Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Grab a Dragon by the Tail v2

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010818

I’m getting tired of this.

I leave the other Gambit crew members and head back through the warehouse. At the door I close my eyes and see if I can sense anyone living nearby. It looks like the crew were thorough in removing the opposition.

I head outside and jump up to the gun position on the roof, using the force to help lift me the extra distance. Once again Mancos work is evident as the headless corpse lying in a heap demonstrates.

I look up to the top floor of the tower and see that it has large windows and try and work out how to get in.

I hear an explosion over the comms and hear that they are finally in the lift and about to climb up. I assume the remaining Dragons know that’s the only way up and come up with a plan.
I tell Ari to let me know when he’s about to make the climb. I move the huge gun that the hapless dragon was using and turn it around, aiming at the tower’s windows. On the signal I open up and shoot out all the windows I can see.

I kneel down, concentrate then launch myself up to the tower and through the broken window, landing and igniting my lightsabre.

Hmm a perfectly executed entrance with no one here to see it.

I look around finding an empty office when I’m attacked by the last dragon. Before it gets interesting he surrenders. I have to calm myself as I want to lash out and hit something, but he might have useful intel, like which crates hold the most valuable goods.

Ari and the others make their way up the elevator and before Tyr can get to work on the prisoner we hear a thump and a groan. Manco brings up an image on the screen showing a large creature with a hammer.

The last dragon laughs and introduces us to Bessie.

I smile. It would be a shame to keep the new guest at the party waiting.



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