Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders


Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 241111

Our encounter with security at the docking bay ended with a surrender – the crew now sits together in a small detention cell. An exit appears open, but upon closer inspection a warm energy field shields our escape, my fur tingles the closer I get. I try to stand up but my head spins – that was quite a blaster shot I caught. Pilot Tyr and friend Vrinko discuss their interrogations. I notice technician Manco is not present, security must still be questioning him.

I worry for our Jawa friend, they saw him kill that man-droid…

Time goes by, a pleasant smell is now in the air and my stomach begins to grumble. Guards appear outside our cell with some food – a spot of luck!
As I finish my meal the guards return – they want me to come with them. I may have regained some strength from the meal, but I still feel short on energy – I decide it is best not to resist and agree to follow. They lead me through a maze of corridors to a bright room with a strong antiseptic smell…

It appears I will be spending the night inside a bacta tank.

I am re-united with my crew back at the detention cell the next morning, even technician Manco is back. The bacta tank worked wonders, I feel rejuvenated. Friend Tyr speaks with some legal aide who has come to visit, but I sense frustration as he leaves – I do not think he will be very useful. Our banter of an escape plan is cut short by yet another visit by the guards…

To release us!

Port mr shergle
We follow them to collect our possessions and meet a cheerful humanoid named Mr Shergle, who seems to be the one responsible for getting us out of holding. Thanking him we learn that he represents Madame Khorash of the Octagon – technician Manco is somewhat startled.
We return to the ship and retire to our quarters as we head home to the Eye.

My rest is cut short however, as I awaken to the screaming sounds of the Gambit’s alarm system. I am not so much suprised as I am irritated.

“We’re under attack, to the turrets!”

Friend Vrinko’s voice pans past my room, I run out to join him. No news from the cockpit. I look around the empty space through the turret viewport – almost empty. There is a ship with familiar markings – Bloody Tusks!

A metallic clunk shakes our ship, they are docking – we will soon be boarded!
I run to the airlock door and wait in hiding in an adjacent room.

The airlock door begins to open and an object flies across the hallway into the ship.
I hear a Jawa grunt and the object is kicked back under the airlock door.

Journals tussks


A high pitch scream and crashing noises sound from the airlock, it was most likely a stun grenade. The whole ship jolts again. bulky figures run past my door from the airlock down the hallway into our ship and a battle breaks out; there are sounds of blaster fire, grunts, screams and a light saber. The ship’s lights flicker momentarily and shut off – and the tinted emergency lights kick in.

I decide to use this distraction to make my move.

Running out to flank the enemy I am met with hostiles still at the airlock –
I turn my attention to them and charge in.
The pirates put up quite a struggle. They seem very strong, but not very focused, scattering between technician Manco, friend Vrinko and myself unsure of who to attack.
We take them down one by one.
As the final brute lies wounded before me I attempt to speak with him, but he either does not understand or is not interested.

With one last strike to his head, I end the battle…



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