Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Fist Full of Droid Parts V3

Never leave a droid alone

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 160812

I creep into the suspect’s apartment sweeping my eyes across the workbenches while keeping an eye on the droids leaning against the wall. Something about them makes me uneasy.

There must be a hidden passage somewhere in here. Forgetting the droids I run my hands over the back wall and locate a concealed panel. Vrinko asks to go in front, I shake my head telling him it could be trapped. It’s something I’d certainly do. I carefully examine the panel and discover it is wired to a power conduit. You’re so sly, but so am I. I disconnect the trap and the door slides open, revealing a narrow corridor.

Before continuing I ask Ari to cover the two droids heads with some heavy tarp. To this day, I still wonder what possessed me to come up with such a stupid idea. A bit more on that later.

I step through the door that leads deep into the superstructure with Vrinko following close by. The corridor bends around a corner, power conduits, bare cables, vents and fuel tanks like the walls. One loose shot in here could end all of us. Before I continue I search the area for more traps and find a tripwire. No surprises there.

After disabling it I sneak forward and then order my recon droid, IC4U, to fly forward and scan the area. As IC4U passes a small alcove a metal arm swings out smashing into him. IC4U crashes to the ground in a pile of sparks and dented metal.

My droid. He saved me from those damn space bees! I hope I can repair him. Someone will pay for that. I reach for my blaster rifle…then remember I don’t have it. Stupid station no firearm rules. I yell for Vrinko who rolls past me and then leaps up. Nice move, slick, but why did he not ignite his lightsaber?

A power droid steps out from the alcove, I think I see parts of IC4U still scattered along its arm. It takes a swing a Vrinko who dodges to one side. They trade blows for while and then I feel the heavy, hairy body of Ari squeezing past me trying to get in on the action. All he does is take a chunk of the wall with a wild swing though. Vrinko then cuts the droid in two.

We continue down the corridor, I take a look at IC4U and think I can repair him. Tyr picks up the pieces and we all move onwards. Around the next corner more droids appear and launch an attack. Behind me I hear the noise of more metal feet clinking towards us. Idiot Manco. The two droids from the workshop, what were you thinking. Heavy tarp, idiot, idiot, idiot. Mental note, see a droid in a suspect’s apartment. Destroy it!

Luckily Ari is there and I hear him roar followed by the noise of tearing metal. Back at the front I crouch down as more droids appear, I duck out of the way of a shot or two.

Tyr shoots like a man possessed; perhaps my skills are rubbing off on him as he hits droid after droid in the head, even taking one down. In the ensuing melee I see Vrinko take a heavy blow from a battle droid and collapse to the floor, I sprint forwards and apply a med pack. The droid either cannot see me or does not perceive me as a threat choosing to ignore me. Well it’s not like I can do anything without my blaster. I feel useless.

The droids are finally defeated and we press forwards. The corridor bends again terminating at a blast door. Well I guess I am useful again, until we encounter more droids…sigh.



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