Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Grab A Dragon By The Tail V1

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EyeUser: Arribacca
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We move into the corridor while friend Vrinko turns back and disappears into the warehouse. Two doors either side of us, technician Manco heads left, I head right – pilot Tyr watches the lift for now.
I open my door but it seems completely void of any hostiles, I do find a supply room with an impressive assortment of weapons however – our Jawa friend might appreciate these. As I begin to collect some blasters I hear an explosion back from where I entered, I drop the weapons and run to investigate.

A blaster fight has broken out and it is coming from the door technician Manco went through. I run passed pilot Tyr, who is taking cover at a door leading to a kitchen area, as I enter the room I can see our Jawa pinned down – I leap in front of him, with two hostiles now at my front.

The air smells of explosive compounds and cooked meat, there is a sizzling pan on a stove nearby. Suddenly I feel a shock from behind, losing sight and hearing for a split moment – a well-placed blaster shot. Retaliation shots from technician Manco hits at least one target – the enemy to my right loses his head in a puff of red smoke.

Cornered between the kitchen stove and myself, the Dragon before me takes a clumsy shot at my head and misses. I drop him to the ground with my elbow – he struggles to stay standing but is unable to do so, as he tries to latch onto surfaces around him, he only succeeds in bringing down cooking utensils down upon himself. A loud blaster-shot from behind me is followed by technician Manco’s excited scream – sounds like another take down for the little marksman.

The Dragon at my feet is unsuccessfully trying to get back up, my eyes and nose are distracted by the sizzling meat on the stove – we cannot let this place burn down just yet. I grab the frying pan, removing the warm oily meat from inside, and strike the Dragon over the head with the hot metal plate. I turn around to see technician Manco and pilot Tyr looking at me with slight confusion – I should probably share the food, but the sizzling meat is beginning to burn my fingers – I have no choice but to quickly scoff down the delicious treat.

The rest of the area appears to be clear so we head back to the lift in the corridor. I check in with friend Vrinko over the comms, his whispers tell me he is sneaking somewhere above us.
The lift is not responding – it takes technician Manco a few tries, but he eventually re-activates the lift. As we enter the lift, its top suddenly explodes above us – a trap.
I look around to see if technician Manco and pilot Tyr are ok, we are all a little shocked but everyone appears to be moving. I jump up into the now exposed elevator shaft, technician Manco throws me up a synth rope, and I begin my climb towards the top.

Halfway up I hear the sound of smashing glass from above, could that be the work of friend Vrinko? As I get to the top I can hear blaster fire and the buzzing of a light-saber – it must be him! I tie the synth rope to the top of the shaft and drop it down for the others. Climbing out of the shaft I run to friend Vrinko’s side.

“No contest! No contest!”

Journals_21.jpg The remaining Dragon drops his weapons and pleas for mercy. Pilot Tyr and technician Manco pop out of the lift shaft, we are now re-grouped and can hopefully finish this mission – or perhaps not. A loud sound and vibration comes from the warehouse below, the Dragon worker smirks, another trap?

We head over to the window to see what is going on down below. I cannot believe my eyes, there amongst the crates where we stood only a short time ago now stands a huge creature. I am not sure if my team knows what it is, but I certainly do. We have been flanked by a Kintan strider, and it now stands between us and our ship.



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