Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Grab a Dragon by the Tail V3

That's not an explosion...

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 070712

We stand around wondering if any more surprise grenades will fly our way. Vrinko decides he’s had enough and heads back to the cargo bay.

Ari opens the door on the right and I head through the left door. Hmmmm…so much for not splitting up the party. Tyr holds position in the corridor. I wander off on my own and clutch my blaster tightly. I enter another corridor and then head through a door to a large kitchen and living area. Before I can look around, a chef pops up from behind the counter and flips a grenade at me. Not again! Luckily it hits the wall and bounces over the far side of the room exploding.

Debris flies everywhere and smoke quickly fills the room. Shards of wood and metal pelt my armour. I am really tired of grenades!

I level my blaster and squeeze of a shot, but in my haste only hit the chef’s spiked hair. A second guard pops up from the back of the room and fires at me. I instinctively roll to the side ducking the shot. A door in the kitchen slides open revealing a black-skinned alien. He screeches at me like a stabbed Wamp Rat and unloads with twin blasters. Shots rip through the hem of my cloak as I roll again. I’m outnumbered, but not out gunned.

I hear Tyr open fire behind me, and the heavy stomp of Ari’s lumbering gate. Shots ring out everywhere, blasting walls, cupboards and doorways. I level my blaster and fire hitting the alien’s head taking it clean off. I pivot to target the chef only to see Ari pick up a large pot and smash him across the face. Without stopping, Ari, grabs some left over meat from the pot and snacks on it.

Interesting…I can see endless possibilities with this, meat hanging over a pit trap, a hunk of meat with an electrical charge running through it or a pole with meat on the end. I must remember to run some experiments back on the ship.

With the enemies defeated we head back to the main corridor. The lift is locked out, but I manage to hack it and get it back online. We push the button for the top floor, suddenly the lift grinds to a halt, rocked by a massive explosion. I’m thrown to the ground and I see Tyr get violently slammed into the wall. I feel the impact of hot metal striking my armour. I groggily get to my feet and see that Tyr, is bleeding form a bad scalp wound. Damn bikers rigged the lift. I will give them a real explosion once I get my detonite!

Ari, totally unscathed, scampers through the new hole in the roof. I break out the first aid kid and patch Tyr up. I get on the commlink and tell Vrinko what’s happened. Surprisingly he tells me he is making his way to the top floor. He is a slippery one!

Tyr fires his grapple and then grabbing me by the waist propels us both up the lift shaft to the top floor. We reach the top and I see that Ari and Vrinko have captured a guard. I hear him mention something about Bessie?

While they interrogate him I patch into the base computers and get a feed of the cargo bay. Hmmm I think I have found Bessie. On the feed is a massive lumbering brown skinned beast wielding a massive hammer. Tyr looking over my shoulders says that’s a Kantan Strider.



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