Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Blood Simple V3

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 271011

I was confident we’d seen the end of the blasted troubles we’ve had this flight and we finally had a chance to score some serious credits when we handed over that barvy Ishi-tib. Or so I thought.

As I headed to the nearest comm-station I noticed a courier for Anatine Industries held up at a road block. With all the unusual events this was too much of a coincidence. In any case since when have security forces hired Rodians, everyone knows you can trust a bug-face. I walked up and got the usual tough-guy talk, it didn’t take much talk to demand he show his ID. But he wised up soon enough and I couldn’t risk a blaster fight without back-up – this needed to be quick. I reached for my ID but pulled my hold-out instead. Clearly this tough was just here to delay the courier, he can’t of been the brains behind the job as he pulled his own weapon when the surprise wore off.

Just as I squeezed the firing stub my trick shoulder seized up and the Rodian fired, grazing my thigh. I dug deep from my inner reserves and fortunately my shot was true, the blaster bolt cooking off the side of his face, taking him down. Just as I had thought, no ID. Something was afoot and somehow the Gambit and her crew were tied up in the centre of it. After some quick talking I convince the courier to take me back to the hanger. He seems to not know anything but I need to keep any witnesses nearby, just in case this blows wide open.

As we pull in, two dockers scamper out of the Gambit and high-tail it like there was a rancor in the cargo-hold. They must have never seen a Wookie before. The comm is running hot as my crew try to get answers from a number of parties, something had gone down. The droid from our cargo-hold rushed down the ramp like he had somewhere else to be, Vrinko hot on it’s heels. Just then the courier grabbed his comm and rushed to make a call. Whether he was calling security or was in on the deal it didn’t matter, I needed time to sort this out. “Stop” I commanded and he looked up into the barrel of my hold-out. He knew what was next. He’d seen what happens when I was crossed not 5 minute earlier.

Manco was jabbering over the comm for me to scan the droid, apparently the thing was no mere bucket of bolts. With my scanner set to organic it was quickly apparent that Manco’s concerns were real. No sooner had the scanner lit up positive; the ‘droid’ was off giving the fishhead the slip. No surprise there but as he stumbled away he walked straight into a charging Arri, taking them both down. As the ‘droid headed for the exit, security forces burst in waving their blasters around. Arri was up again, rushing after the ’droid’. Things were hotting up again and I knew it was time to calm the situation.

Just as I clearer my voice I heard the all-too-familiar whine of a repeating blaster warming up. The next few seconds were tenser than a rebel blockade run. The ‘droid’ came apart under the storm of shots while Arri was flattened by the return fire from the security personnel. With all the effort I could muster I shouted, “Cease fire!” and walked out into the open.

That Jawa is shaping up to be a real pain in the choobies.



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