Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

On the Black Claw Trail V3

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 020312

The group’s desire to track down the Bloody Tusk pirates is strong. Pilot Tyr contacts the Space Guild for information on the pirate we brought in, but they are unwilling to share any details with us. Quite a strange situation, I feel perhaps that some of the crew wishes we had spent more time with the pirate before handing him over.

Blackclaw is still on my mind, and the crew knows this. We know he is somewhere here on the station, and they agree to help me find him. Technician Manco slices a nearby security terminal in an attempt to track down Blackclaw’s movements after leaving the Sell Sword – and he is successful. The security footage reveals him heading down into the Hive.

Once in the Hive, it takes a bit of persuasion, and credits, to find the final footsteps Blackclaw had taken. Our efforts take us into a loud, dark and smoky arena. It appears to be a gambling pit with mutant womprat brawls as entertainment.

Journals wamp rats

Friend Vrinko wanders off into the crowd with intention to participate. A new womprat battle begins and the crowd banter turns to shouts and scream, but not before I spot some familiar faces – the Trandoshan pilot Org, up against a wall talking to Blackclaw.

Port org The womprat battle appears to be over almost as soon as it begins, and once again the crowd moves about exchanging paper slips and winnings. We group up and I point my crew towards Org and Blackclaw, friend Vrinko heads in first to grab Org’s attention, and I follow close behind to confront Blackclaw.

Port black clawWe face each other for a moment. His response to my greeting is dismissive, he tries to walk away but I stop him with my arm – grabbing his attention. He knows I am not impressed by his betrayal against our race – again he tries to leave, and once again I stop him. His is a formidable foe, but certainly not above me. I can sense his initial disinterest become a provoked mix of irritation and fear.

A nearby bouncer notices and tells us to break it up. I walk away toward the exit, I am happy to take this outside. I notice only now the adrenaline controlling my body, it felt good catching him off-guard – I am a little unsure about my next move however. I should probably leave now knowing I instilled a small sense of fear into him. It was never my intention to slay him down, only to confront him and force him to stop his madness.

Some time has passed and the mercenary has still not emerged from the arena. Technician Manco heads back in and reports back that Blackclaw has escaped through a back entrance. I feel I should walk away and let him flee like a coward, but a part of me is disappointed and angry with his decision to not stand up to me. My adrenaline fuelled trembling grows stronger and I feel my senses become slightly distorted – I can see black spots in my vision and the moderate sound ambiance around me grows louder.

Walk away. Just… leave.

My head begins to spin, the black spots are now turning red, I am feeling an unpleasant sense of obsession. Rage-infused, I rush back into the arena…

… This is the last thing I remember.



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