Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Pigs in Space V1

It Squealers Like a Pig

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 04-10-12

I dash to the cockpit to join Tyr. Through the viewport I see six Space Pigs fighters advancing to our position. Another vessel, a shuttle, hangs back. Tyr violently banks the Gambit as streams of laser fire narrowly miss. That was close. Fire is exchanged back and forth and I hear the sounds of Vrinko and Tyr letting them have it. No real damage as of yet, damn I really need to upgrade those guns.

Speaking of guns I charge up the Ion Cannon and get my first taste of space combat. First shot hits, but has no effect. I fire again and notice light blue sparks appear on the Fighter and it stops dead in its tracks. I think I hit his controls.

Another Fighter flies close by just as its blasted to pieces, heavy pieces of shrapnel pound the Gambit, luckily bouncing of the shields. Vrinko and Ari are doing a good job of taking down the filthy Pigs.

I pick a new target and score another hit. I am enjoying this, but feel the Ion Cannon needs a bit more power…I’ll look into that later. More fighters are destroyed by expert firing from Ari and Vrinko. Tyr is rolling around every shot the Pigs can throw at us. Most impressive.
With several of his comrades down the lead shuttle moves in to combat range shooting heavy Ion at us. Two can play at that game and I fire back but miss. It’s long range and I’m new at this. We pull close up alongside them trading fire back and forth.

Tyr launches the ‘Squealer’ and with a satisfying thunk it strikes the shuttles fuselage and stays there. Ari and Vrinko score hits destroying the shuttle’s weapon systems. I fire more Ion and the shuttle is shut down. Hmm…did not want to shut him down at this point, but maybe it will work in our favour. I send a threat over the comms. “Listen up Space Pigs, let this be a warning to all of you filthy swine. Don’t mess with Manco and the Traitor’s Gambit. Try this again, on anyone, and we’ll come back and take you all down.”

That should do it. We fly off and observe the shuttle from a distance. After several anxious minutes its power is restored and we see it jump. The tracker bleeps and displays co-ords.

We hit hyperspace.

First Jump…time passes. The system is working, but this location is empty.

Second Jump…we drop out in the middle of a vast gas field with heavy green vapours filling the space. Readings pickup an uncharted galaxy nearby. Perhaps that’s something we can explore later. Right now it’s Pig hunting time.

Third Jump…we arrive in a decaying ring of metallic floating fragments. Ships hulks are everywhere both massive and small, A vast graveyard of ship skeletons. I think this…is the place. I try to count the numbers of vessels, but losing count. Just how many lives have been silenced as a result of the filthy Pigs piracy?

They will pay for this.

Tyr begins doing a passive scan to look for energy signals. Beyond the ship debris are several small blips and a much larger one on an adjacent planetoid. I think that’s their home base. Try scans again focusing on the planetoid. A much big blip this time, it’s either a capital ship of a station. We need to get closer.

I prepare for silent running and powder down all systems including life support which I divert to the cockpit only. All of the crew squeezes in and I end up sitting on a control panel. Damn Ari, you are too big! Tyr takes us in, very slowly. Despite the crammed warmth of the cockpit I feel extremely cold and I almost feel the icy blackness of space closing in around the ship. This is the most scared I’ve been in a very long time. And we need to get a lot closer. We push through a field of damaged hulks to the top side of the planetoid. A huge fang like metallic structure looms into view. A massive base has been built onto the planetoid. it almost appears as if its growing out of it. A dozen or so landing platforms and I guess anywhere from 500-1000 Space Pigs inside.

I examine the superstructure, I think it’s drawing power from the planetoid and I suspect there’s a vast tunnel network leading to the core. I am already hatching a plan. With some expert piloting I think someone could fly through and fire a torpedo to trigger a chain reaction that could destroy the entire complex. With some allies to hold off the enemy fighters I think what seemed impossible is now possible. We take one more reading and then decide to leave.

Tyr banks the ship around and we cautiously head back to debris field. As we move away our sensor detect the area we were in has just been scanned. Let’s get out of here and with that Tyr hits hyperspace.



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