Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Investigations V1

Keep an eye on the droid

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 160812

Onboard the Traitor’s Gambit our newly rescued Bith repeatedly thanks us all. It seems he was going to be shipped of to the spice mines, a fate worse than death. Xanin is full of praise and we spend many late nights while she regales us all with amusing tales of her many adventures.

We arrive back on The Eye and head straight to Kessel’s Run for more drinking. Xanin buys round after round and we celebrate another successful mission.

The following day we receive payment for our Bacta and Mynar gas netting another 6k. Nice work. The day gets even better as Vrinko decides to move out to better quarters.
I doubt I will ever get the fish smell of the seats though.

Port arianaLater that day Vrinko calls Tyr and me. It seems his friend Areena Tana from the Eye on Eye has disappeared. I remember her investigating some murders on the station when we first arrived. Why do I get the feeling she is in trouble?

We all meet up Vrinko relays the details of the case. Arena was following up on a droid technician, a Yakaran named Gumbar Wakkom, who has possibly reprogrammed 6 or more droids to kill their owners. We spend the day asking questions and end up in the station’s droid bay. The useless fat oaf running the place is barely worth a bullet. I suspect retardation. After about an hour we manage to get an address out of him and head over to his workshop.

The public habz are pretty filthy, rubbish is strewn along the corridors and the place smells. We reach the apartment and I notice a broken camera in the corridor. On close inspection its not broken, just intended to look like it is. Vrinko asks me to unlock the door. I dig out the security kit and pick the lock.
The doors slides open revealing a makeshift workshop.
Droid parts are scattered everywhere and two fully assembled droids are learnt against the wall.

I smell a trap…

Vrinko reaches out with his powers and tells us Arena is somewhere nearby.
I examine the structure of the room. She has to be behind a false wall. I send in the IC4U to hover by the droids but they do not react. Something is very wrong, Gumbar would not leave his hostage Arena undefended.

Well I guess it looks like I’m going in.



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