Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

On the Black Claw Trail V1

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010814

Ari said he wanted to find Blackclaw.

I’m still not sure what the issue is between Ari and the dark mercenary. There seems to be a lot of animosity between them , though I can not recollect Black Claw actually doing anything against us… it must be a Wookiee thing.

Anyway Ari said he wanted to track him down and Manco seemed to like the idea of doing something nefarious so we headed out with Tyr to slice a nearby terminal in order to see if we could track him down.

We found an out of the way terminal and Manco pried the cover off. He started to look around the system. I mentioned that maybe he could try finding some holo footage near the ‘Sell Sword’ at around the time when they saw him leave. He eventually found the footage, give him his due, the little stinker knows his stuff, at least when it comes to machines. The footage showed Black Claw heading to a turbo lift that then took him down to the Hive.

We moved out and made our way there. Once in the Hive it was easy to find someone who had seen an eight foot tall black Wookiee walk by. In this case it was a crippled Rodian who wanted 200 creds. Ari paid him and we followed the trail to a closed door with two large wolf-like goons guarding it.

They asked for 75 creds each to enter, we paid them (although Manco only had 25, he owes me 50 creds now) and walked through. Inside was a crowd of boisterous spectators watching the end of a bloody fight between two….womp rats. Womp Rats!?! Of all the things to watch fight…

…but there did seem to be a lot of money changing hands…

There was an announcement that the next fight would be between Thrashmuch and Rent-o-kill …and Rent-o-kill was at 5-1 odds…Hmm a bit of telekinesis should help him out so I went to put a 500 cred wager on Rent-o-kill.

Journals wamp rats

The fight started and Rent-o-kill just stood there. Stupidly. Not moving. This was not going to go well. I prepared to use the Force as Thrashmuch charged at him. With a single twitch of his head, Rent-o-kill somehow managed to bite Thrashmuch on the neck and hold on. Thrashmuch twisted and scratched trying to get away, but with a sickening crunch Rent-o-kill snapped his neck and dropped him to the sand.

Hello 2000 credits!

Maybe there is something in the womp rat fights after all.

Port org I went off to collect my winnings. When I returned Ari told me that Black Claw was at the far end of the room, so I went over to see what was going on. I found Black Claw chatting to Org, the Trandoshan from the Firecracker. I offered to buy Org and Black Claw a drink with my new winnings, Black Claw seemed impressed by my Shyriiwook, but I think he saw Ari and went to leave. Port black claw
There was a confrontation between them that I couldn’t really hear, a lot of low growling and posturing. If Ari wanted this guy dead, why doesn’t he attack? If not just let him leave? Black Claw went to move around him and Ari put a big hand on his shoulder. Black Claw shrugged it off and Ari did it again. Finally, I thought, but then the wolfish bouncers came up and broke it off. We all went outside to wait for Black Claw to leave. We waited for quite a while. All the other patrons seemed to leave, then Manco went back in to see what was happening, as Black Claw had not seen him yet. He saw Black Claw exit through another door on the far side of the arena and went to investigate. He managed to unlock the door and call us in. Ari had to pay tickets for us all again (he must really want this guy…though still didn’t attack him when he had the chance) and we went to check out the door. It was at this point that the arena security came along to hustle us out.

Personally I think Black Claw is long gone by now, but we’ll see.

I really think that the crew need to stop making decisions based off their emotions and get back to focussing on what is going to make us the most money. I think this is especially true of our captain as shown by how he handled the Octagon situation.

Don’t they realise that emotional thinking leads to the Dark Side?



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