Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Fight or Flight

Port a tyr

EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 240211

Journals ttgv ties

I knew it was too easy, the Imps would never have left that station without some air support; thank the stars they didn’t leave an ISD behind. At least we got a chance to try out The Traitor’s Gambit in combat against four snubfighters. She’s a good ship but as much as I hate to admit it, I’m gonna have to let that Jawa loose in her guts to soup up the weapon systems.

With Drohn gone we’re down a gunner, I was hoping the fishhead’s magic would let him shoot like a Republic commando and not a moisture farmer militia man on training day…

It was clear from the start the best way to deal with four ‘eyes’ is to get in close and tough it out. Those blasted ships are far too fast to outrun, so we had to rely on the shields and 180 degrees field of turret fire in a close dog-fight.

What followed was the best test I could have hoped for. Vrinko nailed two TIEs, one escaped after it’s weapon systems failed and the last hit wreckage and peeled open like a can of nerf gizzards. A great deal of piloting skill whilst manipulating the shields kept the Gambit safe despite the distractions of Vrinko. Yhay’s little ship New Dawn lost shields at one point, I thought she was bantha fodder at the time but the hammerhead pulled through and saved us a tidy 2000C.

Shame one got away, I don’t like the Imps getting any leads on me.

After punching up a jump back to the Eye we finally got a rest; or so we thought. Seems some rocketjock thought it was a good idea to tail us through the asteroid field whiting out our sensors. Yhay’s ship was able to pick out the shadow behind us and I pulled into the asteroid field to gain cover behind a particularly large rock and wait out the scum. Might have to get the Jawa to check out Yhay’s sensor gear and see if he has any ‘spare parts’ for us.

Manco’s coals spotted him first, some sort of unique TIE Advanced with a red foil. I’ll be ‘Kesseled’, those Imps were on to us quick. Should never have let that TIE get away. We couldn’t risk the Imps getting my trail so soon, so we initiated an ambush. This was no ordinary bucket head though, it was like he knew what we had planned all along. Before we could raise them on the comm or have another shot at giving him the ‘final jump’ The Eye advised a cease fire.

Port von reiser
When we landed I caught a glimpse of a blonde human in an Imperial flight suit being escorted away by Eye troopers in military grade armour. The smug little nerve-burner might not be concerned by the situation but he has no idea what’s coming for him! I’m not going to risk my position here…

He may be a sharp pilot but he’ll need eyes in the back of his head; we need to get information before he has a chance to haul jets. I hope the last thing he won’t see will be the end of my holdout blaster. And that’s no euphemism…



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