Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Pigs in Space v2

Tag, Duck, and Follow

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 111012

No sooner had we come out of hyperspace than the ship’s alarms start to sound. Friend Vrinko and I excuse ourselves from the cockpit and dash for the turrets. At least six ships out there, five of them fighters – and coming straight at us. The Gambit swings as she out-manoeuvres the incoming attacks – we lock on to our targets, and fire back.

With help from Technician Manco manning our new Ion cannon, we are able to take down or disable the fighters with little effort – but then, that was never going to be the issue. Our mission here is not to destroy everything, but to mark one of these pirates and let them escape. And we are all thinking the same thing, the sixth ship…

A transport of some sort, it joins the battle firing its’ quad lasers and ion cannon at us. We try taking down its shields but they’re not easy to penetrate. It takes a little bit of dog-fighting but eventually our gunmanship prevails – only a little too well. I manage to take out their shields, allowing us to launch the ‘Squealer’ tracking device onto their hull. To mask any suspicion I continue to fire on the pirate and take out his turret, our Jawa gets a little too excited however, and ends up ionising the transport’s control system.

Hmmm. We must let them escape. Dispatching a victorious and patronising message to them, we fly off leaving them feeling the bitter taste of defeat and failure – or so we hope. Flying some distance away we power down in hide waiting for them to bring their control system back online and fly out of here.

The plan works. After a short while their ships begins to move again, and we see them blast off into hyperspace, along with our tracking beacon.

It takes a few jumps but we manage to stay on their tracks, and eventually end up in a very suspect field of metallic fragments and green vapours – it looks like a grim shipyard. Pilot Tyr takes us silently through the area, heading for some power source he has managed to pin-point. The tension is thick, I feel myself trying to soften my breathing. If we were to be found now we would be fish out of water, we powered down our turret systems to minimise power detection.

Pilot Tyr points to a planetoid with vague structure shapes on its surface. Looks like we have found it – the pirates’ operational home. But we cannot take on this base alone. We inch away from the power source and back to the outskirts of the shipyard. It is time to go get some friend back from the Eye. We hyperspace out.



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