it would take was just the desire to do so.

‘Do it’ Levith whispered to me. ‘Together we can do anything. We could rule the Galaxy’

‘Captain’, Jekar reported, ‘The Eye has jumped, repeat the Eye has jumped’

The Power still coursed through me but now I could feel the darkness along with the power. For a moment it threatened to take away my reason, my control.

‘Make the Jump’

I could feel Levith’s disappointment.

I had saved the Eye as well as ensuring wealth for the rest of my life.

But at what cost…?

Battle of the Eye

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 180713

Pilots, gunners, and deck hands fill docking bay zero, addressed by some of the Eye’s most powerful personnel standing up on a platform. The finer details are revealed, an Imperial class Star Destroyer is inbound – and the plan is to evacuate the whole platform to a new location. Deals are made between the Eye and the crews – terms and promises in exchange for defence of the platform.

Friend Vrinko reveals he will be leaving the Gambit crew. While it is indeed big news, I am not really surprised – perhaps because of the impending war, or the fact that he moved out of the crew’s quarters some time ago. Besides, I also feel my time has come to move on – but for now, we must focus on the incoming attack.

Journal-Derak.jpg The crew allows me to choose a replacement starship gunner for the Gambit given friend Vrinko’s departure – I do so from a line of very eager individuals at the docking bay – our ship has quite the reputation here. A human named Derek stands out from the rest – he meets the crew and is told to meet us at the ship once we are called on.

I convince pilot Tyr to meet with Madame Karash who needs a matter handled, she fears for the well being of a group of Twileks under her employ. Perhaps out of respect to me, he agrees to find them a new home should the Eye come under Imperial command. A show of compassion from both parties. As Madame Karash departs to send her Twilek crew to our ship, we get ready to patrol the station on foot.

Port-NPC-Jata.jpg A message arrives from a distressed Jgata, who seems to be stuck on one of the docking bays. Friend Vrinko comes along to help. We arrive at the docking bay to find that the residents of the Hive are not being let on the evacuating transports. I try to reason with the officer in charge, but nothing I say gets through to him. It is rather frustrating, but luckily friend Vrinko manages to persuade him otherwise. Saying goodbye to Jgata as he finally boards the transport, we go to join the others in patrolling the streets.

After six hours of walking about, we run into a gang of thugs trying to take control of the station – luckily we are able to take them down rather quickly. Interestingly they were using the station pipe system to travel around, we inform Eye security. It does not end there though, a call comes through about something happening in one of the docking bays – a lot of forces are being sent there.

Journal-ZGAT.jpg Upon our arrival we see what all the commotion was about – a large ZG-AT- Zero Gravity Armoured Transport is blasting apart Eye security. It is quite a fight, a lot of loud metal clanking – I do my part to add to the clutter by throwing a spanner at one of the bandits. In the end our crew is victorious, as the ZGAT is brought down by our very own PLX rocket launcher.

No time to celebrate just yet however, all ship crews are being called in to prepare for space combat – the final evacuation procedures are at hand. Everyone but friend Vrinko head back to the Gambit – with a nod and a smile, he heads off to another docking bay. It has been an honour my friend. We board our ship to find gunner Derek waiting for us, as well as a large group of female Twileks.

In the distance we can make out the Imperial Star Destroyer “Endgame”, it blocks the path of the Eye, which moves towards it. Various transport ships are flying out, attempting to get to the hyperspace markers – but there are Imperial star-fighters everywhere. The space battle seems to go on for quite some time, wave after wave of TIE fighters and interceptors. Gunner Derek proves to be an excellent shot – perhaps motivated and driven a little more after seeing the transport ship his wife is being evacuated on come under attack.

A familiar starship enters the battle field, it is the “Leviathan”, commanded by no other than friend Vrinko! He jumps out of hyperspace right behind the “Endgame”, drawing a lot of the Star Destroyer’s fire away from the transports and the Eye. This gives the transports enough time to jump out to safety, but the Eye is not as mobile, and still has the “Endgame” in its path. Through the turret dome I can see friend Vrinko’s ship taking heavy fire from the Star Destroyer – which is able to fend off the “Leviathan” while still keeping an offensive firing line at the Eye.

The comms are busy with chatter, friend Vrinko saying that he cannot hold out much longer – while the Eye claiming that it only needs a few more moments before it can safely jump. We continue to combat the Imperial star-fighters as they now try and target the platform – and as successful as we are on that front, it also puts us in range of the Star Destroyer. The “Leviathan” does indeed look like it is about to burn up – the stream of laser fire it is attracting is too much. And then…

…The Eye disappears. Pilot Tyr confirms that the Eye has successfully hyper-spaced out. Almost immediately the “Leviathan” jumps away as well. The battle field suddenly becomes much emptier. But the Star Destroyer still remains, and we are flying straight towards it. Rather than pull around, pilot Tyr takes us up close to do a pass on the capital ship. The laser fire from the Star Destroyer that lit up the area only moments before has momentarily stopped – but it is only a matter of time before it re-adjusts the fire all at us. We are good to go, only moments from jumping away ourselves, when suddenly a torpedo shows up on radar…

…it is moving away from us, and heading towards the Star Destroyer. We must have launched it. Technician Manco must have launched it. As the Gambit pulls away from the capital ship, we see something incredible. The torpedo we launched hits the Star Destroyer directly at its bridge. A rather unexpected large explosion flares up the top of the ship, which then spreads outwards slowly engulfing it in flames. I cannot believe my eyes, or my ears – as gunner Derek cheers loudly into the comms. The “Endgame” is in flames, and there is no way the Captain of the ship survived that shot in the bridge.

We hyperspace out to rendezvous with the Eye.

The mood on the Eye is incredible, people celebrating anywhere and everywhere on the station. What a battle. As I exit down the ramp to stretch my legs, the Twilek girls run past to join in the open celebrations. I am glad that their home was not taken from them. The rest of the crew join me down the ramp, we all congratulate each other. Pilot Tyr has already plotted the next course it appears, to join up with the rebel cause, and fight back at the Empire. Watching the Twilek girls disappear into the crowd to find their way back to the Octagon however, makes me realise that it is time I did that very same thing.

I turn to the Gambit crew and like friend Vrinko, bid my farewell. This ship and its crew I will miss – I have no doubt. But I am also excited for them and the new adventures they are about to embark on. I make my way through the crowds towards the Octagon – on the way I am sure I even see familiar faces from the Hive celebrating on these upper levels. As if expected, I get into the Octagon without any hassles – and am escorted to the central tower by a friendly Twilek.
The doors open and there sits Madame Korash, if only for a moment – as soon as I step into the room she is already standing – warmly smiling. She greets me and thanks me for playing my part in all of this – nodding to the Twilek behind me who closes the doors as she leaves. Madame Korash’s voice seems rather excited as she begins to tell me about my new quarters I will have here, and how great a chef she has ready just for me. With every sentence she steps closer towards me, until she stands right before me. Taking my hand she says she is glad I decided to stay. I smile and do a slow, short bow. She pulls me down just a little lower, and stretches her neck up to give me a welcoming kiss.


Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010826

Journals_VrinkoWindow.jpg I looked out, gazing at the asteroids protecting the Eye. Waiting for the attack.

It has been quite a week.

After returning to the Eye after taking control of the Leviathan I started distancing myself from the rest of the Gambit Crew. I was so close now. So close to having the independence, the power, that meant I would never lack for anything again. As Ari, Manco and Tyr seemed to get distracted by the GOMA fights I set about building my assets. Gathering all the credits I could I bet on Ari. I know how good he is in a fight and was prepared to risk it all. In his first fight his odds were good, I put all 13,000 credits, everything I had on him to win. He did not disappoint.

In his second fight I let it ride, his odds were lower, but my bet was bigger. Now I had 166,000 credits. This would have been a fortune to me a year ago, but to get want I wanted I needed more.

For the last fight I kept some back, but wagered 104,000 credits on my crewmate. He won again.

With 312,000 credits to my name I left the championship and did not see the last fight, though I later learned Ari lost. I set about making the Leviathan mine.

I registered it as salvage with the traders guild. Under my name.

I hired the Privateers to look over the ship, fix what they can quickly and give me a report. It cost 55,000 credits but they got her operational again.

There was a brief interruption as Talia had a message for Tyr. Someone from his past wanted a meeting with him, though there was more to it than that. As a way of thanking the Gambit Crew I went along to keep them out of trouble one last time. I told Tyr it was my last mission and that I would be leaving the crew. He was a little suspicious and mentioned the Leviathan. I think I will have to sort this out later.

After the mission to Nar Shadda we returned to the Eye and I arranged a meeting with Tyr. I had hoped to persuade him that the salvage he claimed and all the credits that I had help him earn and had put back into his ship should be enough. He disagreed.
He wanted my ship…MY SHIP.

I would not let him take it, drawing on the force I changed his memory of the original agreement.

The salvage gained was enough.

The deal was that I would get the ship.

He was happy with the arrangement.

I felt cold as this happened as darkness washed over me.
But he would not get my ship.

I was contacted by a recruitment firm that would help me hire a crew for the Leviathan, it seemed the right thing to do. As soon as I had looked at some other options I would get a crew, get her fully supplied and take her out to work.

All this, of course was before the news.

The Empire was on its way.

They had had enough of the Eye’s independence and had given us 24 hours to evacuate. The Eye had called on all ships to fight a delaying action, apparently the Eye was fitted with a hyperdrive and could leave the sector, they just needed to extricate themselves from the asteroid field first. They just needed some time. I wasn’t interested.

Then they mentioned the rewards.

Each freighter captain would get a permanent apartment, docking rights, free repairs a nice deal all up.

Tyr volunteered the Gambit straight away.

I saw my opportunity and had a brief word with the Eye’s chief administrator.

They had no capital scale ships to help.

I could provide one.

In exchange I wanted 1% of the total revenue of the Eye. For the rest of my life.

I would be far wealthier than I could possibly imagine, and without having to risk my life on a daily basis.

They agreed, which was a measure of how desperate the situation was.
The only caveat was that the Leviathan would have to take part in the battle.

I stared out to the stars again.

Leveth was bringing the Leviathan.

I had a full crew standing by to meet her at a nearby rendezvous point.

The Imperials were almost here.

Time to get to work.

Mistrust and old friends

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 170713

Port-NPC-Talia.jpg Talia had come to to our room at the Eye. As soon as I saw her I knew something was up, she never visited our cramped quarters. The only people who came to this area of the Eye were keeping a low profile. PlanetData-NarShaddaa.jpg She had a parcel for me and straight away I knew this was a setup, who ever heard of a tramp freighter captain giving away gifts? The story was simple, an associate had seen the Gambit crew’s performance and wanted to meet us in person on Nar Shaddaa to discuss a job. The package was our, or more accurately my, incentive to come along.

Inside the package was an arm that for all intents could have been the one I had lost. It would be easily mistaken as a mockery designed to raise my ire. However on the ring finger was a small signet ring that gave away the owners idetity. There were few people in the galaxy with an Imperial agency signet and there was only one person that I knew who could get me to visit Nar Shaddaa.

Marl Vorusk…my old mentor.

Port-NPC-MrlVrsk.jpg The last I had saw him was my final day working for the Imperium. We met a fellow operative named Gorman to trade Rebel data, only to be caught up in the purge to destroy the data. That was the same day I lost my arm and picked up my scars. Talie wasn’t telling us the full story but I wasn’t sure she was the player setting the trap. Whoever knew this information on me and had tracked me to the Eye had to be high in the agency. Not that it mattered, old habits die hard. Marl had been my mentor and contact, one of the few people I could trust when I worked for the Imperium. If this person had him he was in trouble. I couldn’t let him down.

We left the Eye the next day with the aim of meeting the Firecracker crew at Nar Shaddaa. The meet was at a party in a popular restaurant called “Outlook”, somewhere that no doubt had high security. It was a fancy place with a large atmospherically sealed platform for diners. The high security was confirmed on arrival and to compound matters only myself and Talia were on the guest list. Manco took the speeder and his arsenal out to look for a vantage point while Arri and Vrinko looked for an alternative entrance. The rest of the Firecracker crew waited at the entrance ready to provide support if needed.

It was only when Talia and I came to the secondary security entrance that Talia came clean. Whoever we were meeting held her sister, Willa, captive. If this really was the Imperium there was no guarantee that any of us would make it clear of this meet.

Walking onto the platform it was clearly a busy day, wealthy patrons sat lunching on the choicest Bantha cuts. A roped off area had half a dozen hard types in plain grey outfits, subtly had not improved in the agency. Port-NPC-WilSF.jpg Willa sat next to two guards, a few tables away from a seated individual who faced us. I didn’t recognise him but his air of authority marked him as the commander. Talia nervously paced to the side as he waved me forward.

The deal was simple. Come back into the fold, be pardoned for my “crimes” and earn enough credits to keep myself happy wherever I wanted to be. The first thing I needed to do was secure the Rebel data that was lost at my last Imperial meeting. But I was never going to go for that, the Empire had taken my arm and nearly taken my life. I had started again with a crew I could count on and the esteem of being the best tramp freighter captain this side of Coruscant.

Well the Emperor’s finest were never the kind to take ‘no’ for an answer. The commander immediately reneged on returning Willa to Talia. However that wasn’t what gave me pause, he motioned off to a nearby section where a hunched form slump out of place among the noble types. Marl was a shadow of his former self. He was heavily scarred and like myself part machine now, no doubt the results of the same action that removed my arm. But that wasn’t the the most changed thing about him, his eyes were downcast and vague as though they Imps had finally beaten the life out of him and still held on to his partially functioning husk. The final sweetener was to be the full repair of my once mentor and dearest friend.
It was then that I recognised the commander, his heavy features had been preserved by the dark science of the Empire but it hadn’t changed the cold impartiality in his eyes. Gorman himself had come to return me to the fold. His face spurred me to action. No one would cowl Tyr Solaris, especially not the man who had cast me aside as a utilised asset. A hundred back-alley deals gone wrong had honed my reflexes beyond compare and even then I was expected to be weaponless. No one could have anticipated the hold-out blaster ejecting from it’s secret compartment in my robotic left arm. Three galactic years of military action against the hardest fighters the galaxy had to offer guided my hand. As I depressed the firing stud, an overcharge shot aimed squarely at Gorman’s face, something strange happened. With what could only be significant cybernetic enhancement he jerked his head sideways and what was a fatal shot merely vapourised his left ear.

At that moment the world went straight back to the clone wars. The Imps and Talia both drew hidden blasters as the unmistakable energy bolts from Manco’s snipeblaster punched into the two bodyguards who hurled themselves over Gorman. As the citizens of Nar Shaddaa fled the scene of the esclating blaster fight I took the opportunity to break for Marl. Marl sat hunched at his table, oblivious to the action going down around him. As I closed an angry red blast cut over my shoulder and clipped Marl in the side of his head sending him sprawling. Turning I saw Gorman, his face a mask of rage, pointing a heavy blaster pistol at me. I snapped my holdout out but the small clip was spent. Another angry bolt let out and took me in the thigh, tumbling me over. I pulled a table across me, the plasteel buckling as Gorman sprayed my position.

I fought the agony of my leg and tried to slam a fresh charge into the holdout. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a sleek black speeder hurtling towards the platform. Jinking wildly behind it came our own speeder with Manco at the controls. A PLX missile corkscrewed lazily from the drivers port, trailing a black contrail. It impacted with the rear of the black speeder and sent it tearing down below the platform. Whether it was Gormans escape or the white armour of Stormtroopers it didn’t matter, my own cavalry had arrived. As my the edges of my vision sunk into blackness I could hear Arribacca’s Wookie battle cry and Vrinko’s humming lightsaber strikes clearly over the sounds of battle.


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