Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Hope or Despair

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010815

Port witch I got a call from the unofficial med-centre down in the Hive. Basically there’s a group of med-techs who set up a free clinic in the Hive and they all put in a shift in their off duty hours.

I returned the call and it seems like the Witch was in trouble. Someone had done him over and he was dying. He was insane, though he was also the only other force practitioner that I had ever met, other than my teacher back on Coruscant.

Who was also insane.

I rallied the crew and went down there. The doctor met me and told me he didn’t have long unless they could get him to a bacta tank, though it would cost 500 creds. I handed them over right away, much to the doctor’s surprise and he went off to see to his transferral.
I guess womp rat fights are good for something after all.

I’m sure it was the Grell, trying to muscle him out of his home again. Time to teach more goons how to fly.

Besides there was something at his home, something I wanted.

We made our way to where he was living and stopped along the way to pick up a weapon for Manko. Tyr had his holdout and Arri WAS a weapon, but the little one didn’t feel safe without his blaster. I bought him a vibro dagger and we moved on.

When we got to the vent shaft where the witch was living we saw right away that it had been sealed up with metal plates welded over the entrance. I was looking for way up when Tyr offered the use of his new grapple gun. I aimed the magnetised grapple above the vent and fired. Once it attached I hit the button on the gun and winched myself up.

Once there I raised my hand, concentrated and pulled a couple of plates off with the force. With a last look at the Gambit crew I made my way inside.

The Witch’s alarms had been removed, luckily and I made my way to the main chamber. It looked like someone had ransacked the place. I made my way to where the Witch had hidden the crystal and tried to open the mechanism. It had obviously buckled a bit with the ransacking but after a few tries the secret compartment opened.

Inside was the crystal.

The only clarity of thought that the Witch had shown was when discussing or touching the crystal. Was it to blame for his insanity, or was it the only thing keeping him from tipping over? Was it the destiny of all force wielders to go insane? I couldn’t risk it that the crystal might be the one thing that would stop me going mad.

I grabbed the crystal using my cloak and put it in my pouch. Just as I did a cloaked wolf-like figure appeared above me.

“That’s a pretty bauble” he said.

Then the lights went out.

I stood up and started to calm myself.

“How much is the Grell paying you for this?” I asked trying to hear his presence in the dark chamber.

“Why do you ask?” he replied, from another position. He was moving around the room, and fast.

I prepared myself for battle and put one hand on my lightsaber hilt and the other on my glow rod.

“Well I’m prepared to make you a counter offer to walk away” I replied.
“How about 100 credits? With the extra bonus being you get to live!”

A plink sounded to my left, I guess he didn’t like my terms. I ignited my lightsaber and turned on the glow rod. He was hanging from the ceiling and held a small metallic firearm. He shot and missed again before making a run for the exit. I move and jumped to the vent shaft leading back to the hive as he did and we both landed prone on the floor. He got up and moved away as I made it to my feet. He stopped and shot again. With a flick of my wrist the projectile fizzed on my blade. I walked towards him and swung at him. It looked like a good hit, when he miraculously dodged the blow and ran for the exit. Unfortunately for him I caught up and hit him solidly across the leg. He made a desperate leap out the gap in the metal plates that left him hanging for his life above the superstructure of the station. I walked slowly up to him and he looked at me wildly.

Journals_ShistHead.jpg“You should have taken the money,” I said and removed his head from his shoulders.

His clawed hands held on for a brief second before his body followed his head to the depths below.

Now to see the Witch and find out whether he is cause for hope or despair.



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