Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Gamorrean Entanglements

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010813

As the last Bloody Tusk, hit the floor, there was a brief moment of silence.

Then Tyr yelled through the com that the ship was dead in space, and there were more pirates in the area. Ari and I both looked at Manco who made one of his ‘squee’ noises before rushing off to the engine room. Ari grunted something at me, I’m almost getting the hang of the growly Wookiee language. We both turned and surveyed the damage. Those damn Pirates had clamped onto the Gambit with a pair of steel jaws hooked up to a docking ring. We knew what had to be done and rushed to the airlock.

Tyr had just purchased a new Vac Suit. Ari lifted it up and held it to his body. It looked Jawa sized compared to him. I sighed, grabbed it, and started putting it on.

Once it was on I tethered myself to a hand hold in the air lock and motioned Ari to try and lower the breached airlock door. No point us all being sucked into space if something went wrong. He closed it and I went across the Tusks docking tube towards their ship. They had closed their airlock door behind them and looking at the complex controls I once again got out my lightsaber.

Ship hulls are a lot tougher than I thought and it took a few moments to start cutting my way in. It was taking too long so after cutting most of the way around a doorish shaped hole, I stood back and ‘Forced’ my way in.

Luckily the controls to unclamp the ships looked like they were jury rigged by the Tusks themselves, so needless to say even I could work them out. I pulled back on the makeshift lever and a metal grinding noise let me know that it was working.

I saw a snouted face in the window on the other end of the airlock and thought I would give them something to worry about as I was leaving. I looked across to see the metal clamps withdrawing and saw I didn’t have much time if I didn’t want to walk back to the Eye, so I only took one slash at the inner air lock door. I managed to breach it, so hopefully the Gamorrean scum will be sucking vac in a few minutes. As I ran back to the Gambit I turned to see that I hadn’t breached the door as much as I would have liked and one of the pirates was already repairing the gap.

As I got back on the Gambit the power kicked in and Tyr let out a whoop as we were back in action. Ari and I headed to the guns and just before we got moving I saw Ari shoot at the ship that had boarded us. He was aiming right for the open air lock, though missed.
It was a great idea.

Now a ship’s guns would breach more than my lightsaber had. I closed my eyes and focused on the Pirate ship where I had been standing not moments before and when I felt the connection between those spaces, I opened fire.

I looked up to see the airlock door blasted apart and their air start blowing out into space.

It was time to make these scumbag pirates pay.



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