Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Moving Shadows

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 150911

Darkness. I can see nothing – but hear clearly the beat of my own heart. A figure appears in the distance and begins to approach. I try to call out for help but have no voice. My heart beats louder. The figure is blurry, but somewhat tall. It looks… familiar. Could it be… master? My heart beats quicker. Still unfocused, the figure stands before me, reaching down. I try to lift my arm to meet theirs, but cannot – there is no feeling. My eyes begin to regain focus when suddenly… my heart thumps frantically and I feel a cold chill beneath my fur. I can see his face… it is not master…

With a flash the scene changes, I see friend Vrinko leaning over me. I have awakened, but my heart still pounds. His mouth moves to say something, but I cannot hear him. He jumps away. Suddenly my heart beat is drowned out by the sound of distorted blaster fire. It is technician Manco. He is firing into moving shadows across the room. My knees feel weak as I stand up – I must have been knocked out. Friend Vrinko disappears up some stairs behind Manco, who powers down his repeating blaster. Vrinko yells something out from up the stairs. I turn and cry out at the moving shadows, before retreating up the stairs myself.

Journals bog

I am re-united with my crew in a room with a half broken glass floor. The mission. I remember now. Technician Manco scurries across the glass, while pilot Tyr floats across by friend Vrinko’s will. This all seems strangely familiar somehow. Unfriendly cries resonate from the stairs we had just used to escape. I hide myself near the door as friend Vrinko moves gracefully through the air towards the others. A strange creature appears at the top of the stairs, as it comes through the doorway I drop man elbow on its leg. Pushing it back down the stairs I cry out again at the moving shadows below. They cry back… their numbers are great. I turn to see technician Manco successfully unlock a new exit route.

As I prepare to jump across the glass my knees begin to feel weak again – I lose my balance and fall. The moving shadows are very close now. I suddenly feel myself lifted – it is friend Vrinko, he has moved me across the chasm – and just in time. The unfriendly creatures pour out from the door across the glass, and they begin to throw spears at us. I am able to deflect them but pilot Tyr is not so lucky, he has been hit. He crawls yelping through the escape door and I follow, technician Manco shuts the door behind us.

For now we are safe. I recall our location – inside an underground research facility. We scan for our mission objective, the signal points us to the room where I woke up – strange. Manco and I tend to Tyr’s wounds and then begin our journey towards the surface.

I try to recall the moments before I was knocked out. A blue light. I remember pilot Tyr yelling, blaster fire, and… Twi’leks. They had gotten to our objective before us, defended it, and escaped successfully it would seem. We had failed. It was time to get back to the ship, unfortunately we seemed to have hit a dead end. We enter a room lacking in exit options. There is a turbo lift shaft but unfortunately no ladders or functional lifts. Grabbing friend Vrinko’s synth rope I unsheathe my claws and begin to scale the shaft walls. I manage to ascend a few levels before being blocked by a disabled turbo-lift – tying the rope at the top I send it down for the others to climb.

It takes a while to get everyone up the rope, but eventually we are re-united at the top.

We have to be close to the surface now. There is a ventilation passage. Friend Vrinko sighs with relief as we all make our way through. The passages are like a maze, it takes some time to navigate through, but it pays off – we reach the surface. As we head for the Gambit, pilot Tyr scans for the mission objective once more… the signal still points to the room where we faced the Twi’leks. It makes little sense – we had taken so long to reach the surface, the Twi’leks have surely escaped already. The signal must be fixed on the structure that once held our objective. It is gone. It is time to get off this planet.

Everyone boards the ship without a word, there is an unsettling feeling amongst the crew, I am certain everyone can sense it. The silence is broken by NAN-3’s greeting. Pilot Tyr heads straight for the cockpit and we are airborne almost instantly. We blast out of the atmosphere and with a spot of luck, do not alarm the planetary defence system we encountered on the way in. With a moment’s rest I lean my forehead against the wall and shut my eyes. I try to reflect on the mission, the objective, the crew… but I cannot. Already it feels like a distant memory. My mind strays elsewhere. With my eyes rested I am enveloped in darkness. I feel my heart becoming clearer… louder… faster. There is a cold tingle underneath my fur and… I see his face again, as he reaches for me. Black Claw.



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