Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

An Easy Credit V2

I Hate Prisons

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 260712

Xanin, all prepped for the mission, joins the crew on the bridge as I keep a watchful on Tyr as he punches in jump co-ords. We get lucky and manage to shorten the trip to 3 days. During the journey, Xanin regales us with her tales of adventure. I find her stories amusing, maybe she could join the crew one day… Although one Mon Cal leaking juice everywhere is enough.

3 days later we reach our destination, a vast oceanic world with no natural landmass, Ropagi II. Sitting up front I can see a massive structure rising out of the water. Tyr takes us is in and I start to feel nervous. I don’t care for this world at all.

Journals_Jellyfish.jpgAfter landing we pass through customs without a hitch. Xanin tells us she needs to secure some technician ID’s for me and Ari and asks if I can commandeer a decent submersible vehicle. I stake out several parking bays and eventually find what I’m looking for, a sleek Jengure Interceptor with forward firing sonics. It will most certainly do the job. I notice the owner has installed some third party security software. Idiot. It takes mere seconds to run a bypass and I also remove the tracking device. Good luck finding it now.

With that job done I head back to the ship. Later Ari and Xanin come back with some stolen ID’s and some poorly fitting technicians uniforms. I look like I’m wearing some oversized hand-me-down. Jawa’s like loose fitting garments, but this looks stupid, but not as stupid as Ari whose entire outfit looks like its spray-painted on.

And with that we head out. Xanin gives us a shuttle ticket and datapad and Ari and I board the prison transport. Trying to remain inconspicuous I bury my face in a heavy technical manual, peering over the top as the guard moves through the shuttle questioning everyone.

We touchdown and exit the shuttle into a giant glass dome. Huge waves crash against the glass, but inside all is calm, apart from my nerves_. We receive an armed escort and are ushered into a turbo lift with several other tech workers. My ears pop as it rapidly descends. I really don’t want to get trapped down here. I hate tight spaces…_and prisons.

The lift opens into an administration area and I present my datapad to an official who glances over it, nods and hands it back. I breathe a sigh of relief, everything appears to be in order. I read through the first task which looks like a simple re-routing job and shutting down an intake valve. I yell at Ari to carry my toolkit, we need to keep up appearances. At the control room I get a feeling, even though the job is simple, it would be a good idea to cover our tracks. I splice a few systems so the valve shut down does not appear in the main system.

The next task is in sewerage processing and it also is relatively simple. The processing area is very noisy and we need to climb a catwalk to access the control terminal. I’m just finishing the job and once again hiding our tracks when I hear someone climbing up the ladder. It’s not a guard, it’s worse- a stuffy looking bureaucrat no doubt trying to justify his sad desk job by poking into other people’s business.
I choose to ignore him busying myself by cleaning my tools.
He has to repeat himself several times asking what we are doing. I explain, however he seems annoyed he was not notified work was planned in this area. I flood him with high tech jargon, telling him the place would be knee deep in criminal waste if I had not flooded the system. He seems satisfied and storms off.
Phew. I guess I should have just got Ari to kill him. Damn Imps, they should all be killed.

The next task is a strange one…
We are to put a re-breather kit onto a mouse droid and send it to a specific prison cell. We head deeper into the main prison area and I see one of the Kalduu for the first time. A disgusting looking jelly-like floating blob. I feel a voice in my mind ordering me to present my ID.
Then I experience a brief flutter of something in my mind.
I try to think of complex technical specifications, ships, speeders, weapons…no not weapons. The intrusive presence goes away and we are ordered to continue.
That was extremely disturbing.

We enter a large aquatic docking bay where prisoners wearing white jump suits are working. Ari and I head over to the back storeroom and from a terminal, I order a mouse droid to head over to our loacation. I find a working re breather and attach it to the mouse.

Right then a prisoner enters the room. He demands to know what we are doing, somehow thinking I will pay to keep him silent. I order Ari to end him, however, instead of breaking his face the Wookie growls and flexes his arms ripping the upper part of his coveralls. The prisoner’s face goes as white as his jumpsuit and he scampers away.

That was funny, but, I’d rather have seen him crushed and his body stuffed into a locker.

I finish up my work and send the droid on its way. I run one last splice and put the name of the bureaucrat down as the person who ordered all the work done.
That will teach him.

And with that Ari and I head back to the ship without any trouble.



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