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Journals_Stormtroopers.jpg So our escort mission involves protecting an Imperial pilot – Von Reiser – a familiar face from The Eye. He does not appear aggressive to our crew at all, in fact he seems rather excited to see us. But as if on cue, the bunker feels suddenly overrun with hostiles – we have been cornered it seems. I turn to see an Imperial officer with a small group of Stormtroopers. The officer is about to say something but a blaster bolt from technician Manco cuts him short. They take aim at our little Jawa – I am a little surprised that they do not take aim at me, can they not see me? I am the closest one towering them all. Staring them down I let out a roar and see them quickly re-align their aim at me. While their aim is sloppy, there are enough of them that at least one of the blaster shots hits me – it stings a little.

More Stormtroopers begin to pour into the area, this could get ugly. I step up to the officer and begin to brawl with him. In the corner of my eye I see a grenade fly towards the entourage of Stormtroopers – and with a loud bang a few of them go down. A high pitched excited voice from behind makes me believe that was the work of technician Manco. The blast does not affect me, and in that sense the officer in front of me is just as lucky – however another blaster shot lands on my head, I grind my teeth as I absorb the sting, and cannot help but feel a little annoyed. The officer’s luck changes as I pummel my elbow into his back dropping him to the ground, a blaster shot from pilot Tyr finishing him off.

I swing my elbow to the right and strike a Stormtrooper whose armoured body drops to the ground, which again comes under fire from pilot Tyr. Friend Vrinko appears around a corner further down to the right; his light sabre raised in combat stance, and just as I spot him a stream of blaster bolts fly towards him from his front. My heart skips a beat… but am relieved to see my friend skilfully deflect the fire back towards the attackers. Technician Manco and pilot Tyr seem to have this area covered, I should go help friend Vrinko.

As I turn the corner I am faced with at least four new Stormtroopers, all taking cover behind crates. I rush up towards the closest one and am greeted with another blaster shot to the head – I swear if I clench my fist any tighter my hand will explode. With a deep breathe I regain composure, look down at the Stormtrooper, knock away his blaster as I swing my elbow up in the air, and bring it down as hard as I can down on him. My fist may not have exploded after all, but his leg certainly has. A limp one legged corpse lies before me, folded on itself – I get a glimpse of the leaf master was holding in my vision – a lifeless twig, the sparkle of life all but gone. I look at the blotch of red splattered on the ground – this was no pinch – this was a death blow; his sparkle will not return.

More blaster fire coming my way – this time from a light repeater. I quickly knock a crate down in front of me for cover, but there are just too many shots – as I drop down behind the crate I am hit yet again. At this stage I am feeling less of the sharp sting, and beginning to feel numb, finding it hard to focus. I should feel angry, frustrated – but instead, I rest my eyes, if only for a few seconds. Master was a great teacher. I remember other Wookies in early Wrruushi training, many short-tempered, showing perhaps great strength, but very little control. I should feel angry – it would be easy to rush at my attacker and take him down. But would the numbness shield me from more blaster fire? Would I reach my attacker at all? Does he have someone covering him, waiting to take a shot at anyone who gets close? Patience Arribacca.

I open my pouch and see the sparkling plant. Master smiles at me because I chose his path. I push the plant aside and take out my healing herbs.



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