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Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Metal Case Closed V1

Rage Against The Machines

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One by one we continue down the corridor, the ventilation system posing somewhat of a problem though – pipes are shooting out hot steam at seemingly random intervals left and right. I manage to withstand one of them as it hits me in the back, but I am not so lucky the second time. A gush of steam pushes me off the walkway down into a maze of hot pipes below – with-out even thinking my claws extend and I scale the wall back up to the walkway.

Another droid is waiting for us up the next set of stairs. A tad predictable, but I suppose that is one trait of a machine. I squeeze past friend Vrinko and collapse the droid with two strikes to its’ metallic torso. Vrinko disappears up the stairway; by the time I catch up to him we are in a room full of… humanoid trophies – rather disturbing. I return back down to the corridor and examine the door which now blocks our path. It appears to be locked, technician Manco however manages to get it open – well somewhat open – the door gets stuck halfway. It must have been a faulty servo because I am able to lift the door with my hands and…


Ouch. A loud sound and a shock ripples from my chest, have I been shot? I look down to see a metallic limb planted on my stomach – it belongs to a big lifter droid who has greeted me on the other side of the door. I sure am glad our little Jawa did not open the door fully himself. Speaking of which, I see technician Manco scurry into the room under my legs rushing towards some control panels at the far end. Keeping the lifter droid’s attention, I jump into the room and start brawling with the giant – but try as I might, I cannot penetrate its’ metallic armour.

The situation begins to look grim when I see Areena Tana’s helpless body lying on a table with some suspicious device hanging over her. Before I know it the room has filled with even more droids, I am starting to worry about technician Manco’s safety. The others cannot get to him as the new droids stand between the room entrance, and our Jawa – not only that, but they begin to open fire. A sense of frustration draws over me as I feel the need to be in multiple places in the room all at once, I try to focus on the lifter droid detaining me with no success. My vision blurs and I can feel and hear my heart beating loud – teeth grinding and fists clenched, I bring my arm up into the air and bring it down in full force on the lifter droid…


…I do not feel in control anymore. Moments pass I cannot recall. The lifter droid is on the other side of the room now, in a heap. Was that my doing? Of no concern now, one of the droids is holding a blinking, beeping device behind friend Vrinko, who is standing next to Areena Tana – it is a bomb! I dive at the machine and tackle it out into the corridor…


Warm broken metal is pressing against me, the explosion – I somehow survived, and if I have been wounded as a result, I cannot feel it in this state. Time is lost once more, as I find myself back in the room attacking the one remaining droid over the head – it falls to its’ knees. It must be stopped. Friend Vrinko picks up Areena Tana’s body off the ground – I thought she was on the table – and runs out of the room. The droid continues to fire wild blaster shots – it is time to end this. I pick up the droid and slam it onto the table where Areena lay earlier, the room begins to spin, I notice technician Manco looking into the room from the hallway with a device in his hand – he is looking at the suspicious device floating above the table.


Technician Manco presses a button and I hear the device above me beginning to power-up. The droid is resisting but I hold it down long enough for the device to shoot out a beam right down the middle of the table. It is so loud, and bright – and then the resistance from the droid is not there anymore. There is now a silent backdrop to my pounding heart-beat – I am deaf to everything else. Small metallic pieces are scattered on the table except for some feet and a robotic head.

I lift the head up into the air and meet its’ eyes. My heart-beat begins to fade away, and I can again hear the mix of soft hums from the room’s computer panels and air-conditioning system. It is done.



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