Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

On the Black Claw Trail V2

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 140312

Journals wamp rats

Port org The crew had tracked our quarry to an illegal gambling den and identified Black Claw talking with Org. I had tailed the crew to ensure no one was following us and waited outside as Arri attempted to confront his nemesis. Rather than take the beast down they were escorted from the hovel and let Black Claw escape through a rear entrance. Port black claw

We had waited some time for this lead and weren’t about to blow it so easily. Entering again, Manco attempted to pick the lock of the rear door, attracting the ire of the wolf-like guards (I must remember to research their species). As the guards advanced, Vrinko and Manco put self-preservation ahead of Arri’s quest and quickly fled leaving us to lay chase alone. Taking charge of the situation I pulled my concealed hold-out blaster and fired a warning shot into the ceiling. This only galvanised the guards while panicked patrons fled the scene.

The pandemonium on the den startled Arri into action and he bowled down one guard and advanced upon another. A third guard leapt past Arri and attempted to wrestle my blaster away but, drawing deep from my reserves, I held on and gutblasted the furball. My fast reactions fired and I spectacularly weaved through the melee to the door as if a 1x hyperdrive was strapped to my back. As I lay down a hail of cover-fire Arri broke free and shoulder charged through the rear door to put us back on the chase.

With me leading the way, we rush down a dingy corridor following Black Claws scent left at a T-intersection. We had only advanced a hundred feet or so in the darkness when I came across a hastily laid trap and tripped on broken piping. Clearly Black Claw did not want to confront Arri again as we came to a sealed door, braced so heavily that it took Arri three attempts with his prodigious strength to barrel through. As we came to a ladder it was becoming clear that the well laid traps were delaying us successfully. In the darkness and haste my grappling hook mis-fired and as I removed it from the wall I remember my reserve glow rod. Unfortunately the light mostly revealed Arri’s plaintive face, clearly he was upset that his crew mates had abandoned him in this hour of need.

Port akika The trail was cold and at some point we must have fallen for a false turn losing Black Claw. Finding a turbolift we returned to our room and waited for the cowards. No wonder they backed down from that harlot Madame Khorash.

As Vrinko and Manco returned stinking a cheap liquor I was reassured by the thought that Black Claw was still on the station for the moment. We still have a chance of cornering him and next time he won’t get away so easily.



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