Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Ive got to get back to my quarters

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 030311

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…

I’m having second thoughts about flying with the Gambit Crew. In the middle of a scrap when you’re fighting for your life, people get killed. That’s the way it is. If you don’t want to risk it don’t play the game. It’s what makes it fun, and what drives you to get better at the game.

Mowing down unarmed prisoners, even Imps…I think there’s something wrong with that Jawa.
Tyr didn’t seem fussed. He’s just like the runt, only colder. Maybe this is what happens to you when you lose everything. I guess I’m lucky then. I’ve never had anything to lose.

We’re making creds but if the work gets too bloody I’m out. If I wanted that life I would have joined the slicer gangs back on Coruscant rather than doing all I could to get out of those slums.

At least the Wookie seems reasonable, which lets you know how damaged the other two really are. Sure he seems overly fond of limb removal, but like I said only during a fight. It’s not like he makes necklaces out of feet or anything. Although I haven’t known him that long…

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…
Port kali We went for a drink at the Kessel after the Torg job. That Redwing Imp pilotwas there, holding court with the locals including one of those Twi’lek girls from The Banshee. I got nothing against the Imps, as long as they don’t get in the way of me making creds I’m willing to leave them alone. Of course I have to be careful not to be noticed for the wrong reasons, but usually all they see is another Mon-Cal and don’t look any further.

Port witch
That’s why we went to stop this crazy old man from causing a problem. He was yelling and ranting at the pilot and the last thing we need is more caps’ in the place. Also I felt a bit bad for taking a shot at the Red-wing, since he never did us any wrong. So I nodded to Arribacca and we went over to buy the old man a drink and a meal and escort him out of there. The last thing I expected was a disturbance in the Force. He screamed and ran off.

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…
We followed him out to a turbo lift and got in just in time. I centred myself and reached out my thoughts to brush over his mind. It was a storm of ideas and emotions. He was pretty far gone but I did pick up that he wanted to get home. The Turbo lift stopped a few times and a bunch of those service droids got on and we took the lift all the way down. I’d never been this low in the station. He got out and we followed him until we can to a heavy grate that he was just replacing, from the inside. Arribacca pulled it off the wall like it was a child’s toy and we went down a maintenance tunnel.

At the end it opened out into number of catwalks strung up along the inside of the Eye’s superstructure. Hung onto every strut and available space was a shanty-town that looked depressingly like home. Why is it that no matter whichever planet or system you’re on, poverty always looks the same? Using a new trick I just picked up from my Holocron, I used the force to amplify my vision and spotted the crazy old man making his way through the crowd. I nudged Arribacca and moved to follow him.

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…
I easily walked through the hovels, I know who to ignore and who to avoid. I’d been doing it in places like this as long as I can remember. He walked to the end of the catwalk and came to a cargo net strung to the wall, that led up to another vent. He nimbly climbed the net and went inside. I turned to Aribacca, he should have no problem climbing it, but he was gone. Looking around I couldn’t see him…now where did that walking carpet get to?
Never mind, I climbed the net easily and went into the vent. Hanging from the ceiling was a variety of metal objects of all shapes and descriptions. It looked like a security device that people used in the slums back home. For people who have no creds for fancy alarms but still feel that they have something worth protecting.

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…
Nimbly ducking and rolling through the wires I made it to the end that looked out on a small living space. The old man was sitting there, looking like he was meditating like my old master Norcuna used to.
Which means it’s either something that Jedi do or just something that crazy people do.
He seemed to be staring into a crystal. Maybe he can teach me more tricks that I can use to make creds. I politely call out to him, and startled, he makes the crystal disappear faster than a womp-rat down a sewer. Maybe there are other things he can teach me too. I reassure him that I just want to talk. But then he reminds me that it’s time to go back to my quarters.
He’s right!

Port veedoI walk clumsily back through the hanging alarms, metal objects striking my armour.
We have that dinner meeting to celebrate the successful mission.
I climb down the net and walk back through what I learn later is called The Hive.

I hope Veedo has that spiced gumfish on the menu tonight, it’s my favourite dish at Kambrian Nights. I climb back through the maintenance tunnel and get back in the turbo lift.
It will be good to celebrate and relax for a bit. What else are creds for?

I’ve got to get back to my quarters…

*Hmm what happened to that Wookiee…



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