Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Let's go shopping!

Port a manco

EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 100311


Port smitt wasan

Spent the morning gathering information. Vrinko put in a call to Talia who recommended an arms dealer called Smitt & Wasan. We have three crates of Clone War era rifles we’ve being trying to shift for weeks now. Talia also said a great place for ship upgrades is Deep Black run by a Chevin called Jhanezia.

I’m exciting at the prospect of finally getting my hands dirty and outfitting the Gambit with better weaponry. Before we make the sale, Vrinko, buys a recording rod to film the goods as weapons aren’t allowed on the station. It’s a good idea. I expertly strip down and reassemble one of the rifles. Vrinko provides audio detailing the craftsmanship of these pristine weapons.

We all head out to Smitt and Wasan hoping to secure a nice price for rifles. A guarded double blast door opens onto a large shop floor. A vast assortment of weapons racks line the walls. I can barely contain my excitement. Just thinking about what each one would do to an Imperial. I somehow manage to snap out of it and focus on the task at hand as a Snivian approaches and introduces himself as Smitt, and his brother and partner; Wasan.

Vrinko shows our video and we pique Smitt’s interest. He takes the recording rod and shows his partner. After some discussion in their own tongue, Smitt returns with an offer of 50 creds per rifle. It’s a good price. I try negotiating for a bit more, but due to my excitement at being in the store it falls on deaf ears. Ahhh well. 50 creds is good. Smitt agrees to pick them up from our ship later pending a first-hand inspection and I ask about any work going for weapons experts, but get rebuffed by Wasan… Jealous of my skills no doubt.

Ahh well now…I can finally turn my attention to more important matters. Big guns. Smitt shows me through the store; Rocket launchers, flamers throwers, heavy repeaters. Guns, guns, guns. In the end Vrinko has to drag me away.

I realise it’s time to spend some creds and upgrade my ship. Mental note: Hack the computer and change the name over from Tyr to mine and make it official. He’ll never know…

Port jhanezia We all head over to Deep Black. A huge showroom surrounded my curved wall monitors displaying the very latest in ships, weaponry, defences and other upgrades. I’m as happy as a Bantha in dung. A Chevin called Jhenezia approaches, introducing himself with a deep bow. We show him our ship schematics and he recommends some offensive modifications. After some discussion we agree on a second heavy laser turret and some un-scannable hidden cargo bays. We head back to the Gambit and start work right away.

Arribacca and Tyr are mere apprentices and I instruct them on the finer arts of ship modification while they do the heavy lifting. Vrinko heads out to speak to Hagan about locating a M’onnok, for part of Chessel Bard’s Dejarik board (or so we think). Good thing really; his slippery hands may drop vital components.

The upgrades are going well, with Arribacca lifting and Tyr lending a hand, I successfully install the turret and laser rifle so neatly it looks like it grew there. I then start on the cargo bays and one day later we have a 2 tonnes of hidden and undetectable space. Last job is to boost our weapons. With a few minor tweaks here and there I increase our fire control. This should give Arribacca and Vrinko a bit more help when shooting.

We heard about some new jobs. It seems pirates have been attacking ships in the area. There are two posted bounties for the Bloody Tusks and Legion. Tyr manages to find detailed information on the former. We decide to ask Talia if she’s interesting in joining forces to take them out.

We also have the missing persons report and the murders to look into. Busy, busy, busy…



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