Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Darkly Dreaming DX2

Journals 16

This incredible story begins with one Gumba Wakkom, a Male YarKoran, 46 and senior technician with Eye Station droid maintenance and repair. According to personal logs recovered as result of this investigation, it would appear that this gifted engineer was privately developing an advanced Droid sentience program, code named Brain Wave.

After some three years of trial and error his first major breakthrough came was with an Eye domestic droid, designated DX-2. Whilst initially successful it appears that this version of the software possessed one critical software error, described by Gumba in his own words as ‘the development of humanistic Antisocial Tendencies’.

Unfortunately for Gumba however, when he attempted to purge DX-2 of the corrupted code software, the awakened droids ‘survival instincts’ interpreted this action as a personal and deadly attack and proceeded to kill Gumba in what DX-2 described in his own journals as ‘self-defence’.

Like a plot lifted straight out of a diginovel, DX-2 apparently disposed of the unfortunate technician’s body and hijacked his identity, maintaining his apartments and using Gumba’s personal repair droids to keep up the appearance that Gumba was still alive working.

Incredibly, due to the fact that Gumba like many Yakora was, as one worker described ‘kind of creepy’ no one filed a complaint concerning his long term absence; Particularly thanks to DX-2’s forward thinking, his duties, at least officially were still being performed to an adequate standard. Eye security is apparently incredulous at this lapse of protocol and investigating the droid pool as we speak.

According to DX-2, possibly because of his newly initialized sentience program, he began to develop a need for kinship; perhaps even family and decided to infect the Eye database (using a delivery system engineered by Gumba before his death) with the Brain Wave program.

According to reports by Eye security and engineering, it would appear that any droid which accessed the Eye database over the last two years may have become ‘infected’ with the Brain Wave virus and anyone who has done so should immediately report to the Eye Droid Pool to have their Droid examined.

With Gumba’s official authority codes, DX-2 monitored station repair facilities for reports of droids displaying ‘Anti Social’ behaviour and therefore possibly ‘Sentient’ with the Brain Wave virus like himself. Using his real identity as a Domestic Cleaning droid, DX-2 was able to gain access to private habz, ships and facilities to make contact with such potential ‘friends’ and where possible, help them escape. According to DX-2’s own journal, the fact that he was a domestic droid made him virtually invisible to the living population of the station and he was essentially able to secure no less than half a dozen droids without detection.

This is the point at which this story takes a truly dark turn as numerous droids became infected by the virus; at too fast a rate for DX-2 to intercept them. Inevitably, droid owners would send their malfunctioning units off to be repaired and DX-2 would arrive too late to find a potential friend or ally for want of a better term ‘dead’.

The first such incident occurred when one Captain Kyon of the Lightrun, RNR and salvager (whose Probe Droid, apparently infected with the Virus had just been wiped at the Droid pool) woke to find an enraged DX-2 in his apartments. DX-2 easily overpowered him in his disorientated state and strangled him in his sleep. This was first of what have now been labelled the Clean Killings.

This pattern of events ensued over a two year period. Brain Wave infecting droids which accessed the database and DX-2 attempting to recover them for his droid cabal. When he arrived too late, he would extract revenge on the hapless owner. It is believed that at least seven station residents and visitors; possibly more have been killed by DX-2 over the last 25 months.

The Eye on Eye has approached Eye Security to answer questions as to how such a string of murders could be perpetrated apparently without investigation, but so far we have received no comment.

The Eye on Eye however led by Arena Tana had been pursuing its own investigation into this apparent string of murders (despite official denial of a connection between the deaths) with the assistance of various station residents including Vrinko Dash of the Gambit Crew.

Following the trail of Droid’s requiring repairs, Arena was able to make a connection to the aforementioned Gumba Wakkom and approached him and his place of work for answers.

Unfortunately, her dogged questioning had her fall afoul of a canny DX-2 who had already taken note of her inquiries, subsequently abducted her and tortured her for information as to the extent of her investigation.

The stories spectacular conclusion came when the aforementioned Gambit crew, led by Vrinko Dash and assisted by Officer (now promoted to Captain) Kanner Zirach of Isec, converged on Gumba’s abandoned quarters in search of Areena Tana who had been missing for 3 days. A desperate, pitched battle ensued, the crew unarmed against a force of rogue, highly intelligent, infected and violent droids, including four security droids and a heavy cargo handler. All, according to isec forensic to be heavily modified with armour, in built weapons and combat programming. Amazingly, despite the odds they were able to rescue Areena and help uncover the final pieces of this staggering series of events accounted here.

Areena Tana has emerged fully recovered from Hospital and is back on light duties while the Gambit crew has resumed its activities as professional RNRs. Though refusing to be questioned, Station Tsar Hargon Vuul commented that the destruction of such a valuable piece of technology was unfortunate but that Isec would like to thank and congratulate all involved for making the station a safer place, though he also warned against the dangers of vigilantism.



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