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NPC-Xanin.jpg We head off to the aquatic world of Ropagi II on a rather unusual mission – structural system maintenance or something; technician Manco’s time to shine. I am honoured to have been selected as his personal assistant in this task, perhaps the crew were impressed with my efforts in helping build the speeder bike!

Bounty hunter Xanin is joining us on the trip, makes sense as she got us the job. Friend Vrinko seems to be spending a lot of time with her on the ship – I think they may have their own plans on Ropagi II but are quite secretive about it. Perhaps they can enjoy themselves while we take care of the job – maybe they could even go for a swim, being Mon Calamari I am sure they would both enjoy that.

From space Ropagi II is simply a blue orb, and as expected almost exclusively ocean when we approach surface – with the rare landing platform for visitors and trade. I notice quite a number of Ropagu once we land, very distinctive by their pale-white skin, but quickly find that there seem to be a lot of other mixed races on planet – and a decent amount of them bounty hunters.

Technician Manco and myself are given official uniforms and some IDs before we are shuttled out to a mining and prison facility about thirty minutes away. It is quite obvious that my uniform is slightly too small, an entertaining sight it would seem to the shuttle officer who could not contain his laughter when my jacket sleeve ripped as I tried to scratch my back.

I am impressed by the architecture of the facilities when we finally arrive, it feels nice and warm compared to the shuttle, and there is a soft salty odour about. We find ourselves only two of many other technicians shuttled in for work, I do not think anyone even glances at me towering over them – or at my ripped jacket. There are a few armed guards around, and the officer does mention prisoners working on-site, but other than that we are let go to begin work – I follow technician Manco.

The whole operation is quite relaxing and mostly non-eventful to be honest – certainly a different situation than what I am used to with the crew, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Our orders take us to a few different locations on the facility. We run into a few interesting persons along the way including the facility’s head structural engineer – technician Manco banters with him for a short while, I would guess argues with him actually – I cannot keep up with the technical lingo he uses.

At one point we run into a pair of Kalduu, the indigenous species of this planet who float around in jelly-like appearance. They do not talk, however I get the urge to show them my ID as I pass, as does technician Manco it would seem. How interesting. While doing some work at one of the hangar bays one of the prisoners begins to talk to us – the officer warned us about prisoners interfering with our work, we should report or ignore them if possible, I chose the latter. He is a bit persistent but backs off when I stand up to him in the end.

With only one more stop at the main control panel, it does not take technician Manco too long to finish up and we return to the shuttle to head back to our ship. Everyone is waiting for us back at the Gambit and no sooner than we arrive we are flying off-planet back to the Eye once again.

There was definitely something strange with the mission I will admit, something I cannot quite put my finger on – easy money for starters. But I am not one to complain. Friend Vrinko and bounty hunter Xanin appear to be acting different too, almost a little more excited than usual – perhaps they did go for a swim after all.



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