Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Investigations V2

A case re-opened

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 160812

Back on The Eye, we celebrate the success of our last mission with some drinks at the Kessel’s Run. Bounty hunter Xanin joins us after picking up the tab on our refuelling fee – I have to respect her business sense, it is not often we get to work with someone so courteous. After a great night with everyone, and perhaps a little tipsy, I find myself heading towards the Octagon with my share of the mission earnings.

I am in the mood for some gambling. No sooner than I am inside the Octagon a lovely human lady shows me to gaming lounge. I feel a little out of my element here, but the unknown excites me a little, besides everyone around me appears to be friendly and helpful – a few bets in I am even given a complimentary drink! I suppose they saw me try my luck with five hundred credits.

The next day friend Vrinko announces he is moving to a new fancy apartment on the higher levels, how exciting – after our last couple of missions he can certainly afford it! I decide to give him a visit later in the day to check out his new housing, and pick up a nice plant for him as a new house gift. It is a very nice and clean apartment, almost too clean, my gift certainly brings some life into it.

Friend Vrinko mentions his news reporter friend Arena Tana from the Eye on Eye is missing; he wants to investigate, I am only happy to help. We head down to the Eye on Eye offices where we run into Arena’s assistant Jako. He seems quite distressed, and the office matches his emotions – scattered papers everywhere. Things get a little more interesting when we discover Arena was last chasing the serial murder case where droids were possibly involved – a familiar investigation for friend Vrinko and myself.

We follow a lead on a droid technician named Gunbar Wackom, but have trouble tracking him down. His office in the lower droid repair level is empty, though I do pick up a scent of perfume, not something a Yarkoran such as Gunbar would typically wear. Another technician at the droid repair place is a little apprehensive about being questioned at first, but ends up giving us Gunbar’s home address – noting that Gunbar had not been around for a while, he did most of his work from home. The technician also gave up a perfectly good burger because it had ‘cooled’ down a little – I was happy to give it a new home.

At this point the whole crew is heading to Gunbar’s apartment – room 76C. There is a camera watching over the door – luckily it is within my reach and it now watches a blank wall. Technician Manco carefully unlocks the door, friend Vrinko shuts his eyes and as the door opens tells us that Arena is very close, and hurt. We look into the dark room, the light from the corridor illuminating shiny scattered metal droid parts. I can sense the same perfume from before, but much stronger this time. Friend Vrinko reaches in to the room to turn on the light…



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