Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

From Russan with Love V1

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 270512

PlanetData-Russan.jpgFinally after wallowing in the black sands of Socorro we have made planetfall on something closer to civilization. Bank, the key city on Russan, offers the space traveller some respite from the war torn wasteland, jedi ruins and blasted desert that covers the rest of the planet. It was also the central hub for the Krayt Dragons and possible location for Urgle’s long lost squeeze Wisspe, who we were here to rescue.

Who am I skifting, we could make a lot of credits raiding the swoop biker’s warehouse as a diversion while Urgle makes good on a rescue.

With Urgle swapping his colours for a drab cloak we head off to scope out the headquarters of the Krayt Dragons. Before we could make any moves we needed to locate both Wisspe and this warehouse. Their security is lax and we are able to quickly find the old flight control tower that acts as the headquarters. From the gathering of swoop bikes and the mix of aliens in colours it’s clear there is some form of inter-galactic gathering of the gangs. Without a disguise we would never penetrate the private areas of the compound.

Port-NPC-Wisspe.jpg Heading back towards the nightlife of the city we start canvassing the locals for any information that would assist. It’s quite apparent that the locals are in fear of the gangs and aren’t willing to part with information easily. As Manco talks a drunk into releasing information, two bikers enter the bar, a human and Baragwin, heading straight for us. We were blown.

Port urgle pyne Talking tough, it took no time for the Baragwin to take a swing at Vrinko while the human pulled a vibro-blade. It was then that a realised our fortune, the Baragwin was a perfect match in size to Arri. While this was not the ideal quality an enterprising tramp freighter captain seeks in a potential bar fight opponent, it was an opportunity to get Arri his disguise. Someone should tell these thugs that you never bring a vibro-blade to a blaster fight. My training kicked in and the concealed hold-out blaster in my arm came clear blasting a hasty shot straight through the human bikers’s hair. Manco leapt to action burying his own vibro-blade into the chest of the human while Vrinko and the Baragwin grappled. Journals 12

My second shot was far better placed, vapourising the staggering biker’s head and sending the bar patron’s scrambling for the door. As the acrid smell of blasted brain matter reached Arri’s senses he followed my lead, delivering a pulverising elbow strike to the Baragwin’s bulbous head. With the biker’s dead we quickly stripped them of their jackets and exited the bar. While it wasn’t the ideal outcome at least we had a disguise now. Though we’ll have to move quickly if we want to make use of them, it won’t take long for a snitch to inform the Dragons what happened.

That reminds me, I better tell the Wookie to lay off his pipe before we head out, I don’t need him falling into another fuge state in the middle of an infiltration mission.



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