Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

In space no one can hear you squeal V1

Pigs in Space...Station

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 11-10-12

Back on The Eye…

Immediately, I begin making calls, Gee, Slimfire and anyone I can think of whose up for the challenge. I suggest we head to Vox’s and look at the leader boards, perhaps we can find crews from the top ten kill list.

Before that, we visit the Spacer’s Guild to claim our bounty for the six Spacepig kills. I enquire about the bounty for something bigger, much bigger, like Space Station size. This seems to set off alarm bells as we end up in a meeting with Galut re Thun, who looks a little bit like a Trandoshen , but with more developed hands.

He’s most interested by our last battle and I show him some video footage and some great shots of the Space Pigs base. Galut is fascinated and asks if he can send a copy to his tech team. He goes on to tells us the current head of the Space Guild is a useless bureaucrat who will not wish to get her hands dirty in what could be a suicidal attempt to take down some pirates.

Galut, however, offers help and will provide support in the way of two capital ships. All we have to do is endorse him so he can rightfully take his place as the new guild head. This seems like a sound plan and I tell him if all goes well we could be the guilds premier pirate hunters.
We are discussing more details when an elder Snivian, Gorgan, comes back with info from the tech lab. The Spacepig base is an old mining facility from the pre-clone wars era. Looks like the Spacepigs have done a lot of work modifying it though. Gorgan confirms my suspicions about the core being volatile. My plan may work.

Tyr starts discussing numbers and payment, I get confused and tune out. As they waffle on and on I think about recruiting more crews and most important our plan of attack. The meeting comes to an end and we agree to be mission ready within the next 6 hours.

Port-NPC-Vokk.jpg I put the call out and we head down to Vox’s bar and pay 500 credits to put on a big spread of food and drinks. The place soon gets packed, all manner of spacer, trader, merchant and locals fill the place all eager to listen to what we have to say. I am feeling a little nervous about this, I look over and see Gee, who gives me a reassuring nod.

I leap onto a table and yell out as loud as I can.

“Opportunity of your life. A chance of vengeance and to be heroes of The Eye. We ask all those brave enough and combat ready to hear us out. The plan? To eliminate once and for all the scourge of the Bloody Tusks. You may die! You may live! Either way, your actions on this day will make champions of you all. A story to tell your grandchildren and them to their grandchildren. Now who is with me? Death to the Space pigs!”

Much to my relief there’s a resounding cheer of approval. We have the crews. I take a deep breath and we discuss bounty. Everyone seems onboard and happy.

We leave the bar and head back to Galut to make final mission preparations. The plan is sound we all make the jump and catch them by surprise. The two capital ships will provide a fire screen while fighters will engage the smaller enemy craft. Our job, by far the riskiest, is to enter the tunnels and take out the base power supply.

Journals_TheTussk.jpg Hours tick by like minutes. This is by far the craziest thing we’ve ever done and I can scarcely believe we are doing it. I sit up front with Tyr and keep my fingers crossed as we leave the Eye and make the jump. We punch out of hyperspace into the den of the Spacepigs. I see ships forming up on our flanks, to the left is the distinctive vessel of Gee’s, I really hope she makes it out of here, and far right I see our friends, the Firecracker. Scrambling Spacepig fighters approach. I target the one at the front and freeze his controls with the Iron Cannon. First blood to the Revenge Fleet!

Tyr guns the controls and we speed zigzagging in an out of decaying vessels. Shots flash across the cockpit and I hear Ari and Vrinko cutting loose on the laser cannons. Tyr winds through and around more space hulks, but then makes his first error…a slip of controls, there’s a high pitched grinding sounds as we hit a chunk of floating debris. The ship shudders, but remains undamaged…for now. Maybe I can buff it out.

I raise an eyebrow at Tyr, he does not notice, like a Jawa would. He does shrug though. More fighters are on our tail and more up ahead, I fire the Ion Canon and stop two more dead in their tracks. Ari takes out the one on our six and we are clear for now.
And with that Tyr takes us on final approach with the Planetoid.



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