Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Lizard Roast (Breakout!)

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 250411

After a good collect on the K’lorslug we captured and handed to Chessel Bard on Dynann, I was looking forward to a bit of R&R. Truth be told, I think that venom I was paralysed with has given me a serious case of Warp-lag.

After taking care of the mundane and settling down for some shut-eye the fish-head decides he needs another solo adventure. I swear he didn’t want us to sell that spice so he could keep it to himself.

Finally, just as I was about to drift away to heaven, Sith me but another interruption! Well I should have gotten up; with Arribacca negotiating terms we picked up our poorest paying job yet and the one with the most risk…chasing Trandoshan slavers! Now don’t get me wrong, I hate slavers as much as the next spacer (terrible for business you see) but hunting these particular slavers when one of our crew is their speciality sounds like a bad idea.

It appears that good Captain Irelli of The Sunbeam was transporting a group of Wookies when the Trandoshan slaver ship, ‘The Yoke’, stunned them and boarded leaving few behind. The good captain was able to blast their hyperdrive before they left and punched it to the Eye. Our sponsors, Aurcha and her son Gaba, have offered 1500C and their nanny droid, NAN-3. Port nan 3 Thankfully the droid understands basic AND Wookie meaning we can understand what the heck Arribacca is roaring about. The good captain was most helpful in identifying two potential ports, one of which I had previously worked on in my former occupation and knew quite well. After a bit of digging around we jumped to the small refuelling station named ‘Sanguine’.

After pressuring the administrative assistant we found the Dock Master very willing to deal with us. It appears the slavers had limped into dock and taken control of the repair facilities using brute force. At this point I did consider abandoning all hope for the Wookies and heading back to the eye alive. But the Wookie was going thermal just thinking about the slavers and with the droid around I had no excuse for not understanding. With their hyperdrive repaired the Slavers had departed, luckily one of the dock workers overheard their destination – a depleted Hatia Gas source named ’Smiley’s World’ with a a small population of prospectors hoping to make it big.

We found the world with no trouble and I got straight onto the sensors to see if we can pick up a trail and get a jump on them. The city showed no record of the transponder codes we had recovered from Sanguine but in a feat of scanning that may never be repeated, I traced the finest of signals down on the surface. We couldn’t risk them having ears in the capital and had to run in hard and fast, putting the boot right up their exhaust port.

Journals attack slavers

The scanners were working well and we clearly identified and separated the Wookie captives from high Trandoshan concentrations. With Arribacca roaring in the turret, we levelled the main building in our first pass before blasting apart the set-down Yoke. Once landed, Arribacca and I quickly emptied the prison building under the cover of Manco’s manic blaster fire. We took off and gave the camp a quick once over with the quad lasers to make sure the Trandoshans stayed put before punching it back to the Eye with Archer’s husband, Bagu, and four other Wookies.

I’m not sure what value a life debt has but it turned out the credits were quite easy… Maybe we should try for a few more of these assault operations…better update the job description.



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