Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Enter The Dragon Warehouse V1

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 280612

More explosions outside the ship, what is going on out there? As I am about to leave I see movement in the corner of my eye, the Dragon wolfman is still conscious and raising his blaster at me – I notice him quick enough to dodge his fire, and finish him off with an elbow to his chest.

Running out of the ship I see friend Vrinko and technician Manco taking cover behind the warehouse entrance – I wonder where pilot Tyr may be. That is answered with a sudden burst of blaster fire from inside the warehouse – oh no – why are the others not helping? I sprint past friend Vrinko and technician Manco into the warehouse and immediately see pilot Tyr hiding behind some crates to the left, I go to aid him.

I can see a warehouse worker’s limp body nearby; it seems pilot Tyr has handled himself quite well. At that moment a grenade flies around the corner, but with some quick movement we are both lucky enough to avoid the blast. More blaster fire from all around, including the entrance – it seems the rest of the crew has decided to join in on the assault.

Pilot Tyr uses the sound of the blaster fire from the entrance to push forward through the crates to where the grenade came from, I follow. We catch the culprit by surprise, pilot Tyr takes a shot at him but misses – my fists however, do not. With a big swing I knock the grenadier across the warehouse into the open. The sound of technician Manco’s blaster is heard one last time as he takes out the final target in the room, and we reconvene at a locked door at the end of the warehouse.

The door seems quite solid, I am unable to scathe it. Friend Vrinko pushes me out of the way and begins to examine the door. I see our little Jawa punch away at a nearby control panel, and suddenly the locked door’s light turns green. Friend Vrinko takes a small step back and opens the door, from behind I can see a lift at the end of the corridor, but more worryingly, an object flying towards us from the lift. With a quick motion of his hands, friend Vrinko somehow manages to reflect the object back down the corridor – where it explodes.

With a sigh of relief I put my hand on his shoulder; that was a close call. Someone has escaped via the lift at the end of the corridor, but at least we are still in one piece. It is time to hunt them down and finish this job.



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