Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Blood Simple V1

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 281011

PlanetData-Denon.jpgI am restraining the unconscious Ishi-tib menace in one of the guest rooms, when I hear screams and gun fire coming from the other side of the ship – and we have only just landed. I send NAN-3 to scout out the hallway and sure enough, she reveals an intruder just outside the door to my left. I jump around the corner to take him down – his close range blaster shots make my head spin a little, but soon enough he lies before me motionless.

I must say, flying with this crew has given me more than ample opportunity to practice my Wrruushi.

Somewhere nearby more shots are fired and I suddenly notice technician Manco’s body slumped over across the hallway. I tell NAN-3 to grab the gun from the motionless human and follow me over to Manco. My medicine wakes him up but there is little more I can do for him at this point – he must have taken quite the hit, his wounds will need time to heal.

There seems to have been some sort of commotion outside the ship, as friend Vrinko comes up the ramp with another human detainee. We decide to secure all three intruders, the two humans and the Ishi-tib, in the cargo hold. The only conscious human begins to taunt Manco and myself as we check their belongings for any signs of identification.
Instead we find a data pad holding accurate details of our landing schedule – as if we needed any more proof that we had stumbled into a trap.

At this point friend Vrinko informs us over the commlink that the droid we are supposed to deliver has gone missing – and yet the conscious human continues to demand we release the droid to him.

Only moments pass when friend Vrinko reports in that he has found the droid who is now pleading and offering credits for his freedom. The conscious human overhears us and counter-offers a higher fee for the droid. I am beginning to find it hard to focus, and I am unsure whether it is due to the blaster shots from before, or if this situation is just getting a little too complicated.

But then the chatty human divulges some interesting information. Claiming that he works for the Octagon, a large and reputable club back on The Eye, he tells us that the droid we are holding is in fact not a droid at all… but a human in disguise with a price on his head.

This new information changes things. Technician Manco storms out of the room to find Vrinko and make sure that the ‘droid’ is secured. If this human is telling the truth, then we may not want to create friction with a large organisation such as the Octagon back on our home station. I tell NAN3 to watch over the captured intruders as I run out following Manco. We can see friend Vrinko and pilot Tyr with the droid near the foot of the ramp. Technician Manco yelling at them to scan the droid for life forms – Tyr complies almost immediately and the reading shows that the droid is in fact…

Very much alive!

Almost on cue, friend Vrinko falls to the ground and the droid runs for his escape, I somehow sensed this was going to happen and immediately run after him. He heads for the docking bay exit where new figures have appeared, on my way down the ramp however, friend Vrinko seems to be stumbling around and slows my chase. I can hear yelling from all around as I close in on the droid who is almost at the exit.


I hear a loud blaster shot echo from behind me as the droid falls to the ground in front of me. His right leg disappears into a burst of red liquid… it seems to be blood, and a lot of it. More shots are fired, but this time from the docking bay exit in front of me. Security guards. There is more yelling, I think I even hear the voice of pilot Tyr when suddenly I am knocked to the ground by blaster fire.

Down on my knees I look up, and see the security team closing in on me…



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