Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Hot On The Trail V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 011212

I spend a few days working out how to upgrade the Gambit’s firepower. Yeah, the gunners can hit stuff fine, but when it comes to damage they may as well be using Tyr’s holdout blaster!
I have an idea to cross-link paired laser cannons to create quad-turrets and with that in mind head to Deep Black to buy some. Luckily they have a new lackey and I bargain him down to a low price. They really should hire Jawa’s…
Back at the ship I begin the tricky installation. It’s more difficult than I thought and requires a lot of custom wiring. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but if anything does go wrong at least I’m not the one in the gunners seat.
With that out of the way I prepped the ship and we space out for Tatooine. During the flight I study the datapad footage. It’s deeply upsetting and I struggle to watch it, not for the first time I’m glad my crewmates cannot read Jawa emotions well. I ask Tyr to examine it for clues. It looks like the attackers hit hard and fast. Heavy scoring on the Sand Crawler hull, something heavier than a standard blaster. I will know more when I get to the site.
We reach Tatooine, Mos Eisley. I am about rush of the ship when Tyr suggest that I change my distinctive cloak. He has a point, I am well known and there’s most likely reward on my little head. I run back to my quarters, lock the door to make sure no one can see and then change into my trusty brown cloak. Now I look like every other Jawa, grabbing my blaster rifle, light repeater, grenades, thermal detonator and vibro blade I head out.
A massive wave of heat washes over me as I exit the Gambit. Many find it uncomfortable, to me its home. I breath in the hot dessert air and look around over the flat barren landscape. Mos Eisley sits in the middle of a wide brown bowl of rolling desert and across the horizon are hundreds of moisture towers.
Enough reminiscing…it’s time for business. First we need transport, the human at the hire shop is surly and aggressive towards me so I beat him down from 100 to 65 credits a day, putting him in his place, but most important putting Manco in a high end Topcat, a very fast and agile speeder.
We start asking around, looking for any possible leads. No one has heard much and they care even less. It’s the usual inherent dislike for my kin, it’s different when these oversized idiots needs stuff fixing.
We split up and Tyr and I head over to the Gaffi Stick, a local Imp bar, maybe we can get a lead or two. In the busy crowded bar Imps are everywhere, I wish I had brought the detonite, I could smoke the lot of them. Worthless stinking scum. I spot a pair of troopers, entering from a room out back, with blood red shoulder pads. Now that’s strange I’ve never seen them before…some kind of special unit?
They leave the bar so Tyr and I decide to follow. We shadow them through the busy streets out onto the city outskirts where them meet with a hooded figure. Not many people around I could almost get away with popping them. They head onwards, we follow again. We reach another bar and the troopers take station outside. Tyr reckons they are watching a group sat down at a table, 2 humans and Duros. I scribble a note warning them. Any enemy of the Imps is a friend of Mancos. Tyr orders a drink and then slides the note underneath sending it over to the group. Two of them immediately leave. The other comes over to the bar and we mention the troopers, however, he reveals nothing.
I have enough of this, no idea who the Troopers are and I am caring less. It’s time to do what I’ve been putting off and visit the Gakini clan.
We take the speed and head out as the sun is setting over the rolling sand dunes. More desert and rocky foothills. We reach the permitters, junk is stockpiled in orderly fashion and 3 Sandcrawlers are parked outside the encampment gates. Jawas are running around everywhere closing everything down and getting ready for nightfall. I feel sad as we pull up, stepping out of the speeder I do my best to hide my emotions.
Jawas excitedly greet us and Barab and Toll with a whole mob of Jawas behind them approach, some of which begin examining the speeder. In Jawa, I tell them I got it from a fool human for a mere 65 a day, which sets them all of laughing. Tyr and Ari, look a little clueless and no doubt think we are laughing at them.
We are ushered into the main tent, I smile as notice Tyr, wrinkle his nose at the musky smell of Jawa funk. Ari is unfazed and obviously used to such odours. I give a full report to the clan and make sure they provide plenty of food for Ari. After quite a feast I am starting to feel better and with that grab some rest.



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