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Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Battle of the Eye V2

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010827

As the hours trickled past, waiting for the evacuation to complete and the deadline to approach, Ari got a call from one of his contacts in the Hive. There was an issue in the shuttle bays, they weren’t letting the Hive dwellers onto the transport ships. He looked to me, I nodded to him and we went to help. When we arrived at the docking bay, there were hundreds of dishevelled, displacement Hivers waiting, shouting, wanting to leave. The throng reminded me of my life on Coruscant. Not too long ago, I was like them. I felt that I had come far since then, perhaps too far, and I needed to make this right. Ari walked up to the ISec officer in charge. He tried to intimidate the officer into letting them on, but he had received strict orders. I reached out with the Force and changed his memory of the order. He might get in trouble but these people would get of the Eye. They would be safe.

We then got a call to patrol the Eye, to make sure the evacuation was progressing smoothly and to repel boarders. One last mission with the Gambit Crew.

Wondering the empty metal corridors of the Eye I felt some peace. This place of liars, gamblers, smugglers and killers has become home to me. We made our way through the market level when suddenly an explosion blast though one of the bulk head walls. Suddenly cloaked figures appeared and opened fire. The way they were dressed looked strangely familiar. They were dressed the same as the members of the Grell that we fought down in the Hive. We took them down quickly leaving two alive. We contacted the security centre with what had happened and that we had prisoners and they mentioned that there had been several other incursions.
Tyr approached the prisoners and demanded that they tell us who they were and how many of them were on the station. They refused to talk so he shot one in the head.

He repeated the question to the last prisoner, got no response and shot him too.

Well that’s one way to interrogate, though not very effective.

I examined the breach site. It was linked to the thermal vents, just like the site we found on the maps taken from the Grell agents in the Hive. I tried to recall everything we had learned and called it in to Kanner, who was co-ordinated the security sweeps. Luckily we were in time and ISec were able to prevent the remaining Grell from causing too much damage.
We continued our patrol and were alerted to an incursion by the empire, some of their boarding vessels had made it past the ships guarding the station. We rushed through the corridors to find the crew of the Banshee under heavy fire. During the fight one of the crew, Jii, was found unconscious in a side corridor that seemed to be slowly filling with gas. Manco warned that it was flammable and about to blow. We need to get her out soon or close the door to prevent the gas explosion from ripping through the station.

PC-Ripper.jpg Manco seemed distraught, almost frozen with panic, though he did send his new attack droid into the room to help. I paused and blocked out the sound of blaster fire and concentrated just as the gas filled the corridor, blocking Jii from my sight.

Port-NPC-Jii.jpg I reached out with the Force to the air in the corridor and lifted the gas up to the roof, just before the gas could settle I refocused, grabbed the inert form of Jii and moved her as fast as I could out of there. Within moments she was clear and we shut the blast doors on the gas. The last of the storm troopers were dispatched and the Banshee crew thanked us before taking Jii to the Medbay for treatment. It looks like she’ll be OK.

Journal-ZGAT.jpgWe were sent to another hotspot on the Eye, where a large ZG-AT was attacking one of the docking bays. I barely noticed what was going on as my thoughts were racing ahead to the upcoming battle, flying the Leviathan into combat. We prevailed again, though I do not think that I helped.

Finally the deadline had almost arrived and it was time to leave the Eye, to say farewell to the Gambit Crew. I do not like goodbyes and did feel some guilt in having manipulated Tyr to get my ship, so made it brief.

Journal-Durro1stMate.jpg I went to the shuttle bay and met a Duro called Jedar.

‘Greetings Captain Dash, I’ll be acting as your first mate in the upcoming conflict’

Captain Dash… that sounded good.

The Leviathan was in position and we made the short jump to her location. Entering the ship Levith appeared at my side. She stayed silent as I walked with Jedar through the ship to the bridge. The crew was aboard and the ship was fully operational, and although there was some curiosity about the unique nature of the ship everyone was ready.

We reached the bridge.

‘Jedar, make sure everyone is at battlestations. I will be overseeing everything from the command chair, and broadcast my orders via holo-projection.’

He raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I left the bridge and walked down to the command chair, Levith matching my pace.
‘The ship is crewed and ready Vrinko, what will you do now?’

‘We have a mission Levith, to protect the Eye until they clear the asteroid field and make it to Hyperspace.

‘Why risk the ship Vrinko? You have everything you need here?’

I looked at her. Why indeed.

I remembered those I’d met on the Eye. Talia and her sister. Areena Tana, Kanner, Vokk. The Witch.

…the Witch.

I had found a place on the Eye. I had helped people. I could save them, could save the Eye.
But not the Witch.

Conflicted emotions raged within me as I tried to find peace. But it was not to be.
I sat in the command chair.

‘We have a mission Levith, a job to do. Now we wait for signal’.

I felt the ship as I sat. It was alive. I could feel the crew moving through her halls. I could feel her shields activated and ready, her guns online, engines at full capacity.
With a thought I made my visage appear on the Bridge.

‘Jedar ,we are ready. Prepare to jump.’

He paused for only an instant, but nodded.

The call from the Eye came through.

We made the Jump.

The Eye was making its way through the asteroid field, though the Star destroyer Endgame had outmanoeuvred it and blocked its route and was bombarding it with fire.

There was also a pitched starship battle taking place. TIE fighters were everywhere and by accessing the Leviathans sensors I could make out the Gambit, cutting a swath of destruction through the Imps.

We jumped in behind the Endgame.

‘Open Fire, All weapons’.

The Endgame ceased its firing on the Eye, but not for long. It opened fire again, on us and the Eye. Our shields were holding, however it looked like the Eye could not survive much longer. I gave the order and we moved between the Endgame and the Eye, we had to give them more time.

Port-NPC-Levith.jpg ‘What are you doing, Vrinko’ Levith asked.

‘We need to give them more time’. We took another barrage of fire, stronger this time. At this rate we would not last either.

‘If you must do this let me show you how we can survive’ Time seemed to pause. Leveth showed me how I could reach out with the Force, reach out to all the members of the crew.

‘You could use them, use the Force within each living creature on the ship to augment the ship. Borrow their power to increase your own.’

I paused. ‘Will this kill them?’


Still it wasn’t right, I knew that. But there were hundreds, maybe thousands of people on the Eye. Hurt a few to save more…? To save the Eye?

I will pay that price and suffer the consequences.

‘If you want you can charge up both the shields and weapons’

‘No, just the shields’ I will take only what is necessary to protect the Eye.

‘Jedar, get ready to jump as soon as the Eye is clear’

‘I’m not sure the shields will hold if we stay here any longer’ he replied.

‘Leave that to me’.

I sent my thoughts out through the Force Crystal to some of the crew and reached into them. Trying not to take too much I syphoned some of their Force and channelled it into the Ship.
The Endgame opened up, this time all weapons were trained on the Leviathan.

The power levels on the shields surged as the raw Force from members of the crew was piped into the ships systems. I could sense the fear from the crew on the bridge as shot after shot connected. As we weathered the storm the fear turned to wonder and then elation as we appeared unscathed.

I did notice however that several of the crew who I had used to fuel the shields had collapsed, whether dead or just unconscious I could not tell.

The Power that flowed through me into the ship was unimaginable. My body sang with the raw river of Force that I controlled and directed through the ship. I knew that if I wanted I could tap more of the crew, power up the Leviathan’s weapons and blow this clumsy, static star destroyer to pieces. All it would take was just the desire to do so.

‘Do it’ Levith whispered to me. ‘Together we can do anything. We could rule the Galaxy’

‘Captain’, Jekar reported, ‘The Eye has jumped, repeat the Eye has jumped’

The Power still coursed through me but now I could feel the darkness along with the power. For a moment it threatened to take away my reason, my control.

‘Make the Jump’

I could feel Levith’s disappointment.

I had saved the Eye as well as ensuring wealth for the rest of my life.

But at what cost…?



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