Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

I think you've had enough little one

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 090212

Journals wamp rats

I’m still stuck in the filthy womp rat-fighting den, it’s shutting down for the day and I want to go home.

Tyr is staying back with Arribacca, who after failing to act against Blackclaw has decided to waste more time and confront him again. Maybe this time he’ll actually hit him, but I doubt it. He lacks Jawa blood.

I leave with Vrinko and we stand outside next to the rude, offensive bouncers. Moments later I hear the distinctive weak fizzle of Tyr’s blaster going off and the roar of a Wookie.

Vrinko nods and says smart move…he’s not referring to the idiots inside. Another shots rings out followed by a scream. Did Tyr hit something, or even more shocking hurt someone? Another bouncer staggers out clutching a chest wound. Ha ha ha that’s what you get.

Having had enough Vrinko and I leave and head over to the Kessels Run. Vrinko’s, buying so I order the most expensive thing on the menu and get my first taste of strong alcohol. It’s taste like sandcrawler fuel. I think Vrinko is judging me so I gulp the whole thing down…yuck.

Port talia I feel dizzy. I stagger over to a table where Vrinko is sitting and plonk down. Talia Slimfire strolls over to join us and we fill her in on what’s been happening. I ask her about us selling a bunch of spice, but she’s does not seem to impressed. I think I’m talking loudly. Is it hot in here?

Port jii I decide to invite Jii to join me. She’s really nice, I like her, she is great. I call her but there’s no answer. I try writing a message, but my fingers feel number. I keep seeing double.

Vrinko tells Talia about our plan to hunt for the Space Pigs and we work out some plans. I suggest once we locate them we could board their ship instead of trying to destroy it. I am starting to feel more confident. I bet I could take them on myself. It’s really hot in here and my vision is going funny, I think I see two Talias. When did Vrinko grow six eyes?

I think I got up and started trying to sell something to the Kessel’s clientele. Suddenly I feel a slimy hand grasp my neck and the foetid fishy order of hot breath in my face. I try to put up a fight and struggle, but I am half carried, half dragged back to my seat.

Vrinko starts yelling at me. What’s he saying, something about not selling illegal substances in our local bar? What? Are we still in the Kessels Run, I thought we’d left. He keeps going on, shut up, I’ll fight you, ahhhhhh you make me wanna…ahh best mate….

The rest is a blur. Later I get my wits back and realize I am back in our apartment. Maybe I should never drink again. I lay down for a bit and silently hope the room will stop spinning. I can hear Vrinko droning on and on about me to Tyr and Arribacca.

Port witch A call comes in for Vrinko from a nurse at a clinic in the hive. It seems that Dr. Green has a critically ill patient, Vrinko’s friend the Witch. We all decide to head down there and find out what’s wrong.

Inside the clinic we are shown to a back room. The Witch is laid down on a crude bed. He looks badly beaten and dishevelled. The doctor is waiting on him hand and foot. It’s almost obsessive. We are told the Witch may very well die from his injuries.

Vrinko asks me to take a look. The Witch stinks, I mean really stinks. I examine him, yeah he’s close to death. Someone really worked him over. It must have been his winning personality. The Doctor says he will not last much longer, unless he gets proper treatment. Vrinko, hands over 500 credits so he can be sent upstairs and be dumped in a bacta tank. They really should bath him first or that tank will look like the oil sump on the Sandcrawler.

Ahhhhh well Vrinko, must care about him I guess. Could they be related? They do both smell.

Vrinko, wants to head to the Witch’s place and wreak vengeance, I can understand that. We decide to do some last minute shopping first and get some tools. Down at the market, I ask around and find a dealer. A shady cloaked figure has several vibro blades on display; he must be crazy as he’s asking 500 creds each. I bargain him down to 350 and buy a vibro dagger, well Vrinko buys a vibro dagger.

Finally tooled up we head through the hive and onto the lair of the Witch. I feel strangely naked heading into an encounter with my blaster. I have a bad feeling about this.

Vrinko borrows a grapple gun and starts clambering up to the lair, he then disappears in inside. I nervously pace at the bottom waiting for something to happen. Time passes. I sure hope he’s ok.



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