Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Imperial Entanglements

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 290611

If people stopped shooting at me I might be able to finish counting these creds.

Port urgle pyne The approaching Krayt Dragons had opened fire on us as our fearless Captain hid behind some barrels with that ridiculous gun of his.
The young Nautolan in front of me seemed impatient, so after a nod from Tyr I pocketed the bag of creds and nodded to the kid.
“Stow your swoop in the cargo hold…(ducks a blaster bolt)… and we’ll take you with us”
He sighed, jumped on his swoop and fired it up. Just as he was gunning it up the loading ramp one of Dragons got in a lucky shot and hit him in the back.

I turned back to the landing bay to see what was happening. Ari had found a position on top of some packing crates, though he was under fire. Manco and Tyr were bunkered down pretty well behind some barrels and Hanna and Yig were sneaking their way behind the approaching Dragons looking for a way to get back to the ship.

Tyr yelled out something to the local sec boys and they fired on the Dragons, not us. There’s something new. Someone taking our side in a fight!

I had been working hard on my lightsaber training lately and attempting to calm myself and centre my thoughts so that I could fight with the force flowing through me, when one of the barrels that Tyr was hiding behind was hit and exploded!

Once the smoke cleared I could see that he was alright, though he seemed to lose his taste for the fight and ran back to the Gambit, muttering something about prepping the ship. It did however give me an idea.

Meanwhile, Manco had shown his usual skill with that Ion Cannon he lugs around and downed a couple of the thugs. Ari had entered the fray, though he didn’t seem to be removing as many limbs as usual. There was a Rodian with a blaster in each hand who seemed to be giving him a bit of trouble…and two more Dragons were trying to flank him.

I looked back to the barrels and saw another of the ones that seemed to dislike blaster bolts near Manco and yelled out to him.
“Get ready to shoot that barrel in front of you”
He looked at me as though I was crazy, but nodded. He does like explosions.

I closed my eyes and stretched out my hand. Feeling the force move around the barrel I lifted it and threw it at the 2 Dragons flanking Ari. Just as it reached them Manco let rip with his Blaster Rifle and the explosion made everyone stop for a second.

One of the Dragons found some cover that stopped most of the blast, though the other was not so lucky as a piece of shrapnel caught him in the neck.

The Nautolan actually can back down the loading ramp and fired of a quick shot catching one of his former gang in the head. I got to admire him coming back into the fight when he could have stayed on the ship…like our captain

As I walked down the ramp one of the swoopers toting a blaster rifle popped out from nowhere and caught me flat (web)footed. Ari seemed to sense what was happening and threw himself between me and the gunner. He was hit and possibly saved my life.

Manco took out the gunner before he could fire again.

Port hanna grigg Ari was in trouble so I ignited my lightsaber and went to help him out in return. Distracting the dragons for a moment allowed Hanna and Yig to sneak in and shoot them from behind.

Manco finished off the last Dragons and the fire fight was over.

Everyone seemed OK except one of the sec boys was down. Ari and I walked over. The one standing was nervous and we managed to calm him down and offer medical aid. He agreed and Ari proceeded to smear his foul smelling herbs on the injured man. They might stink but they do the job. They thanked us and mentioned there was an explosion in the city and that we should leave. Right away.

It seemed like a good idea to me so we got back on the Gambit, secured the swoop and Tyr took us out into the black.

The Nautolan introduced himself as Urgle Pyne and looked at his old Krayt Dragon Jacket. There was a smoking hole in the back where he’d been shot.
“Well it looks like I won’t be needing this any more”
I was about to reply when an alarm sounded. Getting to the bridge I saw an imperial ship.

A BIG imperial ship: Interdictor Overwatch.

We were told to hold fast and prepare for boarding. The imps were looking for something and weren’t taking no for an answer. Looking around us we saw some other transports holding fast while a few got out as fast as possible.

We were told that an Imperial Office had been destroyed in a terrorist attack. Raising an eyebrow at Hanna, Tyr offered her a deal. We’d hide them for an extra fee. They didn’t have many creds though and offered us the remains of their transport in contra.

Needless to say, Manco started squealing and jumping up and down.

Tyr made the call.

We held fast. Luckily last month we had some new cargo holds installed that were undetectable. You know for transporting sensitive cargo…
In went Hanna and Yig. Urgel also went in, as did Ari (there is still that bounty out on Wookiees).

A large patrol ship docked with us and on came a group of storm troopers and an Imperial officer.
Manco had to forcibly restrain himself from opening fire, but apart from that there were no problems.

During the last couple of months we’d spent a bit of extra money ensuring that everything, including our new weapons systems, were all legal and registered. It all paid off now…

We were sent on our way with no problems and no warrants out for us. An encounter with the Imps that actually didn’t end in a fight for a change.

Tyr punched in the astrogation co-ordinates for the Eye and we headed back home. Though I think we’ll have a little chat with Hanna and Yig about the extra Imperial problems that we encountered.

That sort of thing costs extra.



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