Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Hunting We Go

Back to the Dessert

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 030512

PlanetData-Socorro.jpg We are heading to planet Soccorro to find and trap a creature called a M’onnok. We make last minute preparations and hire a Stun Cage. The storekeeper is annoyed when I try to get a cheap price. What can I say, I’m a Jawa.

We load up and jump to the outer rim. I sit up front with Tyr, someone needs to make sure he pushes the right buttons and not wreck my ship.

Soccorro’s spaceport Soco-Jarel is massive, stretching many klicks, by far the biggest I’ve seen. All manner of vessels fly in and out. Tyr pilots us in and we dock alongside several other ships.

The planet’s heat is oppressive and it is somewhat reminiscent of home. All kinds of stores line the port and I can smell all manner of rich foods. Ari, always-hungry, kindly shouts everyone a serve of meat sticks.

I find a computer terminal to see if I can discover anything about the M’onnok. I don’t find much, before Tyr takes over but instead of searching properly he somehow thinks mashing random keys will find what we need. Hmm… two of my credits later we give up.

We leave the port and hit the streets to gather more information. After several hours the city is behind us and we enter a locals’ district where we finally get a solid lead on someone who may have seen a M’onnok; a Soccorron tracker called, Vuul Kelroon.

Journal-Vuul.jpgWe go to meet Vuul, he’s garbed in brown desert clothes and carries an archaic blaster across his back. I’ll have to check that out later. I get down to business as Vuul serves us some hot tea. Vuul tells us he’s been out in the badlands many times and has encountering the rare M’onnok on a few occasions. He tells us they are extremely dangerous, but the badlands themselves have also claimed many lives.

He offers to take us there for a price, which I luckily manage to bargain down. Vuul says we must follow his rules as the badlands have all manner of rival tribes and many a party has gone out never to return. I like Vuul, he seems genuine and for once I have a good feeling about this. He recommends we hire a speeder and get some supplies.

We set out that evening making a stop along the way at a border settlement where a massive, black rendered shrine lies. Colour faded drawings are sketched along its walls and many people are kneeling around inside. Vuul, excuses himself and returns later with a charm around his neck. Arri follows his example. Let’s hope it will bring luck to us all.

We set of once more across the desert and around four hours later we make stop for the night. Vuul sets his camp up outside and I sit down to talk a while. I ask to take a look at his blaster, I think he’s surprised by what ‘look’ means in Jawa, as I strip it down and quickly assemble before handing back to him. A fine Kyron Tech firearm; they’re known for reliability.

Vuul asks about my light repeater saying it’s too big for the desert. I think of the time when and how I got it and feel a little melancholy; I brush off my feelings, remarking it’s too big for more Jawas.

I bid Vuul goodnight and get some sleep.



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