Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Blasted again!

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 070711

Sith it, one of these blaster fights is gonna be my big push, I can feel it. My fishy friend, Vrinko, is not helping one bit running off on gut instinct every second nano and getting us into trouble. Just as I get healed up we’re off again to chase clues on some datapad he pulled from that Aqualish before Arri taught him how to fly. Good thing the Wookie stays away from the Gambit’s cockpit.

Given we’ve just being in a blaster fight on a space station that has a no blasters policy we should be laying low. Now we’re running off on another goodwill scheme that has as much risk/reward as kicking a rancor. We search an archaic repair store run by an old human called ‘Tink’ but find little more than a heating pipe. Following the next clue brings us a jimmied access panel with a similar heating pipe. It seems these pipes are something of interest to the mob boss that’s got Vrinko acting barvy.

At least I convince them a hover cam droid is the best way to monitor the access panel. One of the best pieces of equipment you can have, these little tinnies can tail a crim and keep your face off the street doing it. Of course, to match the best spy strategy we get the worst to monitor Tink’s shop. Urgle Pyne, that Nautolan swoopbiker we saved on Inercia, gets to collect some creds and keep himself from becoming another jet-juicer at Vokk’s cantina.

While we wait for our watchers to collect, we score another job from the Holonet. Guyner Ellyse of Hyperion Industries wants us to collect an unknown piece of tech from a derelict planet. It appears that Relik was an industrial planet owned by the Lootinian Corporation before they ruined the world with pollutants and the Imps sent them bust. Guyner wants the goods collected from an unknown position within a 10 klick area while other unknown crews also attempt recovery. It seems the tech may potentially pay massive returns for his R&D division but he won’t know till he gets it back into the safety of his office. One thing that wasn’t unknown was the fact the planet still maintains an active missile screen for self defence. Combined with a hostile atmosphere this was sure to be a challenging run, but after our last upgrade to the Gambit we need the 2000c for locating the item and 4000c for recovery or we won’t have a berth at the Eye for much longer.

Faced with a trail going cold we punch it and take a short but dangerous jump to Tingel. Here’s hoping I don’t get blasted again!



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