Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Cry for Help (Breakout!)

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 240511

Journals attack slavers

Our deliveries to Dynann went quickly and smoothly. Trader Chessel was very pleased with the cargo and it sounds like there may be more work ahead for us. Pilot Tyr seemed very excited when talking about possible equipment upgrades – I do not think he wants any ‘live cargo’ damaging his ship. It’s comforting to see him so protective of The Traitor’s Gambit. We returned to the Eye a little richer, and in need of some rest.

My sleep was interrupted by a buzzing at our door. It was dark, and everyone else seemed to still be asleep – so I got up to investigate. I was very surprised to see two fellow Wookies in the doorway; a very attractive female and a much younger male behind her mother and son I assumed.

I was correct.

She was Aurcha and with her was her son Gaba. She told me of her recent escape from Trandoshan slavers, unfortunately her family was not so lucky. Her husband and uncle had been taken along with other Wookies by a pirate ship known as Yoke. I knew I had to help her even before she asked, and her offering of credits and a droid as reward certainly helped convince the rest of my crew to accept the task.

With the information Aurcha had given us we followed some leads, and it did not take long to track down where the Trandoshan’s were heading. We set out for the small station Sauguin in hope of setting up an ambush. Upon arrival we discovered that we had missed them by not much more than a day. Fortunately for us it was easy to find out exactly where they were heading – it seems the Trandoshans did not have a very good reputation with the locals, who offered a complimentary refuelling when they discovered our mission to track and eliminate the slavers. We set off for the Hatia gas mining colonies of Smiley’s World.

On approach to planetside pilot Tyr completed a few scans, and we quickly found our target. I am always amazed at how easy he is able to make this look. Closing in on our destination we could see what looked like storage and silo facilities, most likely an old gas mining site. Pilot Tyr once again completed scans which revealed precise locations of the Wookies and Trandoshans – we knew which structures we could safely attack from the sky. We glanced at each other, and with a nod I headed for the turret.

What followed were explosions and giant flames which I have not seen for… a very long time. By the time we had landed half the facility and their ship were on fire. We managed to free and rescue five Wookies held up in one of the buildings, although I remember Aurcha mentioning there being seven – I was a little worried. Our retreat was easy, technician Manco almost reluctant to get back on board the ship after having set up a defensive position with his light repeating blaster at the ship’s ramp. I think he expected more Trandoshans but I suppose they did not expect our assault from above, and most of them had already perished. There was one who seemed like he was going to be trouble, but Manco put him down too. A final shot was fired at the facility as we took off, creating a dance of explosions from below.

Port nan 3

We had learnt that the two missing Wookies were sold off as slaves, which relieved me a little knowing that we had not lost them to the assault on the gas colony. Aurcha was happy to see her uncle and husband Bagoo alive and safe once more – the Wookies were very grateful for our rescue, and Aurcha left us with the credits and droid she had promised; A Nanny droid NAN-3, with the ability to translate Wookie!

The burning facility, the company of so many fellow Wookies, even Aurcha herself, has brought up many distant memories. I retired to my quarters and prepared my pipe.

It was time to reflect.



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