Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Pick Up Artists V2

Just another Imp?

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 07-09-12

Von Riser. I don’t trust this filthy imp. Not one bit. My trigger finger is very itchy. I want to waste this scum, but let’s see how this plays out. Maybe he’s changing sides. Tyr did and he’s earned my trust and friendship.

Out of my peripheral I see a white armoured figure. HALT! Two Stromtroopers and an Imp Officer stand there. Imps! I feel nothing but white-hot rage flow through my entire body, my hands begin to shake, I close my eyes for a split second trying to focus, but I’m furious, I can even feel my head twitching violently. I squeeze off a shot and it misses wildly. Damn. Focus Manco. Focus.

Another group of Stormtroopers run in. I reach for a Frag Grenade, one of Drohns he left on the ship, and pitch it towards them. One is blown off his feet and into a power conduit where he disintegrates into a shower of arcing electricity. The other two are knocked to the ground. Shrapnel pelts my armour, I barley notice. Shots ring out everywhere. Ari runs into the main room to battle more troopers while Tyr and I remain here holding off this group.

Where’s Vrinko and Riser?

A volley of shots flies back and forth. I’m struggling to hit anything, I’m so angry. I see Tyr run forward and repeatedly shoot the downed troopers, but he fails to penetrate their armour. Luckily a few hits finally get through.

A trooper charges and shoots at me point blank; I roll to the side avoiding the shot. Tyr runs over and smashes the trooper on the back of the head. Its enough of a distraction for my to pop up and shoot taking him down. Finally I hit something. This battle is not playing out the way I’d like.



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