Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Blood Simple V2

Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 281011

Armed intruders appear on my ship.
I will not let this happen to me again.
Grabbing my blaster I open fire, my shot goes wild scorching a large hole on the interior wall. Idiot.

Be more careful. One of the intruders fires back, I roll out of the way as a bolt tears through my cloak and slams into a wall panel. Damn…more damage I have to repair.

I see Vrinko run off and hide in the cargo room…typical.

Suddenly, something slams into my leg. I feel my body slam into the ground. Inky blackness fills my vision. I fade out.

Shocking images of my slaughtered family flicker through my mind. I hold the destroyed bodies of my children and see the malicious smile on the face of the operative as he levels his blaster at me and fires.

I see it over and over again.

Will it never end?

The horror passes. I feel warmth spread through my body and open my eyes. I see the smiling furry face of Arribacca. I groggily get up and stagger forwards taking in the surroundings.

In the heat of battle the droid we were escorting attempted to escape. Vrinko commanded it to halt and is now talking to it.

Arribacca and I escort the injured intruders to the cargo bay and lash them together with synthrope. The intruder that shot me is spinning a bizarre tale about working for something called the Octagon, some kind infamous entertainment complex on the Eye. The intruder was shocked we’d not heard of it.

Apparently it’s a big deal…a very big deal.

I repeatedly inform my crew-mates over the intercom. Arribacca whines, sharing my concern. Idiots! Just what are they doing… what’s taking so long.

Now the intruder is telling me we’d better hand the droid over! This sounds like trouble. Vrinko tells me he’s doing a deal for a thousand credits. The intruder offers two thousand!

If he has the authority to hand out those kind of credits without a second thought they must really want the droid.

The intruder tells me it’s not a droid, but a man in disguise…

I yell over the intercom. I’m getting more and more worried. I’ve had enough…I am not going to jeopardise my new home. Not again. I will not lose everything again. I yell for Tyr to scan the damn thing and run for the gangplank yelling for Arribacca to follow.

Tyr confirms the droid is human. I reach the gangplank only to see that Vrinko’s slippery slime filled hand has let go off the droid. Then he falls over… Useless, now the droid-human is loose.

Arrabacca speeds off in pursuit.
I follow and see Tyr pointing a blaster at someone’s head, a cargo driver I think.
Security personal are spilling into the docking bay.
The droid human runs off.

I have a headache, blood is dripping down my leg, I’m dizzy and my vision is unclear, I think I’m going to be sick and If that thing gets away we lose everything.

Journals_SevLeg.jpgA gangster nightclub owner in the place where we live. Once again I think of my family, I cannot lose everything.

Not again. I take aim…breathe…pull…the bolt flies from my blaster and takes the droid-human’s leg off with a spray of crimson. Hmmm what do you know, it’s a human after all.

The security guards open fire and Arribacca is hit, he falls over prone. Shots fly past me but I dodge out of the way. Tyr’s commanding voice rings out “Cease fire!”

The guards yell for us to throw down.
I let my blaster clatter to the floor and sigh…I wonder if the bounty on the droid-human is alive or dead.

And is Mr. Octagon going to be angry with me…



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