Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

An Easy Credit V3

A Nice Plan

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010820

The plan actually worked.

PlanetData-Ropagi-2.jpgAfter securing the required uniforms and ID to get Manco and Ari into the Prison, Xanin sent them off while she, Tyr and myself head to the ‘acquired’ submersible. It looks like Manco chose a suitable vehicle to borrow. Tyr hopped into the driver’s seat and we took off.

Xanin sat patiently in her aquatic bounty armour and I briefly thought maybe I should have brought my Survival suit. But I wanted to swim freely in an ocean. Having grown up in the bowels of Coruscant I’d never swam in an actual ocean before.

We make our way into the sea, Xanin guides Tyr to the appropriate co-ordinates and we enter a vast coral field. We enter the water lock and prepare for the swim. The water fills the space and we head out into the open ocean.

I must say it felt… right. I hadn’t realised that I’d been missing that feeling of weightlessness, coupled with the comforting pressure of deep water.

Snap out of it we’ve got a job to do.

Skimming around the towers of coral we finally find the mining intake tubes from the prison above. They are still active and several divers are guiding the intake tubes, sucking up silt and coral from the ocean floor. I look at Xanin and hope that Manco and Ari complete their part of the plan.
Just when I was about to question the time, the intake tubes shut down. There’s a bit of confusion as the divers look at each other, and then they all head up back to the prison.

Time to go.

We swim down to the intake tube and enter it. There is still a bit of a current, so it’s a little tricky, but we make our way in. After a short distance we come to what looks like the first part of the mining process.
A large spinning blade, quiet now, fills the tubes and is blocked with a lot of rock and sediment. Xanin looks at me and mentions that she has some detonite.
I shake my head and move up to the blockage. Calming myself, I feel the flow of the Force, even down here, and use it to shift the rocks out of the way.
Sure I made it look like I did it with brute strength, but it never hurts for people to think you’re more powerful than you are.

We continued up the tube and into the prison. After taking down a guard we move through some corridors then back into another section of pipes before arriving at the cells where the target is being kept.

Xanin sets up the detonite and nods at me.

“The prisoner is in cell 4A” she told me, “and he’s a Bith”.

She detonates the explosives and we enter the cells area. As we do, one of the Kalduu jellyfish creatures appears through an open blast door. I had prepared myself and igniting my lightsaber I step up and strike it down with one hit. At the other end of a short corridor another one appears and seems to focus on Xanin; who slumps a little holding her head.
I close the door in front of me and destroy the lock mechanism.

Running past Xanin to the remaining Kalduu I feel it trying to affect my mind. I shrug it off and sever the floating mass from its tentacles and it splats to the ground. Xanin recovers and moves to one of the cells and opens it. There is a Bith inside and she gives him an ultimatum- to come with us or stay.
Needless to say he practically leapt out of the cell.

We make our way back the way we came in. Xanin hands the Bith a breather unit (now where did she get that from?) and we made our way back to the submersible without encountering any resistance.

Mission accomplished. Easy credits. And the plan worked.

It was nice to work with a professional for a change.



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