Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Jungle Story

Port a manco
EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 030211

We find a clearing where a small scout ship has landed. I gear up my repeating blaster. I’m taking no chances without Drohn, I’m the only shooter. We drop the ship platform and the moist humidity of the planet rushes in. It’s overpowering. Must modify envirosuits to colder settings. Vrinko on the other hand is as happy as a Bantha in dung and he stands there breathing it all in.

I hate it.

It’s strangely silent. No birds. No animals. Nothing. I place my finger on the trigger.

Tyr suggests we investigate the scout ship for clues. It is small and armed with a single laser canon. If we don’t find Yhay, I’m taking the cannon with us when we leave. And whatever else I can lay my hands on. Finders, keepers.

Crates and other supplies litter the area. Once again the untidiness of larger humanoids never fails to amaze me. A small trails leads from the clearing into the dense forest. Vrinko, searching through the equipment fails to find anything and neither does Tyr with his scanner.

I override the ship’s controls, it’s easy, just as I expected. Jawa’s take security more seriously; things go missing on-board the crawler all the time. Well maybe not missing, only borrowed. Inside the ship it’s even hotter, the envirocontrols are off and it’s emergency lighting only. Accessing the ships computer reveals the last log entry was two weeks ago. The ship looks like it’s been searched by someone other than its owner. Something’s wrong.

We fire up the landspeeder and follow the trail. Tyr, as always takes time to acquaint himself with the controls and it’s a bumpy ride. We career out of control almost slamming into an immense tree, before Tyr gets the hang of it. Continuing onwards we reach a larger clearing with what appears to be a camp. For the first time we hear the sounds of life. Buzzing insects; they are the size of my head and thoroughly disgusting.

We stop and disembark. The camp is untidy, perhaps ransacked. There are four survival domes and an open eating area. Rations are scatted across the ground and a cooking stove has been left on. Tyr finds drag marks lead away from the clearing.

Beginning our search of the domes, we find two are set up as habitats. The first has a backpack along with a glow rod, holdout blaster, synthrope and other equipment. I take the rope and hope I have more luck with this one. Several statues and relics have been neatly lined up on a shelf and placed around the dome. It’s decorative I guess. Personally I prefer a set of shiny hydro-spanners.

Vrinko picks up one of the statues and it breaks. Hmmm, perhaps his slimy hands have some corrosive properties. Must take sample. He moves his hands around and replaces it on the shelf. That’s strange I was sure it was broken? Hmmm, perhaps his hands have some ability to fix things too. Further investigation required.

The second dome, also a habitat, is more Spartan. A large bedroll, an ornate wooden staff and a pouch of stinky herbs along with a mortar and pestle are neatly laid out. Naturally I take the equipment pack containing glow rods and med packs.

Around the mess area, a large group of insects has congregated. I’m not going anywhere near there. I hate insects. I can see food stores and decomposing rations thrown around. Tyr finds two data readers containing reports and information.

The next dome is set up as a tech lab with benches and diagnostic equipment. A glass envirocase has been smashed. I access the computer and find someone has wiped the data. We rifle through a heap of papers scattered on the floor and find a hand written journal showing a map of the surrounding area. We also find another map showing a modern installation located less than a day away. That’s our best lead yet.

We get back on the speeder and move out. Following the map we fly along a rough winding trail snaking through and around the giant flora, mushrooms and other fungi. I’m sitting up front with Tyr when a large, whirling, black cloud of insects appears on the path. I’m taking no chances and open fire; emptying a full bank of repeater bolts at them. Vrinko ducks down covering his ears. Glad, I’m used to it by now. A torrent of laser fire smashes into the insect swarm and it begins to disperse. Tyr, I can only guess, startled by the heavy fire, loses control. The speeder jerks violently as the servos kick in and we burst forward, peppered by insect bodies. Disgusting! I hate this planet.

We travel for another two hours without incident.

Although I thought I saw something large moving through the giant undergrowth. I can’t be sure, so tighten the grip on my blaster. As we near the installation we start scanning. I pick up life forms while Tyr finds a strong power supply.
We discuss our plan of attack. Vrinko suggests flying in at high speed with guns blazing. ‘Fear leads to the Darkside’ or something. Hit them hard and fast, take them by surprise. I like Vrinko.

Tyr guns the speeder and wheels it around a series of fungus pods before bursting into a clearing. In the middle is a huge concrete bunker. Loading bay doors line one side and on top is some kind of sensor array. Tyr takes us in at high speed flying across the open terrain. We reach the edge of the bunker and Vrinko leaps from the speeder, high into the air and lands on the bunker roof. Impressive… Most Impressive.

Tyr wheels around and we see two Stormtroopers. There is nothing I will ever hate more than Stormtroopers. And I will never be able to kill enough of them or their black wearing masters.
I open fire. Striking one of the troopers in the head and stunning him. Damn! My blaster needs some work. Tyr suggests I modified it with a grenade launcher. That’s a great idea, I will begin blueprints when we get back. I’m startled from my fleeting thoughts of creating an all powerful super weapon as the troopers return fire. Blots slam into the landspeeder. That’s our insurance gone. Someone’s going to pay for that. I fire back and strike the trooper in the chest, but he remains standing. The bouncing around on the speeder is affecting my fire. I’m better than that! More shots strike the landspeeder and ricochet off.



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