Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Full Frontal Assault!

Port a manco
EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 100211

Vrinko runs across the bunker roof and with a hum and single swipe of his lightsaber slices the sensor array in two. The control stem and dish fall from the roof, crashing to the ground.
Tyr spins the landspeeder around and punches it. We jolt forwards directly at the stormtroopers. It’s a good plan. One trooper dives out of the way, but the second trooper bears the brunt of the collision and is knocked flying. Damn that armour is tough. I must find a way to breach it, perhaps some archaic weapon with a modified round?

I fire of a bolt from my repeating blaster, but miss. Firing while moving is tough, I need more training. The troopers return fire and bolts slam into the back of the speeder. I’m going to be busy fixing this heap of junk before we return it.

Vrinko sprints along the roof and leaps down a dark shaft. He silently lands at the bottom in what appears to be a half-constructed turbolift.

I carefully take aim on a trooper, breath in, breath out, nice and slow. I squeeze of a bolt. It strikes the trooper in the chest and explodes blowing armour, bone and blood everywhere. A pretty, crimson shower.

Arribacca takes his bearings in the bunker corridor, outside his cell. The annoying bleat of a klaxon echoes throughout the complex.

Arribacca moves down the corridor, at the far end totally oblivious; two naval guards run by. Sniffing the air, looking for a scent, he detects only the oily smell of repulsor engines coming from the cargo bay. Up ahead in the darkness of the turbolift shaft a feint blue glow emanates.

Vrinko, in the turbolift shaft, concentrates, focusing his power and slides the lift doors open.

Tyr, spins around and flies closer to the remaining trooper and inspired by my epic shot, he pulls out his blaster to try his luck. And of course he fails. Obviously his luck is contagious as I miss too.

Vrinko, stepping from the shadows spots a Wookie; Arribacca, and utters “I’m Vrinko Dash. I’m here to rescue you.” Arribacca grunts a friendly reply. Vrinko mentions Yhay and Arribacca whines. Their friendly exchange is interrupted by the sound of a repulsor engine firing up.

They head to the cargo bay and see Blackclaw gunning his swoop bike engine and riding off. Vrinko asks “friend of yours?” Arribacca only growls angrily in reply.

Suddenly, a Naval Trooper steps around the corner. In shock he draws his pistol only to send it flying out of the holster and clattering to the floor. Two more officers appear behind Vrinko and Arribacca and open fire. A bolt strikes Vrinko in the chest, but luckily ricochets off his blast vest. A second shot hits Arribacca with little effect.

Tyr fires of another shot which harmlessly bounces of the troopers armour. I take aim and unleash a bolt, striking the trooper in the arm and knocking him down. My second shot takes him on the chest flipping him over and over.

Reminds me of my daughter throwing the sandpeople doll I made her high in to the air.

Tyr, notices a figure riding off on a swoop bike. He says it can’t be the Ithorian; Yhay, as it looked furry.

Vrinko approaches the officers, lightsaber twirling. Arribacca joins him. Both guards open fire, frantically trying to stop them in their tracks.
Arribacca is hit, but again to no effect. Vrinko, expertly spins his lightsaber but then flicks a throwing knife at the officers throat.
Perhaps an effect of his slimy hands or as he intended, the blade spins incorrectly and strikes the enemy handle first. The guard dizzily staggers back.
Arribacca joins the attack and elbows the second officer in the head shattering his skull. The first guard shoots and misses, Arribacca immediately responds and smashes him to the ground.
Up ahead, Vrinko moves along the north south corridor and peaks around the corner. Right in from of him is a trooper who opens fire. The shot misses.
Arribacca attacks the prone guard, knocking him unconscious.

Outside… Inside…
Tyr turns the landspeeder around and towards the double doors. I leap out and start hacking the controls. A warning beep sounds out, but I managed to run a bypass and open the doors. I step inside and spot two guards. I quickly fire of a shot hitting one in the head, knocking him off his feet and out for the count. The second returns fire and the shot passes harmlessly over my head. Another advantage to being small.

Tyr leaps from the speeder and runs to join me. He squeezes of a shot but misses.
Tyr’s new opponent returns fire but misses. Shooting back Tyr hits him square in the chest. Pleased that Tyr finally hit something, I shoot, blowing the guards leg clean off. Tyr, calmly walks over to the remaining unconscious guards and shoots him in the head. I grin, but doubt Tyr can see. Either way he’s just gone up in my reckoning.

Vrinko slices the guards leg with his saber inflicting a searing burn across his leg.
Arribacca runs up to help Vrinko, smashing the guard in the right leg and shattering his femur. He drops to the ground unconscious.

I move up and head down the corridor towards where I saw Vrinko.

Vrinko and Arribacca stand there as two naval troopers walk out dragging Yhay.

One of them holds a blaster pistol to Yhay’s head; “Nobody move we’re getting out of here.”
Under his breath, Vrinko, whispers “Ready yourself” Concentrating he taps into the force and focuses on the naval troopers blaster. Flying from his hand the pistol soars across the room and Vrinko, deftly catches it. Arribacca growls menacingly and the other guards throws down his weapon.

At this moment Tyr, leaps into the corridor and yells “Freeze.”
After a moments awkward silence, Yhay and Arribacca, reunited, finally greet each other.

After a brief discussion they determine they need to head to the computer room to get Yhay’s files. Vrinko goes with them and is insistent that I join him as they may need me. I repeatedly decline. I have something to do. Do not push me now Vrinko.

They eventually leave Tyr and I alone with the troopers. Tyr interrogates them; he’s after something. I don’t really care, I want something else. Tyr asks for a grenade and heads off to the security station. I warm him how dangerous they can be especially in unskilled hands. Typically, he ignores me. Those humans always think they know everything.

Ahh… Alone at last.
I stare at the troopers.
I can’t stop my head twitching, red mist forming at the edges of my vision and images of my family burnt and dying flicker over and over.
I empty an entire clip at the troopers destroying leaving only a pile of blood and gore.
Should I care if they had families too? I feel nothing, only pain and anger.
My rage slowly dissipates and I calm myself, breathing in and out.

Tyr, enters the security station. He pulls out the grenade and drops it at his feet.
Suddenly a large explosion echoes through the bunker… Tyr!

I rush to the security station and find Tyr’s bloodied, smoking, charred form staggering out of the security station. He’s coughing and spluttering, his hair’s burnt and his clothing hangs off him in tatters.

I shake my head at him; “What did I tell you?”

These humans… I’m the demolitions expert. He’s the pilot, I never ask to fly the ship do I? These infuriating idiotic humans will be the death of me.
Taking out a medpack I patch Tyr back together, though it may take a while for his hair to grow back. And unless he attempts to bring about a new fashion in bloody, burnt clothing, he’s going to need a new suit.

Arribacca heals Yhay with a strange herbal remedy, while Try and I raid the supply room.
We depart the bunker and get onto the landspeeder. Yhay is an expert and knows the area well. He guides us back on a different route. I remember his note book and hand it to him. He’s most thankful and perhaps he’ll pass on the word that not all Jawas are thieves.

Yhay informs us that the imperials were trying to set up a research station of their own on Torg. Arribacca mentions Black Claw; Tyr has heard of him. It seems he’s a myth created to scare other Wookies. He turned against his people and now turns them for bounties.

Well he’s not a myth any more.

We reach the landing zone and part ways aboard our ships. As we enter space and Tyr begins punching in co-ords for the jump home when four blips appear on the radar.

Well if we are blown to pieces by what I suspect are Imperial Tie-Fighters, I just want you to know that my death came about from human piloting errors and poor shooting, not engine problems or system failures.



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