Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Fist Full of Droid Parts V1

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 220812

Breaking and entering with the Gambit crew is never a straightforward process. Having tracked the maintenance worker to his home on the Eye we were upping the Sabbac pot in terms of clandestine work on our home station. Marco sliced the door lock and we cautiously entered the room, extremely aware of our lack of weaponry.

Deactivated droids loomed menacing in the dark, tools and equipment stacked professionally at their stations and an long untouched bed in the far corner. Vrinko touched his temple and sensed Arena ahead, though strangely behind the rear wall. Well there was no chance of us hiding The fishy scent of Vrinko, we had to forge ahead. After a quick search Manco identified a hidden access passage rigged with an electrical trap.

IC4U.jpgSomehow Manco has acquired my remote vid-droid again. Now named IC4U, he sent the droid down the narrow passage to check for opposition. Having barely entered the room, a metallic arm swung out of nowhere to smash the small droid to the floor. We had definitely found opposition. (Note: must recover the 800 credits from Manco for the droid)

Vrinko and Arribacca jostled to get into the room and engage the new threat, with Vrinko igniting his lightsaber. Even Manco tried to rush past their feet, clearly my crew were suckers for a damsel in distress still. Shame Madame Khorash wasn’t down here, it would be a perfect opportunity for her to be caught in crossfire. While i covered the rear we advanced further into what appears to be a maintenance area, Vrinko cutting down two droids. As Manco started slicing a blast door the two droids from the workshop entered the corridor and grappled with Arribacca. It didn’t take him long to tear them apart at the pneumatic pumps.

Sensing a further trap, Vrinko combat rolled down the hall and it promptly winged by a shower of blaster bolts from a narrow stair case. Manco and I rushed forward to find a battle droid standing at the top of the stairs aiming down at us. Under the cover fire of my hold-out Manco quickly applied a med-pac to Vrinko’s wound and pulled back. With Vrinko down and Manco unarmed it was Arri who once again did the heavy lifting, acrobatically vaulting past the crew and slamming the battle droid to the floor. Just as it raised its blast to him a well placed shot from my hold-out passed between two armour plates and hit something critical buying Arri time to crush its chest plate.

No sooner had we dealt with the first battle droid than a second entered the corridor from another stair case ahead of us, spraying blasted bolts at us. Vrinko, having recovered from his injury, stepped forward weaving his lightsaber through the air to block the bolts. Behind this impromptu shield I once again proved the that you don’t need a big blaster to space opponents. A carefully placed shot to the leg motor staggered the battle droid, allowing a second shot to lance the droid’s primary cortex.

Somehow I get the feeling Arena is in a lot of trouble.



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