Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Fist Full of Droid Parts V2

Ones and Zeros

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 230812

Nothing. The room is lifeless, tools scattered and a couple of decommissioned droids in one corner – they get more eerie the longer I look at them. I cover the droid heads with some rags as per technician Manco’s suggestion, turns out it is not just me they bother. I watch our little Jawa friend shoo off the others as he tampers with one of the walls… a hidden passage! And judging by the tools he is using, it must be trapped – but that has never stopped him before.

Success. They send in IC4U to scout the passage and only moments later we hear a loud metallic crunch – our hover droid is down, I guess we are not alone. The attacker appears out of the passage way – a droid of some sort – and starts swinging its’ arms at friend Vrinko. I attempt to hit it from the outside of the passage but the opening is too small, thankfully friend Vrinko manages to slice the droid to pieces. That is not the end of it however, with his lightsaber still wielded he jumps in and runs down the passageway. The rest of the crew follow, and I awkwardly fit through the passage entrance last.

I hear more crunches and bangs from up ahead but cannot pass the others in this tight space – probably a good thing as suddenly I hear shuffling behind me. The two decommissioned droids with rags over their heads! They are very much operational and closing in on me armed with welding devices. Interesting. While I cannot quite feel it, I can smell that some of my hair has been torched by one of the welders – I swiftly pick up the droid and throw it at his partner with all my might. It is a beautiful sight as their short circuiting bodies dance together back into the room they had emerged from.

Moving quickly to catch up to the others I turn the corner to see friend Vrinko down on the ground – he has been shot! Technician Manco is busy giving friend Vrinko medical attention, and pilot Tyr is pointing his blaster up at something just to the left of the crew. Luckily they are all crouched down allowing me to jump over them, only to be suddenly face to face with a large droid pointing a huge blaster at me from up some stairs.

The moment feels drawn out – both the droid and myself trying to compute what to do. I start things off with a fist to its’ chest it seems to do nothing. It responds with a burst of fire from its’ blaster which I am somehow able to avoid – despite being almost point blank range. Pilot Tyr intervenes with a well-placed blaster shot catching the droid off guard, allowing me to knock it down and crush it out of commission. Behind me friend Vrinko is back up and the group is fighting off yet another droid further down the corridor… but once again I cannot fit past so I decide to explore the upstairs area from where the droid at my feet emerged from.

I enter a dead-end room, scattered with droid parts everywhere. I look for a weapon of some kind to maybe give to technician Manco, but only find limbs and servos. Rushing down I get close to friend Vrinko to try and squeeze past him but he just yells something at me – it is hard to make out with the blaster fire – waving his hand at the stairs. A little confused I run back up to the dead-end room. Friend Vrinko is a smart Mon Calamari, he must know or sense something I do not. There is indeed a control panel with two unmarked buttons – I press the top one. Darkness. I seemed to have switched off the lights. I slide my finger down to the second button and push it in…

There is a soft rumble and a faint hum can be heard, the temperature begins to change – I seem to have found the air-conditioning controls.



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