Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

From Russan With Love V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 300512

Journal_Russan-copy.jpg I sit up front in the cockpit keeping an eye on Tyr.
Don’t want any more Astro-gation errors.

We make the jump to Rusaan. Urgle’s constant pacing is bothersome and he’s becoming increasingly nervous. I will make him tea and spike it with Arri’s herbs if he doesn’t relax soon.

We finally arrive at the spaceport and make our way through the city. It’s a complete dump, a cesspit of cruddy old buildings most of which are old junked spacecraft. As we walk through a mix of market stalls and street stalls I hear swoop bikes approaching; Urgle leaps into the shadows.

I suggest he buys a cloak to disguise himself and he does just that.

We need information, so Arri and I enter a bar. We must locate the Krayt Dragon’s base. They’re a big gang so someone must know. For 50 creds the barman gives me some crude directions. We go and hire a speeder, I get the owner to give us a free upgrade to a better quality one with tinted windows. Tyr follows my directions and we see a large sprawling building with what looks like an archaic control tower. A chain link fence runs all the way around; moderate defence…I guess.

Part of the complex has been converted into a rowdy bar and a host of swoop bikes are out front, one of which is a massive 3 engine model with a bucket seat that looks like it would fit a large alien. Possibly a Hutt? That’s all we need, one of bloated slimy slugs.

There is little more we can do and head back to the bar to try and see if anyone has seen Urgle’s brother, Kyfer. I stumble across a drunken spacer who talks way too loudly, attracting the attention of two Krayts, a blond human and a Baragwin.

An argument breaks out and the Baragwin shoves Vrinko who to my surprise absorbs the hit with barley a flinch. The inevitable bar brawls breaks out. Tyr, lighting fast, shoots the human in the face burning skin and hair. Without a second to lose, I bound over the table and stab him in the guts with my vibroblade; he staggers backwards, but does not go down.

I miss my repeating blaster!

Journals 12

Arri leaps forward and smashes his elbow into the Baragwins head, shattering his skull. Tyr finishes off the human as he crawls along the ground looking for cover under the table. Cold-blooded. I like it. After stripping the Krayt’s of their gang colours we leave the bar.



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