Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Epilogue Manco

The Desert Queen

Port a manco
Right now I speak to you from the hot deserts of Tatooine. The clan is stronger than ever and equally profitable. I think my work is almost done and I’m ready to move on. But, how did I get here? Well that’s a story.

I spent several months with the Rebels and during that time I more than doubled my Imp tally. Along with Tyr on board the unbeatable Traitor’s Gambit we fought Tie Fighters, Interceptors, hijacked cargo ships executed commanders on Imperial Shuttles and infiltrated everything from security outposts to command centres.

Surprisingly, the Rebels promoted me. I learnt rank was more work and responsibility with little extra pay, but Major Manco had a nice ring to it and money is no longer a problem. My connection at Deep Black finally paid off and the Squealer missiles system went into full production and is selling well, extremely well.

A few months ago I began feeling a strange feeling of homesickness, a deep longing to back home to Tatooine and it did not pass. I asked the Rebels for leave promising to return within a year.

Back home I was met with a hero’s welcome, it seems since I left my fame or infamy had only grown. No doubt my execution of the bounty hunters had something to do with it. The clans were just as I left them, disorganized, downtrodden, bickering and not fulfilling their potential.

I knew what must be done, perhaps I had known all along, but had not possessed the power to do it. I gathered all the Jawa clans together to reveal my plan. I let them know this had to be the way things were going to be if we wanted change.

First all the clans would become one, resources, trade routes, contacts and skills would all be combined.

Secondly, zero tolerance from bullying officials and local gangsters. No intimidation tactics. No backing down. All Jawas will be armed and taught to fight. I will pick 50 Jawas and pass on my skills and then they will teach more.

Third. We are going to redesign, rebuild and heavily arm the Sandcrawlers. They will become mobile weapons platforms. Should Legion return; they would be met with extreme prejudice. If the Hutts try muscling in on Jawa business they will be wiped from the face of the planet. No more will Jawa’s back down. This is our planet!

Surprisingly the Jawa’s agreed, perhaps it was the promise of tripling profits, who knows?

At first not much changed, I wanted to keep our movements as subtle as possible. We started buying up every scrap business and repair facility we could find. Someone once told me play to your strengths and our strength lies in repairs, a great commodity on a city that heavily relies on transport. If it’s broken and there’s no one to fix it, what good is it?

Three months later we control 90% of the scrap and repair business on Tatooine, pricing most of the remaining competitors out of the market that now allows us to charge whatever we want.

Initially there was resistance; rival business tried both legal and more nefarious tactics, gangsters wanted percentages and bounty hunters wanted blood. Our size and non-violent stereotype worked in our nature. Who’d expect Jawas to fight back?

And 100,000 credits buys a lot of blaster rifle wielding robo-dogs. Also they make one hell of an explosive delivery system, as the Hutts found out after sending some of their henchmen to take me out. We sadly lost some kin in the ensuing battles, but we gave better than we got and the balance soon shifted.

The idea of flat-out refusing to fix anything unless hostilities ceased put a stop to the attacks ands we have now gained a solid foothold on Tatootine. We even have a Jawa on the council.

I feel safe in the knowledge that my kin can handle things from here on and theirs is little more I can do for them, but I feel they want me to stay.

Yesterday the Jawa clan elder, Bod, who first contacted me on the Eye proposed an offer of marriage. While the offer intrigues me, I don’t think I can settle down and have a family again. I think that part of my life is gone forever. There is no reboot. And I don’t want to risk having more children. I don’t know if I could protect them.

That brings me to today. I have packed lightly and I am taking off on my speeder bike along with Grippa and Rippa, my heavily modified robo-dogs. When I first arrived, I built a hidden stronghold out beyond the Dune Sea. It’s well hidden and defended. I want to rest there and be by myself for a while…maybe I will return one day, but for now, I’m done.



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