Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Simple Run

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 160611

A Simple Cargo Run

Friend Vrinko seemed very excited to meet new assistant NAN-3 but I was a little confused by his introduction, I could not tell if he was attempting to speak Wookie with her, or performing some kind of Jedi shouting ritual – and neither could assistant NAN-3 judging by her lack of response. He is a very mysterious Mon Calamari.

Port hanna grigg It was not long before a new job opportunity had presented itself. We contacted Hanna Glorian of the Ryginn Logistics regarding the work and friend Vrinko did some investigation. Our eventual meeting with Hanna was in the docking bay, ‘the Nest’ where we quickly understood why- their ship was run-down almost beyond repair, hit by pirates we were told. After introductions and some fee bargaining, we set course for Inercia City – with the addition of a heavy cargo container, Hanna and another named Yigg.

I was a little suspicious of the sealed cargo, but even more so of this human Yigg. For the safety of the ship and crew I decided it would be best if we kept an eye on the cargo for the duration of the trip – myself and Vrinko took watch in turn. The human kept fiddling with the cargo and rambling in my direction, clearly not happy with our presence – I did not care. It felt like a longer trip than expected, but eventually we came out of hyperspace.

We spotted an Imperial Navy Star-Destroyer in orbit, but with our legitimate cargo – according to the documentation – we had nothing to worry about. We landed without problems but I was ever mindful of the cargo. A small crew came on-board to carry the container away – I watched them as they exited the ramp. Friend Vrinko spoke with Hanna. She asked us to be ready in four hours for departure, and when friend Vrinko rightfully warms her of Yigg’s behaviour, she reveals that he is in fact her brother.

Pilot Tyr decides to scan the ship but finds only old residual readings. With a few hours to pass before our departure, friend Vrinko and pilot Tyr go looking for more work. Having stood watch over a suspicious container and human for the most part of the trip, I decided to explore Inertia City. The tube transport took me to a popular market area – I wish their doorways were a little taller. Fresh hot cooked meat is in the air, I followed the smell to a small stall nearby and walked away with a juicy kebarb. After a short wander I notice a lack of Wookie presence, not that I was expecting many in this city but my encounter with Aurcha had reminded me how good it felt to be around my own kind. I headed back to the ship.

Logos crim tcd
Tyr had prepared the ship for take-off and we were waiting on the return of the two humans. Something echoed outside, we had all heard it. We walked down the ramp just in time to see an explosion on the far side of the platform, followed by a fast moving object heading toward us. A swoop bike with a rider wearing a red jacket – fitting the description of a Krayt Dragon gang member. He was coming at us fast but didn’t look hostile, we waited for him to approach. He pulled up a few feet away from the ramp with a look of desperation.

Port urgle pyne “You’ve got to get me out of here!”

Friend Vrinko stared blankly at the request with his big bubbly eyes. Suddenly there was movement from where the swoop bike had come from, more Krayt Dragons! They were armed and moving toward us… The rider threw down a bag of creds at the foot of the ramp and stared back at friend Vrinko, who slowly and calmly bent down to start counting them. A little nervous about the situation, the rest of us took safer positions as the distant Dragons continued their approach. They started shouting, clearly trying to get to the rider at our ramp. I made my way to climb a nearby container to get the higher ground should this conflict escalate. Pilot Tyr tried to yell out to the approaching gang but suddenly…

The station filled with soaring alarm horns. Even friend Vrinko stopped counting the creds. Two more figures appeared from behind the far barrier – the two humans; Hanna and Yigg. And off to the right even more figures emerged – station security. I looked backed at the two humans. Somehow I expected no less.



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