Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Eight Sides to Trouble V2

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 121211

We arrive back on the Eye. Sleepy and hungry, I am greeted back at our quarters by new unread messages. Hagan Crue the animal handler wants me to contact him, perhaps I will after some rest. I feel my heart skip a beat as I pull up the next message – news on Blackclaw!
A short report rather, which reveals most of what I already knew about him – but it does emphasise his relation with the Imperials. What sort of deal does he have with them I wonder. He will not be easy to track down. I need new leads. Friend Vrinko pokes his head through the door and waves some silver cards in the air.

“Invites from ”/campaigns/roguetraders/characters/akika-khorash" class=“wiki-content-link”>Madame Khorash herself, we should probably give her a visit."
I agree.

The four of us approach the huge metal dome that is the Octagon – there is loud music escaping from the entrance, which is blocked by a line of dressed up locals waiting to get inside. Two giant green figures are stopping anyone from getting in, but friend Vrinko leads us through, flashing the silver invites allowing us to bypass the queue.

Here we go – I only hope that everyone in here will be as welcoming and cheerful as Mr Shergle.

My senses take a moment to adjust to loud rhythmic music, flashing lights and the smell of sweat and narcotic spices. I hear friend Vrinko yelling over the music to pilot Tyr about being diplomatic with Khorash – the uninterested look on Tyr’s face however indicates that he either did not hear or does not agree.
This will interesting.

We sit down at a booth and are greeted by a Twi’lek waitress. She seems nice, but the last one of her kind I encountered stunned me out cold with her blaster. I need to relax, focus. This situation with Korash has me feeling somewhat tense… and hungry. As I rub my stomach the waitress smiles, nods and strokes me on the chin. Well… I much prefer this Twi’lek experience to the last!

Friend Vrinko shows her the silver invites and she immediately escorts us deeper into the club to a much nicer area. She leaves and is replaced by a droid waiter. My stomach begins to growl, I grab the menu and quickly glance through the selection. I point my choice;
“The Gavorrian Buffalo steak, very good sir.”

The others look at me as if I had just insulted someone. I look down at the menu again and notice the 600 cred price tag next to the meal I just ordered. The droid notices, and reassures us that tonight we are dining on the house, courtesy of Madame Korash. The crew seem somewhat relieved. Our meals do not take very long to come out, and perhaps due to my immense hunger, it does not take me long to finish this perfectly prepared Gavorrian buffalo steak. It is truly delightful, almost brought tears to my eyes. I tell the waiter to compliment the chef for one of the greatest steaks I have ever tasted.

With our stomaches full, a human cyborg by the name of Ogeer approaches the table and we are told that Madame Korash is ready to meet with us. We are ushered even deeper into the club, into a much quieter private room. Softer, sparkling lighting, and sofas all around that look to be comfortable for guests of even my size.

Port akika And there, sunken into one of the sofas, was Madame Korash. I paused. There was something enchanting and familiar about her. I could not only see, but also feel her presence. She gives the crew a look over and motions for us to sit with her.

As we make ourselves comfortable on the surrounding sofas, pilot Tyr opens discussion to friend Vrinko’s dismay. Madame Korash asks about our encounter with the man-droid back on Denom. Friend Vrinko recollects the tale using his diplomatic skills, Korash politely giving the occasional nod to keep him going.

She seems so calm and… graceful, even with the obvious tension around the table. Technician Manco gets a little defensive as the conversation continues, but Madame Korash explains herself. The man-droid we shot dead was a debtor who owed her quite a bit of credits.

This revelation increases tension amongst the crew, and I cannot help but interject – not on matters of the debtor however. Curiosity gets the better of me as I glance at Korash’s facial tattoos – they fascinate me, and so I enquire about them. She turns to me with a curious face, as Ogeer translates my words to her. Her face softens as she smiles and rests her hands on mine. She is pleased I notice, as the tattoos play a very important role in remembering her past. I feel comfortable in her gaze, and notice a tingling sensation on my hands where she has rested hers.

She turns her attention back to technician Manco who is getting quite loud now. Taking his hands she tries to calm him. Friend Vrinko has a curious face about him as he sees Manco being tamed.

Meanwhile pilot Tyr has had enough and figures it is a good time for us to depart. As we stand up to take our leave, I suddenly realise why Korash felt somewhat familiar to me upon arrival – I was in the presence of a Dathomiri, a Witch of Dathomir. Back on Kashyyyk I heard tales of their cultures, their beauty, and their attunment with the Force.

I kneel down before her and show my respect for the legendary Dathomiri people, she truly is a beautiful creature. Taking our exit friend Vrinko, Manco and myself wandered into a gambling room to unwind.

It is only when I sit down at the gambling table that I realise I may have stumped everyone back there with my very forward farewell with Madame Karesh. But that does not concern me. I threw some creds down on the table to bet.

What concerns me is that we may have just stumbled into a powerful organization led by a Nightsister.



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