Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Familiar Territory

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 050711

I was about to retire to my quarters when friend Vrinko asked us all to follow him. He seemed quite distressed. The rest of us glanced briefly at each other and with nods all around followed our friend out the door. His mind seemed to be else-where as he led us around the Eye, but these directions felt very familiar. I realised where he was taking us – back to the Hive.

We made our way through the Hive; a massive rambling shanty town built onto the catwalks that line the inside of the station’s central column, hidden away from the public eye, vast empty blackness below.

We came across a group of thugs harassing some local dwellers. Friend Vrinko seemed to suddenly come out of his trance.

“We have to help the locals!”

A loud Aqualish was yelling orders to his thugs at the far side of the platform, a couple of Dugs scaling the nearby ropes on the outer wall not far from him. Between them and us were three Gotals busy roughing up some locals. Friend Vrinko quickly moved forward ignoring the Gotals, it seemed he had his eyes set on their Aqualish leader at the back. Tyr and Manco moved forward to find cover, the Dugs and their leader seemed to be holding blasters. The Gotals had nothing more than petty clubs, but it was clear they were too much for the locals to handle – it was time to put a stop to this injustice. I moved towards the Gotals and let out an echoing cry. Everyone in the area seemed to have stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to us.

Port quarm “Who are these germs?… Deal with them!”

The order came from the Aqualish. Two of the Gotals immediately came to attack me, and just as quickly one of them was knocked down from a blaster shot – I glanced over, it was pilot Tyr and it seemed he had my back covered. I turned back to the second Gotal just in time to see his club bounce off my arm giving me the perfect opportunity – I dropped my elbow down on his leg as he collapsed before me.

More blaster fire from all directions, and in the middle of it all was friend Vrinko – when suddenly he performed a leap over the Gotal, across the chasm, landing right beside the Aqualish – I was both shocked and impressed.

Blaster bolts skimming my fur, the last Gotal is flailing his club at me. I wrestle with him but he struggles out of my grip. A small shriek echoes, pilot Tyr has been hit by blaster fire! It came from the Dugs on the ropes. This Gotal is still pestering me with his stick, I kneel down and push my elbow into his chest.. he drops motionless. The Dugs turn their fire on me as I approach them, I feel light pinches as their lasers land on my fur – underwhelming weapons. One of the Dug’s is hit by blaster fire and falls off the rope into empty space below – technician Manco seems to have found a weapon to use, he must be pleased.
The other Dug tries to scurry away on the edge of the platform but finds himself cornered with the emptiness of space behind him. Unlike his Gotal friend, the Dug is easy to lift, and just as easily I send him on his final journey into the darkness below.

I leap across the chasm behind friend Vrinko, who is still battling the Aqualish. With his laser sword powered up, friend Vrinko skilfully locks his opponent down – commanding him to stand down and drop his weapon. The Aqualish can see that his gang of thugs are all but gone as I approach, and complies.

Journals_FlyQuarm.jpg We attempt to interrogate him but all we get is a name of his employer, “The Grell”. He struggles as I pin him to the wall, and very soon friend Vrinko grows tired of his resistance – he glances over at the empty pit of space below and back at me before walking away. The Aqualish begins to struggle even more… I too grow tired of this pathetic bully, and send him on his final journey.

Journals_FlyDug1.jpg Pilot Tyr is incapacitated from battle, technician Manco and myself do our best to mend his wounds but can only do so much – he must rest. Just as I notice friend Vrinko’s absence, he mysteriously emerges from a loft above the ropes. We loot the remains of the thugs and head back out of the Hive, on our way we are greeting by a crowd of locals who cheer us on.

Journals_FlyDug2.jpg Back at our quarters pilot Tyr rests. Technician Manco lays out the items looted from the thugs as if searching for something, he seems a little disappointed; 2 clubs, 2 vests, some snacks, a synth rope, glow rod, 37 creds, and 15 red gambling chips. Friend Vrinko’s face is lit up by the glow of a datapad. I head to my room and prepare my pipe.

It has been an interesting night.



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