Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Bad Trip V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 052812

We hurry up and leave the area. I modify the Krayt Gang clothes with a made-up badge from a made up gang. Hopefully no one will notice. Tyr and Arri suit up and the ruse is complete. Our plan is to split up and see what we can learn in the Krayt base bar. Arri, kindly loans me his blaster pistol. It lacks punch but I can aim for the eyes!

Port-NPC-KyfPyne.jpg Urgle gives Vrinko a large tooth on a necklace that his brother will recognise should we run into him. We head out, and Vrinko and I enter the local’s side of the bar and take a seat at the back. It’s dingy and noisy. Leathered up bikers are drinking and fighting like vermin. All manner of scum and villainy. I grab a few drinks and we sit back and try to blend in. There’s no sign of Kyfer, but Vrinko has a plan. He sits back and his eyes go heavy; trance-like. Several moments later he reports he’s found Kyfer. He’s close, one floor above us. Vrinko gets up to leave, but I tell him to stay, it’s less suspicions and Tyr may need backup. Vrinko looks startled by my idea, but nods and sits back down.

We use our commlinks to report our progress and I’m asked to bring the tooth outside so Tyr can use it when he meets Kyfer. I sigh in frustration and tell Tyr I don’t have to come outside;
just use your commlink and hand it over to Kyfer so Urgle can speak to him directly…must I think of everything…Amateurs!

I sit back and relax, my calm is disturbed by the loud howl of a wookie, there’s some commotion from next door, but it dies down so I continue drinking. Tyr sparks up on the commlink. He’s made contact with Kyfer and we need to meet up at a bar called The Floater. Vrinko and I leave and we all head out in the speeder.

I find myself with Vrinko in yet another bar on the outskirts of the town. Arri sits nearby patiently watching. Tyr enters with Urgle and they sit down on the other side, moments later Kyfer enters and joins them.

The two brothers embrace and then get into a heated discussion. I sit back and relax, listening in, I get the low down on the warehouse we are supposed to attack to create a diversion. Skeleton Crew 6+. Underground tunnel. SAM sites. Orbiting ships destroyed. Need access codes. I close my eyes and start formulating a plan. Memories of Jawa raids on the droid labs of Tatooine spring to mind. I think I have an idea that will work…need to get my detonite from the ship first.

And my repeating blaster.



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